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You can play each game as many times as you like but only send score a maximum of 3 times a day per game. The higher you score in a game, the more MP you will receive, up to a maximum of 750MP. You earn 1 Score Point per game. The Game of the Week pays 5 Score Points per game. You have 0 Score Points.

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Rofling Stamper

806,360 total plays

3 plays today
- MP Ratio -

5MP per 1 points scored

30 days until Score Points

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Press the numbers on your keyboard to stamp the corresponding hole. Stamp the Roflings as quick as you can. Stamping the wrong hole or missing a Rofling reduces health. Collect hearts to increase your health and gold to buy mallet upgrades or more health.

Bonus Prizes

Game Prizes Game Prizes Game Prizes Game Prizes Game Prizes

You may randomly win one of these prizes when you play this game.
Game of the Day wins a prize each time!

Game of the Day

Win a Free Bonus Item everytime you play

Play Game  Spider Solitare
Caution! Extremely addictive card-game! Can you put all the cards in order before the timer runs out?
Game of the Week

Earn Double MP and 5 Score Points everytime you play

Play Game  Item Collector
Place your mouse over the bolimo to collect diamonds and jump and over the leido to collect crystals. Be sure to avoid the thorns!

Quest of the Day

Earn 25% more MP

Play Game  Queen Bee
Bring sweet or scented items to Queen Bee for a prize, stat or sting.
Mission of the Week

Earn 50% more MP completing levels. Changes Sunday

Play Game  Jester
Complete Jester missions for plates in your collection and win missing a gourmet food.

Four Corners
in 9 minutes
141,953MP Prize

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