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Prizes for several Reward features are currently paused for maintenance
Don't worry, you'll receive them automatically as soon as the new system is live!

There are many different types of item, avatar or experience sets for you or your pets to collect. Once collected they cannot be removed. The more that you collect, the more you will be Rewarded.

Greedy Fairy rewards those who have collected the most of an item in their gallery. There are many other Collections that you can complete for even more Rewards.
Greedy Fairy

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Today's Winner

IcingStar collected 100 Red Bleeding Heart

The Greedy Fairy rewards once per day

Game resets at 00:00MST
Come back in 4 hours and 52 minutes

Nightmare Dagger
2,790 Collected
Pumpkin Candy Dispenser
2,771 Collected
Holiday Music
2,685 Collected
Tyras Plushie
2,668 Collected
Spooky Pencil
2,641 Collected
Chocolate Lake Truffle
2,635 Collected
Basil Voodoo Doll
2,625 Collected
Green Sparkler
2,623 Collected
Steak and Kidney Pie
2,617 Collected
2,608 Collected
6th Birthday Pearl
2,567 Collected
Heart Plushie
2,554 Collected
Orange Chocolate Gumball
2,534 Collected
Giant Kiwi
2,521 Collected
3 Years Balloon
2,515 Collected
3 Years Cake
2,500 Collected
Yellow Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
White Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Red Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Purple Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Pink Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Orange Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Mint Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Grey Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Green Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Frozen Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Blue Paper Hat
2,500 Collected
Haunted Daisy Plushie
2,484 Collected
Poison Berries
2,472 Collected
5th Birthday Card
2,452 Collected
Yellow Sindi Plushie
2,439 Collected
2,439 Collected
Giant Mallet
2,428 Collected
Mint Chocolate Bagel Slice
2,405 Collected
Vampire Potato
2,405 Collected
Tombola Book
2,390 Collected
Checkered Dress
2,372 Collected
Island Balloon
2,360 Collected
Apple Pie
2,333 Collected
Ghost Pearl
2,326 Collected
Undying Fairy Pendant
2,309 Collected
3 Years Old Stamp
2,284 Collected
Red Sindi Plushie
2,278 Collected
Purple Rose
2,268 Collected
Santa Claws Balloon
2,243 Collected
Rubber Duck
2,205 Collected
Trash Potato
2,173 Collected
5th Birthday Balloon
2,107 Collected
Satyr Action Figure
2,040 Collected
2,010 Collected

If you add the Gallery Giftbox to your collection, your gallery will be able to hold double items - for life! Hold 25 items instead of 25!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect