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  • My new pet project Steve_     13th Feb 2015 04:58
  • New Puppy.....     24th Feb 2012 07:14
  • R.I.P Jenson....     6th Feb 2012 12:42
  • Tom_Steele's story.....     14th Apr 2011 07:18
  • NEW PUPPY!     22nd Jun 2009 12:59

  • My new pet project Steve_

    Posted on : 13th Feb 2015 04:58   Posted by : Sharon
    Ok so his stats are all over the place and its going to take me forever to sort out. And the name is not the greatest as its got an underscore at the end. BUT Steve is actually my hubbys name and I love him to bits. AND its taken me 23 years to sort him out so far so a pet named after him surely can't take as long as that?

    New Puppy.....

    Posted on : 24th Feb 2012 07:14   Posted by : Sharon
    Well 10 months old but new to us. Meet Monty the miniature schnauzer....

    And here is my gorgeous girl Pepsi all grown up....

    R.I.P Jenson....

    Posted on : 6th Feb 2012 12:42   Posted by : Sharon
    We had to have our beautiful dog put to sleep tonight. He was only 2 and a half years old but had lymphoma. He gave us the best time ever.
    The best way to describe how I feel right now is numb. Every room is full of memories. Never realized just how painful this would be.

    Tom_Steele's story.....

    Posted on : 14th Apr 2011 07:18   Posted by : Sharon
    About 3 and a half years ago now I lost my dad. My dad was my world, I adored him and needless to say I missed him when he was gone. About 3 weeks or so after his death I logged onto marapets and went to pet forum as I usually did every day. There on the top half of the forum was a post entitled "Giving away Tom _Steele".
    I kind of froze initially not quite believing what I was seeing. You see Tom Steele was my dads nickname for many, many years when at work. It was like a sign saying 'Hey Sharon, I'm still here, I'm still watching'. I read the forum through and was distraught to find the pet had already been given.
    I then did something I have never done before or since, I mailed the person asking if they were trading Tom. Firstly they were reluctant. I didn't explain why I wanted the pet as didn't want to guilt trip anyone into trading. After talking for a while we agreed a trade and Tom came to live with me.
    It was great to log on every day and see my dad sitting there. He became a portal pet, even putting on a princess costume at one point and refusing to get out of it for nearly a week lol
    I still had to decide on a final future for him though. During a conversation with a close friend on here it suddenly dawned on me what Tom must be. An angel fasoro. Why you ask? Well my dad had a huge 100+ ft garden and in that garden there were many foxes over the years. We had many a great morning sat watching them play. And of course angel as he is no longer with us.
    A few weeks later I logged on as usual and in my inventory was an enchanted angel fasoro plushie, sent by the very friend who helped me decide what Tom should be. For this I am forever greatful to him.
    So thats how Tom came to live with me and how he became an angel fasoro. Many people ask why amidst all my le pets sits little Tom the bad named (in their eyes) fassie. Its even been suggested by a few, that I should abandon him in order to make room for a trade. Well now you know why he sits there, and be sure of this, he will NEVER leave me. EVER! He is my favourite pet ever. I wouldn't replace him with a zillion roflings.
    Thanks for reading....Sharon xx


    Posted on : 22nd Jun 2009 12:59   Posted by : Sharon
    On the 18th June 2009 a new little friend came to live in our house. An idea had been forming in my mind for a while on what to get my husband for his 40th birthday. He has been unwell for a while now, so finding something perfect was difficult.

    He has wanted a puppy for a long time now, but up til now we have not been in a position to have the time for training or looking after one. I asked him if he wanted to look for a suitable one as I didn't just want to go out and buy one. Not a responsible thing to do.

    We looked about and discussed breeds. On Thursday night the 18th of June we were looking on a puppy site that we had joined and these adorable puppies jumped out at us. C.o.c.k.e.r Spaniels, a breed we both love to bit. We phoned up and went to see them that evening. Lets just say the little fella we bought home chose my husband, he didn't choose him. He literally jumped into his arms and refused to leave him alone the whole time we were there.

    Thus Jenson, pictured on my profile, came home with us that very night and has proceeded to take over our whole life. He is also, already aiding in my husbands health recovering back to what it was before.

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