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The Dark Fairy is pure evil. She enjoys spending her time making the lives of other Maradans worse off. As one of Queen Eleka's minions, she raises money for Queen Eleka to help her with her plans to take of Marada. Since losing the Minipet Island War of 2007, Queen Eleka has been under the constant watch of King Baspinar to prevent her from starting another war. Although the King doesn't know this, the Dark Fairy has been busy raising the money for Queen Eleka to start a war. If you are lucky, she may throw a prize at you. But don't expect much from her. You won't even get a thank you.

You can visit the Dark Fairy for 100,000MP once every 3 days. Here is the Prize List.
Return to

Eleka's Castle

Dark Fairy

Play more Points to Play Games

Big Money Bingo
in 9 minutes
3,350,225MP Prize

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Eleka's Castle

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Ice Caves

Pixie Dice

Sewer Pipes

Trash Heap

Vending Machine

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