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Buried deep beneath Foxfire Forest is a series of mineral-filled natural caverns. The minerals here have incredible untapped magical power. If you have the right mining tools, you can try Mining one for yourself! Each Mining Tool has a different percentage that they'll be successful in digging up any minerals and each item has a different percentage that they will break when you go mining. Once you successfully mine a mineral you will have a time out before you can try again. Return to

Foxfire Forest


Use any Mining Tool in your Inventory to go digging

Mining Tool :

FREE 100K Bingo
in 10 seconds
100,000MP Prize

Return to

Foxfire Forest


Beast in the Woods

Dukka Dash

Extract Enpiah

Fake Dukka Coins

Fake Pirate Ship

High Scores

Mining Tools


Monthly Mission Contest

Peasant Fairy


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