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  • Misc Treasure Chest Collection...     ~18 Jan 2019
  • Zodiac Treasure Chest Collecti...     ~17 Jan 2019
  • ~Nikiti~ Missing Books     ~23 Jul 2019
  • Missing Glowing Eggs     ~15 Jul 2019
  • Needed Treasure Map Pieces     ~04 May 2019
  • CM Prizes needed     ~01 Feb 2019
  • Pet Goals     ~22 Jan 2008
  • Beanstalk Shop Items needed.     ~30 Aug 2019
  • Missing 15th Birthday Items     ~21 Aug 2019
  • Time Machine List Items Needed     ~12 Aug 2019

  • CM Prizes needed

    Posted on : 1st Feb 2019 18:28   Posted by : Wellesandra
    Please only offer Toys on other Toy trades. Toys are marked [T]

    ~Current Capsule Machine Prizes Needed~

    Fade Sugar Cube
    Bitten Gumball
    Bandana Necklace

    ~Retired Capsule Machine Prizes Needed~

    1000 Easter Egg Recipes
    101 Summer Bucket List Ideas

    Adorab Summoning Stone
    Antler Crown
    Arinya Ears
    Avalon Plushie
    Azul Ears

    Backwards Hat
    Bae Candy Heart
    Bag of Chocolate Coins
    Bah Humbug Sweater
    Ballet Mask
    Basil Ears
    Batsy Plushie
    Beach Ball
    Beach Pearl
    Beach Sandals
    Beach Wrap
    Bittersweet Contact Lenses
    Bittersweet Wig
    Black Button Dress
    Black Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Black Fluffy Hoodie
    Black Gingerbread Dress
    Black Gummi
    Black Long Santa Dress
    Black Puff Dress
    Black Ruffle Shrug
    Black Sectioned Sweater
    Black Tree Overskirt
    Bleached Gothabilly Braids
    Bloody Barber Costume
    Bloody Wench Dress
    Blue And Black Dress
    Blue Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Blue Gummi
    Book of Cavities
    Book of Flowers
    Bow Necklace
    British Potato Chips
    Brown Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Brown Gummi
    Bun Top Wig
    Bunny Headband Wig
    Bunny Leotard
    Bunny Shoes
    Butterfly Hair Bow
    Button Cardigan
    Button Neck Sweater
    Button Sweater
    Button Up Sweater
    Button Vest

    Candy Candle [T]
    Candycane Dress
    Candycane Suit
    Capsule Machine Stamp
    Capsule Prize List
    Casual Jacket
    Charm Me Candy Heart
    Chibs Ears
    Chick Stamp
    Chocolate Brownie
    Chocolate Cornet
    Chocolate Croissant
    Chocolate Dreidel
    Christmas Magazine
    Christmas Pearl
    Christmas Tree Sugar Cookie
    Cobweb Face Makeup
    Cobweb Waistcoat
    Cool Candy Heart
    Cotton Candy Boots
    Cozy Shorts
    Creepy Bunny Plushie
    Creepy Cat Plushie
    Creepy Dog Plushie
    Creepy Equilor Plushie
    Creepy Teddy Plushie
    Crop Top
    Cross Crop Top
    Crystal Necklace
    Cute Bun Wig

    Daisy Crop Top
    Dakota Ears
    Darling Candy Heart
    Deviled Easter Egg
    Dragon Phanty Ears
    Dreamland Bunny
    Dreidel [T]
    Drifty Dress
    Drifty Sweater
    Drifty Wig
    Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses

    Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
    Easter Hunting Tunes
    Elf Dress
    Ercuw Ears
    Error Troit Trading Card
    Extremely Scary Glowing Egg
    Eye See U Book

    Fallen Angel Wings
    Fasoro Doll
    Fasoro Ears
    Fasoro Headband
    Fasoro Tail
    Fiendish Horns
    Figaro Ears
    Figgy Pudding
    Flower Shorts
    Flower Skirt

    Game Brick [T]
    Gathered Skirt
    Ghosty Plushie
    Giant Worm Plushie
    Gingerbread Cookie Book
    Gingerbread Dress
    Gladiator Shoes
    Gluoc Trading Card
    Gonk Ears
    Grave Robber Trench Coat
    Green Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Grey Gummi
    Grilled Corn
    Grinch Plushie
    Grint Ears
    Grunge Boots
    Gumball Dress
    Gummy Foot
    Gummy Hand
    Gummy Leg

