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The Pound is where pets that other players no longer want are disowned. Take a moment to view the pets and see if you would like to Adopt a Pet. The cost to adopt a pet is the same fee that you would pay for trading the pet. The higher the cost, the higher the pet's stats would be.

You can Disown a Pet for 5,000MP once every 18 hours. Disowned pets are made avaliable for other players to adopt at random - up to 72 hours after they have been disowned.
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Undying Woods

Pet Pound

You can Disown a Pet for 5,000MP
Disowning a pet is final and you may never get the pet back
Anything equipped to it (such as weapons or minipets) will be disowned too!

There are no pets in the pound for you to adopt

Check back later to see if another player has disowned a pet

Full House
in 6 minutes
938,579MP Prize

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Undying Woods

Adopt a Pet


Create a Pet

Disown a Pet

Gate of the Graveyard



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