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Minipet Island
You can browse Minipet Colours below by minipet or by colour. You can also view all Pet Colours and DNA Minipet Combinations.

You can change colour of a Minipet by riding the Fasoro Falls or using a Ball of Yarn that you can win from Farming quests.

There are 3,462 Minipet Colours
Minipet Colours

There are 477 Green Minipets
Green Reezul
Fasoro Falls only
Green Remax
Fasoro Falls only
Green Renuw
Fasoro Falls only
Green Reon
Green Rocket
Green Roflow
Fasoro Falls only
Green Rweek
Green Sabertooth
Cannot be changed
Green Sakko
Green Schmog
Green Scorpi
Green Scrooge
Green Seaso
Green Sewage
Green Shaggy
Green Shea
Green Sheepbow
Green Shilpy
Green Shnuggle
Green Silkie
Green Silser
Green Sixth
Green Skullington
Green Smew
Green Snek
Green Snickle
Green Sniffles
Green Snoodi
Fasoro Falls only
Green Snoween
Green Snowman
Green Snuggles
Green Sobek
Green Speiya
Fasoro Falls only
Green Sphinx
Green Spidly
Green Spinner
Green Spirit
Green Splish
Green Spobble
Fasoro Falls only
Green Spooks
Green Sprite
Green Squink
Green Starbert
Green Stego
Cannot be changed
Green Stitch
Green Superhero
Green Syotto
Fasoro Falls only
Green Taffy
Green Tail
Green Tantibs
Fasoro Falls only
Green Tantow
Fasoro Falls only
Green Teto
Green Tinsel
Green Toadling
Green Toodles
Green Toto
Green Treat
Green Tres
Green Tri
Green Trigaro
Fasoro Falls only