    Hair Bow Bandana
    Handheld Bass Guitar
    Handheld Guitar
    Handmade Reindeer Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Chibs Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Eyru Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Fasoro Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Kaala Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Nino Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Quell Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Renat Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Ushunda Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Viotto Plushie
    Handmade Seasonal Willa Plushie
    Hanging Icicles
    Hanging Shells
    Haunted Moon Glowing Egg
    Head Sunglasses
    Heart Omurice
    High Waisted Shorts
    Holiday Dress
    Holly Hair Clip
    Holly Ice Cream
    Hug Me Candy Heart

    Ice Cream Snowman
    Iced Candycane Cookie
    Iced Christmas Tree Cookie

    Jessup Ears
    Jingle Bell Book

    Kaala Ears
    Knutt Ears
    Kujo Ears
    Kumbha Summoning Stone

    Lace Cardigan
    Long Overalls
    Long Santa Dress
    Long Santa Skirt
    Lunar Wig

    Magical Gummy Stars
    Mara Manga
    Marshmallow Snowman
    Melting Ice Cream
    Merry Hot Chocolate
    Midnight Cupcake
    Midnight Soup
    Minipet Fasoro Plushie
    Mint Brownie
    Mizu Summoning Stone
    Morticia Dress
    Murder Mystery Book
    Murfin Ears
    Murfin Headband
    My Boy Candy Heart
    My Girl Candy Heart
    My Love Candy Heart
    My Pal Candy Heart
    My Person Candy Heart
    My Treat Candy Heart

    News Boy Cap
    Newth Nurse Trading Card
    Nightmare Horns
    Number One Fan Candy Heart

    Ocean Tattoo
    Orange Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Orange Gummi

    Pastel Denim Shorts
    Phanty Ears
    Pink Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Pink Gummi
    Plaid Shirt
    Pleather Top
    Poinsettia Headband
    Polar Bear Plushie
    Polka Dot Crop Top
    Polka Dot Hair Bow Bandana
    Pom Pom Hat
    Pucu Doll
    Puffer Coat
    Purple Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Purple Gummi

    Rainbow Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Red Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Red Gummi
    Reindeer Antlers
    Reindeer Hooves
    Reindeer Jumper
    Rock Dress
    Rolled Sleeve Sweater
    Ruffle Top

    Sakura Sonnet
    Salty Tank Top
    Scarf Stamp
    Sea Salt Ponytail Wig
    Seaside Glowing Egg
    Seasonal Black Ruffle Dress
    Seasonal Ribbon Dress
    Seasonal White Ruffle Dress
    Shady Hat
    Sheet of Ice
    Shell Ruffle Top
    Short Blue And Black Dress
    Short White And Gold Dress
    Shoulder Sweater
    Side Button Top
    Sindi Headband
    Sindi Party Tank Top
    Skeleton Gloves
    Ski Hat
    Snookle Headband
    Snow Child
    Snow Dakota Plushie
    Snow Girl Stamp
    Snow Justin Plushie
    Snow Sindi Plushie
    Snow Snookle Plushie
    Snow Sybri Plushie
    Snow Zola Plushie
    Snowfall Stamp
    Soft Pretzel
    Sparkle Chibs Plushie
    Sparkle Equilor Plushie
    Spiked Up Wig
    Sports Shorts
    Spotted Tie
    Spring Glowing Egg
    Spring Skater Skirt
    Sprite Summoning Stone
    Star Dress
    Star Pyjamas
    Star Robe
    Stellar Trading Card
    Stocking Stamp
    Strawberry Cornet
    Strawberry Croissant
    Sugar Cookie Glowing Egg
    Sugar Skull Face Makeup
    Summer Arinya Plushie
    Summer Decadal Plushie
    Summer Eyru Plushie
    Summer Hat Wig
    Summer Hump Plushie
    Summer Jessup Plushie
    Summer Leido Plushie
    Summer Pucu Plushie
    Summer Snixie Summoning Stone
    Summer Sprite Summoning Stone
    Summer Swimwear
    Summer Sybri Plushie
    Summer Troit Plushie
    Summer Yuni Plushie
    Summer Zoink Plushie
    Sunny Side Up Stamp
    Sunscreen Face Makeup
    Surfer Wig
    Surfs Up Wig
    Sweet Boots
    Sweet Top
    Sweet Wig
    Sweet Zola Juice
    Sybri Ears

