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Lizzlie keeps track of all of the recent Price Changes that happen to all of the different Shops around Marada. Shopkeepers are constantly increasing and decreasing the MP, RP and BP prices they charge for their items and Lizzlie will let you be the first to know about them here.

You can also find out what items will soon be retiring from shops at the Retirement Planning.
Price Changes
Recent Health Tonics Price Changes
18th Jan 2020 16:38
3,551BP to 3,548BP
16th Jan 2020 15:02
3,109BP to 3,105BP
15th Jan 2020 17:52
1,852BP to 1,858BP
15th Jan 2020 17:08
543BP to 542BP
15th Jan 2020 03:58
4,621BP to 4,617BP
14th Jan 2020 20:06
1,103BP to 1,100BP
11th Jan 2020 06:56
1,000BP to 996BP
10th Jan 2020 16:00
689BP to 692BP
9th Jan 2020 01:31
418BP to 416BP
8th Jan 2020 13:40
1,586BP to 1,592BP
8th Jan 2020 06:10
718BP to 715BP
1st Jan 2020 10:02
673BP to 677BP
28th Dec 2019 03:38
5,971BP to 5,973BP
27th Dec 2019 04:38
3,491BP to 3,487BP
26th Dec 2019 23:14
3,713BP to 3,710BP
26th Dec 2019 13:41
6,863BP to 6,862BP
24th Dec 2019 11:28
7,495BP to 7,501BP
23rd Dec 2019 13:34
1,555BP to 1,560BP
21st Dec 2019 03:07
4,834BP to 4,832BP
19th Dec 2019 14:58
839BP to 836BP
19th Dec 2019 02:59
580BP to 578BP
18th Dec 2019 09:58
2,290BP to 2,286BP