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There are many different types of item, avatar or experience sets for you or your pets to collect. Once collected they cannot be removed. The more that you collect, the more you will be Rewarded.

Greedy Fairy rewards those who have collected the most of an item in their gallery. There are many other Collections that you can complete for even more Rewards.
Greedy Fairy

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Today's Winner

MaraCollector collected 300 Bow Balloon

The Greedy Fairy rewards once per day

Game resets at 00:00MST
Come back in 16 hours and 47 minutes

Eleka Tombola
649 Collected
Lorius Bobble Head
645 Collected
Yellow Jessup Plushie
644 Collected
640 Collected
635 Collected
American Costume
632 Collected
Thunder Shirt
630 Collected
Ghost Glowing Egg
630 Collected
Dukka Chestnut
628 Collected
Red Heart Lolly
626 Collected
Navy Costume
623 Collected
622 Collected
Heart Drum
621 Collected
Dark Blue Pearl
620 Collected
Rock Cookies
618 Collected
Devil Mordo Plushie
616 Collected
Green Pearl
614 Collected
Advent Muffin
614 Collected
Dukka Shield
613 Collected
Mint Chocolate Hearts
611 Collected
Christmas Spork
611 Collected
Clock Shield
609 Collected
Black Ercuw Plushie
606 Collected
Poisonous Gauntlet
605 Collected
Flab Pumpkin
603 Collected
Pistachio Macaron
603 Collected
Bubbles Galore Scratchcard
602 Collected
Creepy Orange Eye Cupcake
600 Collected
Green Gummy Music Note
600 Collected
Not Impressed Pumpkin
600 Collected
2016 Pumpkin
600 Collected
Candy Corn Custard
600 Collected
Bloody Finger Hot Dog
600 Collected
Blood Witch Ice Cream
600 Collected
Evil Tree Ornament
600 Collected
Apple Gift
600 Collected
Dark Fairy Pearl
600 Collected
Candycane Pearl
600 Collected
Nutcracker Trading Card
600 Collected
Pecan Ice Cream
595 Collected
Space Dagger
595 Collected
Prison Sindi Plushie
592 Collected
Volcano Treasure Map 12
592 Collected
Halloween Spell
590 Collected
Winter Coat
590 Collected
Double Chocolate Hearts
587 Collected
Puzzled Pumpkin
585 Collected
Mutant Ercuw Plushie
585 Collected
Vixen Snow Globe
580 Collected
Blitzen Dagger
577 Collected

If you add the Gallery Giftbox to your collection, your gallery will be able to hold double items - for life! Hold 25 items instead of 25!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect