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Check out my trades! Whirlpool Treasure Map Completed: 7/8/06 at 10:20 p.m

Nickname: Sony
Started Playing: Dec 23, 2005
Gender: Female
Location: U.S.A
Age: Adult Player
Maramail: Open
Marapals: Open
Battles: Closed
Roleplaying: Closed
Status: 13 year player =]
Club: Open
Likes: Poetry, Theater, Bowling, Rugby, Adventures, Clowin'
Wishlist: STAMPS!
Last Updated: 7/7/19
  1. Updated List: Missing Stamps 2019
    25th Dec 2018 19:10
    3 years, 9 months & 2 days ago
  2. Records/ Missions/ Goals
    21st Jul 2009 10:51
    13 years, 2 months & 7 days ago
Updated Missed Stamps
29 days, 1 hr & 20 mins ago
29th Aug 2022 18:19

10 Years Stamp
14th Birthday Stamp
Account Upgrades Stamp
Angel Fasoro Stamp
Angel Wings Stamp
Beach Stamp
Birthday Ice Cream Stamp
Blood Stamp
Blue Justin Stamp
Buffet Stamp
Candy Tree Stamp
Castle Tower Stamp
Castle Wall Stamp
Chameleon Stamp
Chewed Up Stamp
Chidder Stamp
Christmas Trees Stamp
City Recession Stamp
Cloud Nine Stamp
Cursed Stamp
Desert Fairy Stamp
Double Peck Stamp
Drake Stamp
Duckling Stamp
Dukka Caves Stamp
Easter Bunny Stamp
Easter Egg Stamp
Fallen Leaves Stamp
Fishbowl Stamp
Fossil Stamp
Fried Egg Stamp
Game Fairy Stamp
Gamma Stamp
General Scrooge Stamp
Gingerbread People Stamp
Gingerbread Stamp
Gnome Stamp
Gobble Music Lover Stamp
Gobble Stamp
Greedy Fairy Stamp
Griffin Stamp
Gumball Stamp
Happy Easter Stamp
Hidden Eggs Stamp
Hocus Stamp
Hospice Stamp
Invisible Fairy Stamp
Kamilah Goals Stamp
Lucky Horseshoe Stamp
Magic Carpet Stamp
Mara Stamp
Marasites Stamp
Masterpiece Stamp
Microwave Stamp
Missing Tooth Stamp
Moon Stamp
Mystery Egg Stamp
New Years Stamp
Night And Day Quell Stamp
Palace Stamp
Pancake Pile Stamp
Paparazzi Stamp
Patchwork Stamp
Pawprint Stamp
Pirate Ship Stamp
Plushie Fairy Stamp
Puchalla Meals Stamp
Rainbow Stamp
Royal Wedding Stamp
Seasonal Fairy Stamp
Seasonal Stamp
Simeria Goals Stamp
Simerian Sea Stamp
Simerian Stamp
Skateboard Stamp
Skull Stamp
Sleepy Stamp
Smartphone Stamp
Snow Madam Stamp
Snowfall Stamp
Snowflake Stamp
Space Rocks Stamp
Speedy Newth Stamp
Spider Web Stamp
Spring Bouquet Stamp
Spy Stamp
Stalker Fantasy Stamp
Sundae Stamp
Sunlight Stamp
Sunset Skyline Stamp
Townhall Stamp
Transuranic Stamp
Tundra Stamp
Twree Stamp
Unlucky Stamp
Uploads Stamp
Valentine Stamp
Villain Mask Stamp
Vlad Stamp
Voodoo Doll Stamp
Vortex Park Goals Stamp
Wizard Stamp
Zetzilla Stamp
Zombie Equilor Stamp
Zorg Stamp

2 years, 10 months & 28 days ago
31st Oct 2019 12:21

-Skull Wreath
-Ghost Cupcake
-Hellhound Poop
-Ghost Book
-Ghostlings Summoning Stone


14 Years
2 years, 11 months & 16 days ago
11th Oct 2019 22:52



You found the '14 Years' Hidden Avatar!!!

2 years, 11 months & 28 days ago
29th Sep 2019 21:41

Congratulations! You found the 'Cornelius' Hidden Avatar
You have blocked 9 of 9 Pipes


Marapoints 24,780MP

3 years & 22 days ago
4th Sep 2019 21:02

You opened 28 tombs

You have won


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  1. Updated List: Missing Stamps 2019
    25th Dec 2018 19:10
    3 years, 9 months & 2 days ago
  2. Records/ Missions/ Goals
    21st Jul 2009 10:51
    13 years, 2 months & 7 days ago