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note: i will be on fairly less from April-June 2019 or longer due to health, uni, and general life stuff. all thoughts and/or prayers are very greatly appreciated. in this time, the best way to contact me is through snail mail or my other socials (feel free to ask for them if we are closer).







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  • avatars: items

    Posted on : 9th Feb 2019 12:03   Posted by : chloe2414
    ~Brain Freeze, have 150 different types of ice cream in attic, then view Ice Cream page of attic
    ~Gumball Addict, refresh inventory when you have all original 43 gumballs in it
    ~Pearls, refresh in inventory when you have all original 46 pearls in it
    ~Poop, have one of each poop in inventory

    ~Merry Christmas, receive Frozen Advent Wreath as gift, then let pet play with it until it breaks
    ~Wrapped, random from having pet play with Mummy Plushie

    ~Neon, buy Neon Costume from Game Points shop
    ~Recycled, buy Recycled Costume from Recycling Centre

    ~Seasons Greetings. random when donating items from Advent Calendar to Pot of Gold
    ~Sizzle, bid on Fried Egg Plushie in Marapal Only auction
    ~Sketch, have sketch costume in inventory, then visit Sketch page of Pet Colors

    avatars: jobs and school

    Posted on : 9th Feb 2019 11:28   Posted by : chloe2414
    Job, promotion:

    ~Astronaut, level 1
    ~Businessman, level 5
    ~Doctor, level 7
    ~Journalist, level 9
    ~Mechanic, level 10
    ~Model, level 11
    ~Policeman, level 12
    ~Scientist, level 2
    ~Soldier, level 14
    ~Veterinarian, level 17

    ~Fireman, level 8
    ~Programmer, level 13
    ~Spy, level 15
    ~Teacher, level 16

    Job, random:
    ~Mayor, random when collecting income with Politician job
    ~Pop Star, collect income for Karaoke King job with pet with over 50 music stats

    ~Science, complete 52+ Science lessons
    ~Sports, complete 77+ Sports lessons

    avatars: minipets

    Posted on : 9th Feb 2019 10:30   Posted by : chloe2414
    ~Mr Rabbit
    ~Pumpkin Wiz

    Plate, random:
    ~Scorpi (view plate)

    ~Anlur, attach to Vixen, then view
    ~Baxter, aged 3+ days
    ~Bitty, attached to Easter pet, aged 30+ days
    ~Blissaur, attached to Easter pet, aged 60+ days
    ~Blub, attach to Water pet, then view
    ~Bullo, attached to Daisy pet
    ~Butters, aged 41+ days
    ~Buzzy, attach to Bee pet, view when aged 51+ days
    ~Crush, attached to Valentine pet, aged 50+ days
    ~Doomed, attach and view after 50+ days
    ~Dracone, attach and view after 29+ days
    ~Hammy, attach to pet with 50+ music lessons
    ~Inferno, attach to Fire pet, then view
    ~Lambit, attach to Easter pet, then take photo
    ~Lovebug, attach to Love pet for 10+ days, then view
    ~Noot, attach 14+ days, then view
    ~Patrick, view attached to Leprechaun pet
    ~Pingi, attach 75+ days, then view
    ~Plug, attach 50+ days, then view
    ~Poco, attach to Millionaire pet, then view
    ~Pumkitty, view any minipet aged 666 days
    ~Pumpking, attach to Halloween pet, then view
    ~Snuggles, attach to Polar pet, then view

    ~Apophis, buy from Spy Shop
    ~Dune, buy from Spy Shop
    ~Salvaged, buy from Recycling Centre
    ~Seth, buy from Spy Shop
    ~Sneaky, buy from Smuggler

    ~Mistake, win from Sewer Struggle
    ~Sugarmites, win from Sugar Stack

    ~Foxicle, have plate in collection, then view

    ~Flutterbull, receive when opening Taurus chest
    ~Hot Dawg, have in inventory, then click
    ~Toadle Eclipse, toadle turns black at Fasoro Falls


    Posted on : 5th Feb 2019 03:58   Posted by : chloe2414

    other: april fools, bearger, christmas, Happy Easter 2015, Happy Valentines Day 2018, Heart Struck, ottra, romantic, scout, shelley, sprig, starcub, stellar, taurus, too many muffins, valentine 2009


    my marapets ideas

    Posted on : 11th Jan 2019 14:55   Posted by : chloe2414
    ~peach costume

    ~green dapple and yellow dapple i mean we need them

    ~make it to where we can wear capes with other accessories
    edit 3/7/19 omg i just noticed we can now!! tysm!!! <3<3

    ~more cute slippers, more purses, more tattoos, more jewelry,
    more makeup, but i'm sure this goes without saying

    ~oh and some more sneaks that aren't converse/vans looking
    like we need some chunky balenciaga gucci looking sneakers

    ~gladie summoning stone (new spring chest anyone??), spoopy
    summoning stone (imagine how bomb that'd be for halloween)

    ~update the space azul i mean the cd shop owner is a space azul
    and they're updated yet the actual space azul isn't, as long as
    they aren't base pose i'm sure they'll be amazing

    ~also the starry chibs ik some ppl will be feisty about it but the
    potions shop owner legit is sooooo good and i love the blues

    ~candy colored kaala!!! adding this suggestion on behalf and
    courtesy of my friend @Jerene, but how cute would they be!!!!

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