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Gigantic Paradise, the place where everything is ten times bigger than it should be. The reason why is still unclear but with sunny skys and a permanent rainbow, this peaceful world is paradise!
Play Game  Ant Hill
If you are brave enough, you can try and steal from this giant ant colony.
Play Game  Beanstalk
Grow a magic bean into a beanstalk. Climb it to buy a rare item from the giant.

You need to plant a Magic Bean from Extract Enpiah
You can buy cheese for MP at this shop in Gigantic Paradise.

Cheese may restock new items in 50 seconds
Play Game  
Earth Fairy0 
The Earth Fairy rewards you for the number of goal levels you have completed.

Play Game  
Bring the farmer the items he needs and he'll reward you with MP and Balls of Yarn.

Complete a Farming quest now
Play Game  Gardening
You can plant your seeds and grow them into Organic Minipets here.
 Giant Flowers
You can buy giant flowers for MP at this shop in Gigantic Paradise.

Giant Flowers may restock new items in 4 minutes
 Giant Fruits
You can buy giant fruits for MP at this shop in Gigantic Paradise.

Giant Fruits may restock new items in 50 seconds
 Giant Vegetables
You can buy giant vegetables for MP at this shop in Gigantic Paradise.

Giant Vegetables may restock new items in 3 minutes
Play Game  Glowing Egg Collection
Add glowing eggs to your nest and unlock new colours to use on the site.
Collected 0 of 315
Play Game  Goals
Complete these goals related to Gigantic Paradise and win prizes.

Completed Level 0 of 50 
Play Game  Guess the Weight
How much is the potato going to weigh today? Think you know - take a guess for free!
 Health Tonics
You can buy health tonics for BP at this shop in Gigantic Paradise.

Health Tonics may restock new items in 50 seconds
Play Game  
Earn RP by bringing the Leprechaun the items he asks for and completing his quests.

Complete a Leprechaun quest now
Play Game  Pet Colours
A list of all pet species and pet colours available, along with stats on each pet.
Play Game  Pot of Gold
Pick up some free items that other players have donated from the Pot of Gold.
Play Game  Rubbish Dump
Gain a limited edition Rusty pet by finishing all thirty Rubbish Dump missions.
Completed Level of 30 

You can visit Rubbish Dump now
Play Game  
The Satyr rewards each of your pets for training their strength stats.

Play Game  Test Your Strength
Test your strength with the Gigantic Fairy for free every 3 hours and you could win.
Play Game  Trades
Trade your items with other players for items and/or currency.
Play Game  Transformation Collection
Every time your pet changes to a new colour or species it is added to this collection.
collected 0 of 6,449
Play Game  Worm Digging
Play this game for free every 3 hours for your chance to dig up a worm.
Play Game  Zetzilla
Zetzilla pays for Gym Gym training for a different pet every day.

Full House
in 1 minute
889,996MP Prize

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