    Tantua Summoning Stone
    Tied Shirt
    Tilted Hat
    Track Jacket
    Tragic Clown Face Makeup
    Transparent Blouse
    Tree Overskirt
    Trixter Trading Card
    Two Tone Snapback

    Vacation Shirt
    Vanilla Brownie
    Vanilla Cornet
    Verano Plushie
    Verano Summoning Stone
    Vira Dress
    Vlad Headband

    Wahoo Wig
    Warm Sweater
    Wasabi Croissant
    Watering Can [T]
    White And Gold Dress
    White Button Dress
    White Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    White Fluffy Hoodie
    White Gummi
    White Puff Dress
    White Ruffle Shrug
    White Sectioned Sweater
    Winter Boots
    Wreath Cookie

    Yellow Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Yellow Gummi

    Zipper Sweater
    Zola Juice Stamp

    Pet Goals

    Posted on : 22nd Jan 2008 14:14   Posted by : Wellesandra
    Halloween Snookle ~ Adjila
    Baby Zola ~ Dythre
    Panda Zoink ~ Xinyi
    Nightmare Raulf ~ Irimi
    Halloween Straya ~ Liri
    Baby Decadal ~ Alatar

    Beanstalk Shop Items needed.

    Posted on : 30th Aug 2019 21:58   Posted by : Wellesandra
    Beanberry Sundae
    Cheerful Hair Bows
    Cheery Wings
    Clan Headband
    Golem Eye
    Hair Puffs
    Mystery Snack Bag
    Talking Nimble Plushie
    Waist Sash


    Beanstalk Video Game

    Missing 15th Birthday Items

    Posted on : 21st Aug 2019 22:59   Posted by : Wellesandra
    ~From Bags~

    Birthday Waves Wig
    Cupcake Socks

    Time Machine List Items Needed

    Posted on : 12th Aug 2019 23:42   Posted by : Wellesandra
    May Take me a couple days to fully fill this out. Stopped on Page 5

    10 Years Stamp
    1000 Easter Egg Recipes
    10th Birthday Plushie
    10th Birthday Potato
    12th Birthday Stamp
    5000th Century Tales
    8bit Music
    9th Birthday Costume
    9th Birthday Luxury Cake
    9th Birthday Pearl
    9th Birthday Songs

    Account Upgrades Stamp
    Check Price Acne Trading Card
    Acne Trading Card
    Check Price Acorn Stamp
    Acorn Stamp
    Check Price
    Addow Necklace
    Adorab Summoning Stone
    Advent Candle Hat
    Advent Tree Book
    Advent Tree Costume
    Advent Tree Lolly
    Advent Tree Music
    Agent Trading Card
    Alien Blaster
    Alien Gumball
    Alien Invasion
    Ancient Writing Book
    Angel Wig
    Angel Wings
    Angel Wings Stamp
    Angelic Wings
    Anime Pearl
    Anime Potato
    Antique Jumper
    Antler Crown
    Apple Juice Box
    Arabic Songs
    Arcade Pearl
    Arcade Potato
    Arcade Strategy Guide Book
    Archangel Costume
    Arinya Ears
    Attack of the Vampire
    Autumn Boots
    Autumn Dress
    Autumn Jacket
    Autumn Leaves Skirt
    Autumn Pants
    Check Price Autumn Pearl
    Autumn Pearl
    Check Price Autumn Potato
    Autumn Potato
    Check Price Autumn Scythe
    Autumn Scythe
    Check Price Autumn Shoes
    Autumn Shoes
    Autumn Sunglasses
    Autumn Wig
    Azul Ears
    Azul Necklace

