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The Greedy Fairy is part of an elite family of billionaire fairies. Her family owns some of the biggest corporations in Marada and ever since she was born, she has been given anything and everything that she wants! She is spoilt and spends all of her free time - which is a lot considering she has never had to work - shopping in Lowlyhood.

Every day, the Greedy Fairy selects an item on Marapets at random and rewards the one player who has collected the most of this item and is showing off their greed to the rest of Marada in their Gallery! There are many other Collections that you can complete for even more Rewards.
Greedy Fairy

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Today's Winner

Terry collected 9 Foxfire Forest News Mar 2019

The Greedy Fairy rewards once per day

Game resets at 00:00MST
Come back in 21 hours and 49 minutes

If you add the Gallery Giftbox to your collection, your gallery will be able to hold double items - for life! Hold 25 items instead of 25!

The Seasonal Fairy also rewards you for every giftbox that you collect