1. Missing DNA Minipets
    20th Dec 2017 08:18
    1 year, 11 months & 18 days ago
  2. Max Job Stats
    29th Dec 2015 19:11
    3 years, 11 months & 9 days ago
Missing DNA Minipets
1 year, 11 months & 18 days ago
20th Dec 2017 08:18

Black Addimo
Black Addoth
Black Addup
Black Arasi
Black Azint
Black Azlian
Black Azubi
Black Chidow
Black Dazmo
Black Decadonk
Black Doyow
Black Doyzul
Black Dusty
Black Echera
Black Erni
Black Goglue
Black Huxen
Black Iklue
Black Jessul
Black Jessutt
Black Kusil
Black Leidunda
Black Murfzul
Black Noosh
Black Osafup
Black Paffint
Black Pikey
Black Quelow
Black Reesoro
Black Reezul
Black Snoodi
Black Trigaro
Black Ushunoro
Black Wassup
Black Willafo
Black Wookle
Black Yakuow
Black Zetlee
Black Zetoro

Blue Addimo
Blue Addoro
Blue Addoth
Blue Addup
Blue Azow
Blue Azubi
Blue Bolint
Blue Dazmo
Blue Erni
Blue Grinow
Blue Huxen
Blue Jessido
Blue Kaaleus
Blue Knuzul
Blue Leidow
Blue Leidunda
Blue Murfow
Blue Murfzul
Blue Pikey
Blue Quibs
Blue Reesoro
Blue Reezul
Blue Syotto
Blue Tantibs
Blue Tantow
Blue Trigaro
Blue Ushundow
Blue Ushunoro
Blue Wassup
Blue Wookle
Blue Yakuow
Blue Yakuth
Blue Zetlee
Blue Zetoro

Brown Addese
Brown Addimo
Brown Addoro
Brown Addup
Brown Arasi
Brown Azubi
Brown Chibimo
Brown Chidow
Brown Chiliz
Brown Chilla
Brown Dazmo
Brown Dusty
Brown Echera
Brown Erni
Brown Fasafo
Brown Fasofin
Brown Grinido
Brown Grinow
Brown Huthimo
Brown Huxen
Brown Jessido
Brown Jessul
Brown Jessutt
Brown Justala
Brown Kidala
Brown Knoro
Brown Knuzul
Brown Leidow
Brown Murfzul
Brown Noosh
Brown Osafup
Brown Paffint
Brown Renuw
Brown Snoodi
Brown Syotto
Brown Tantow
Brown Trigaro
Brown Ushunoro
Brown Wassup
Brown Wookle
Brown Yakuow
Brown Yakuth

Green Addafo
Green Addimo
Green Addoth
Green Azint
Green Azow
Green Bolint
Green Chibimo
Green Chibzul
Green Chidow
Green Chiliz
Green Chilla
Green Choi
Green Chutt
Green Dazmo
Green Decadonk
Green Doyow
Green Doyzul
Green Dusty
Green Goglue
Green Grinow
Green Huthimo
Green Huxen
Green Jessul
Green Justala
Green Kidala
Green Paffint
Green Reesoro
Green Renuw
Green Snoodi
Green Tantow
Green Ushundow
Green Wassup
Green Wookle
Green Yakuow
Green Yakuth
Green Zetlee
Green Zetoro

Grey Addese
Grey Addimo
Grey Addoro
Grey Addup
Grey Arasi
Grey Azeido
Grey Azint
Grey Azlian
Grey Azow
Grey Chati
Grey Chibzul
Grey Chilla
Grey Dazmo
Grey Decadonk
Grey Doyow
Grey Doyzul
Grey Dusty
Grey Echera
Grey Erni
Grey Grinido
Grey Jessido
Grey Jessul
Grey Jessutt
Grey Kaaleus
Grey Knoro
Grey Leidow
Grey Murfow
Grey Noosh
Grey Reesoro
Grey Reezul
Grey Renuw
Grey Roflow
Grey Tantibs
Grey Tantow
Grey Trigaro
Grey Ushundow
Grey Wookle
Grey Zetlee

Orange Addese
Orange Addoth
Orange Addup
Orange Azeido
Orange Azint
Orange Azlian
Orange Azow
Orange Bolint
Orange Chiliz
Orange Choi
Orange Chutt
Orange Dazmo
Orange Dusty
Orange Echera
Orange Erni
Orange Fasafo
Orange Fasofin
Orange Grinido
Orange Huxen
Orange Jessido
Orange Jessutt
Orange Justala
Orange Kaaleus
Orange Kidala
Orange Knoro
Orange Leidow
Orange Leidunda
Orange Murfow
Orange Murfzul
Orange Osafup
Orange Paffint
Orange Pikey
Orange Reesoro
Orange Renuw
Orange Roflow
Orange Spobble
Orange Tantow
Orange Trigaro
Orange Ushundow
Orange Ushunoro
Orange Wassup
Orange Willafo
Orange Wookle
Orange Yakuth
Orange Zetlee
Orange Zetoro

Purple Addafo
Purple Addese
Purple Addup
Purple Azeido
Purple Azlian
Purple Azubi
Purple Chati
Purple Chibimo
Purple Chibzul
Purple Chilla
Purple Choi
Purple Dazmo
Purple Erni
Purple Fasafo
Purple Fasofin
Purple Grinow
Purple Huxen
Purple Jessido
Purple Jessul
Purple Jessutt
Purple Justala
Purple Knoro
Purple Knuzul
Purple Leidow
Purple Murfzul
Purple Noosh
Purple Osafup
Purple Paffint
Purple Reezul
Purple Renuw
Purple Spobble
Purple Tantibs
Purple Tantow
Purple Ushundow
Purple Ushunoro
Purple Wassup
Purple Willafo
Purple Yakuth

Red Addafo
Red Addese
Red Addimo
Red Addup
Red Azint
Red Azow
Red Azubi
Red Bolisoro
Red Chibimo
Red Chibzul
Red Choyle
Red Dazmo
Red Decadonk
Red Doyow
Red Echera
Red Grinow
Red Huxen
Red Jessido
Red Jessul
Red Jessutt
Red Justala
Red Kidala
Red Knoro
Red Leidow
Red Murfzul
Red Osafup
Red Pikey
Red Quelow
Red Renuw
Red Roflow
Red Syotto
Red Tantibs
Red Tantow
Red Ushundow
Red Ushunoro
Red Viondol
Red Wassup
Red Willafo
Red Wookle
Red Yakuow
Red Yakuth
Red Zetlee
Red Zetoro
Red Zointy

White Addafo
White Addimo
White Addup
White Azint
White Azlian
White Azubi
White Chati
White Chidow
White Chilla
White Dazmo
White Decadonk
White Doyzul
White Echera
White Erni
White Grinido
White Grinow
White Huthimo
White Huxen
White Jessido
White Jessul
White Jessutt
White Justala
White Knoro
White Leidunda
White Murfow
White Murfzul
White Osabri
White Osafup
White Reesoro
White Spobble
White Tantibs
White Trigaro
White Ushunoro
White Viondol
White Wassup
White Willafo
White Wookle
White Yakuow
White Zetlee
White Zetoro

Yellow Addese
Yellow Addimo
Yellow Addoro
Yellow Addoth
Yellow Addup
Yellow Azeido
Yellow Azint
Yellow Azlian
Yellow Azow
Yellow Azubi
Yellow Bolint
Yellow Chidow
Yellow Chiliz
Yellow Chutt
Yellow Dazmo
Yellow Doyow
Yellow Fasafo
Yellow Fasorul
Yellow Fendol
Yellow Flonk
Yellow Goglue
Yellow Grinido
Yellow Huxen
Yellow Iklue
Yellow Justala
Yellow Kidala
Yellow Knoro
Yellow Knuzul
Yellow Kusil
Yellow Leidow
Yellow Leidunda
Yellow Murfow
Yellow Murfzul
Yellow Osabri
Yellow Pikey
Yellow Quibs
Yellow Reesoro
Yellow Reezul
Yellow Snoodi
Yellow Syotto
Yellow Tantibs
Yellow Tantow
Yellow Ushundow
Yellow Ushunoro
Yellow Viondol
Yellow Wassup
Yellow Wookle
Yellow Yakuow
Yellow Yakuth
Yellow Zetoro
Yellow Zointy

Max Job Stats
3 years, 11 months & 9 days ago
29th Dec 2015 19:11

Here is a list of all stats required for all pet jobs currently. That is to say, if your pet has the following stats, you can achieve max level 15 in any job guaranteed. Teacher, Astronaut, and Soldier are by far the most burdensome for requiring stats.

Level: 100
Strength: 200
Defense: 200
Speed: 200
Health: 250
Charisma: 150
Magic: 300
Stamina: 150
Coordination: 150
Balance: 150
Art: 75
Language: 150
Geography: 150
History: 150
Maths: 150
Music: 150
Science: 150
Sports: 150
Politics: 40
Sociology: 40
Computer Science: 40
Business Studies: 40
Molecular Science: 40
Environmental Science: 40
Humanities: 40
Law: 40
Spells: 50
Books: 120
CDs: 80
DVDs: 75
Musical Instruments: 325

  1. Missing DNA Minipets
    20th Dec 2017 08:18
    1 year, 11 months & 18 days ago
  2. Max Job Stats
    29th Dec 2015 19:11
    3 years, 11 months & 9 days ago

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