    Baby Angel Wings
    Bad Chocolate Trading Card
    Bad Egg Trading Card
    Bae Candy Heart
    Bag of Chocolate Coins
    Baggy Sweatpants
    Bah Humbug Sweater
    Baking Gingerbread Book
    Ball Dress Costume
    Ballet Mask
    Balloon Beats
    Basil Ears
    Bat Cupcake
    Bat Wig
    Bat Wing Stamp
    Batsy Plushie
    Battle Gumball
    Be My Valentine
    Bed Time Monsters
    Bee Music
    Bee Pearl
    Bee Potato
    Bee Stamp
    Bee Vest
    Beelzebub Costume
    Belly Dancing
    Big Book of Leaves
    Bill Ike the Science Guy
    Birthday Cake Dress
    Birthday Confetti
    Birthday Present Stamp
    Bit Brawl The Movie
    Bittersweet Contact Lenses
    Bittersweet Wig
    Black Button Dress
    Black Death Costume
    Black Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Black Fluffy Hoodie
    Black Gingerbread Dress
    Black Jacket with Check Shirt
    Black Long Santa Dress
    Black Puff Dress
    Black Ruffle Shrug
    Black Sectioned Sweater
    Black Skeleton Costume
    Black Tree Overskirt
    Bleached Gothabilly Braids
    Blitzen Justin Onesie
    Blitzen Pearl
    Blizzard Stamp
    Blood Shoes
    Blood Soaked Wig
    Bloody Awful Music
    Bloody Barber Costume
    Bloody Eye Patch
    Bloody Head Knife
    Bloody Vampire Pearl
    Bloody Wench Dress
    Blue And Black Dress
    Blue Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Blue Osafo Marshmallow
    Bolimo Necklace
    Bomb Trading Card
    Bone Potato
    Book of Beaches
    Book of Bees
    Book of Cavities
    Book of Clouds
    Book of Easter Eggs
    Book of Eggcelent Puns
    Book of Elements
    Book of Explosions
    Book of Gnomes
    Book of Heroes
    Book of Holiday Poems
    Book of Snow Storms
    Book of Sweets
    Book of Valentines
    Book of Vampires
    Book of Wings
    Book of Wishes
    Bow Necklace
    Breeze Beats
    Breeze Stamp
    Bride Doll
    Check Price
    British Guard Wig
    British Hoodie
    British Potato Chips
    British Short Hoodie
    British Wig
    Broken Egg Pearl
    Brown Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses
    Bug Gumball
    Bug Quell Wings
    Bug Stamp
    Bumble Bee Wings
    Bunny Contact Lenses
    Bunny Costume
    Bunny Headband Wig
    Bunny Leotard
    Bunny Mask
    Bunny Shoes
    Bunny Slippers
    Bunny Summoning Stone
    Button Cardigan
    Button Neck Sweater
    Button Sweater
    Button Up Sweater
    Button Vest
    Buzzy Plushie

    Camouflage Bed
    Camouflage Cooker
    Camouflage Dishwasher
    Camouflage Refrigerator
    Camouflage Sofa
    Camouflage Toilet
    Candy Guide Book
    Candy Stamp
    Candycane Costume
    Candycane Glowing Egg
    Candycane Patch
    Candycane Pin Up Dress
    Candycane Vixen Antlers
    Capsule Machine Stamp
    Capsule Prize List
    Cargo Jacket
    Cartoon Pizza
    Cartoon Strip Stamp
    Caveman Trading Card
    Chains Pants
    Chains Shorts
    Chalk Choir
    Charm Me Candy Heart
    Checkered Bed
    Checkered Cooker
    Checkered Dishwasher
    Checkered Golf Shorts
    Checkered Hoodie
    Checkered Refrigerator
    Checkered Sofa
    Checkered Toilet
    Cheerful Chibs Summoning Stone
    Chewed Up Stamp
    Chibs Ears
    Chibs Necklace
    Chibs Onesie
    Chick Costume
    Chick Mask
    Chocolate Brownie
    Chocolate Bunny Costume
    Chocolate Cornet
    Chocolate Croissant
    Chocolate Dreidel
    Chocolate Fudge
    Christmas Cake Costume
    Christmas Carols
    Christmas Day Costume
    Christmas Dinner Stamp
    Christmas Eye Make Up
    Christmas Lights Book
    Christmas Luau
    Christmas Magazine
    Christmas Onesie
    Christmas Pretzel
    Christmas Pudding Costume
    Christmas Tree Blouse
    Christmas Tree Pants
    Christmas Tree Potato
    Christmas Tree Shorts
    Christmas Tree Stamp
    Christmas Tree Sunglasses
    Christmas Tree Sweater
    Classic Cartoon Collection
    Classic Comics
    Classic Love Songs
    Closed Bathrobe
    Cobweb Face Makeup
    Cobweb Waistcoat

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