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5b0566dd0f407b198193a12fc9429b26ad4cebb5.png Hello there, it seems you are lost and found my info page. Please no club invites, I am already in a very sunny one. Friend requests, yes, but only if we have spoken or interacted once. I collect Griffin action figures. Staff: I log in at different places sometimes, but mainly stay at my home.

Pet wishlist: LesbianVisibility to become Sparkle Pucu, YellowAssassin to become Light Fairy Yuni, Drindol to become Musical Chibs, Shennie to become Doll Zola, Redrozp to become Devil Vixen, Evangaline to become Moonlight Raulf, Forestress to become Spring Zola, Saggitarius to become Halloween Viotto, Netossa to become Winter Willa.

I am willing to lend my pets for mission/goals/quests


MAIL ONLY PLEASE!! I like using mail better than MT, and any MT will be ignored unless it is my club.
Staff: I send my friends gifts sometimes, please do not ban. :)
Player for 9 months, 12 days & 1 hrJoined 8th Jul 2020 12:24
On a long quest to get all the photos! If you have one you can spare we can talk a trade :)
Player for 9 months, 12 days & 1 hr Joined 8th Jul 2020 12:24

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