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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
I’m usually online every day. My status is usually accurate.

I don’t ignore mails, so if I haven’t responded, I probably missed it. Send again.

PLEASE do NOT cancel trades, currency exchanges, or pet trade offers.
(I will get to them ASAP)

I update my Wishlist with dream minipets. If I’ve ever made you smile,
or you want to surprise me, my Wishlist is a great source.

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I play every day but sometimes remain online without logging out, but it’s rare.
I use primarily my laptop and iPad, and last choice is my phone.
I switch between all 3 depending on where I am or what I am doing on Mara.
Soph_A_Loaf is my little sister. If she ever plays again I ~might~ send her random stuff.

well, you're here, you want to know more about me, so here y'go:
✧created first account on marapets in '09
✧adult player (21+)
✧wifey since 9/1/2017
✧psychology and art major student
✧love to read, love to write poetry, too
✧cat and dog mom of 4
✧artist - both digital + physical mediums
✧northwestern american hemisphere dweller
✧love spooky and kawaii things
✧pink, teal, and pastel purple are my favorite colors
✧sweets are the best treat
✧coffee and redbull lover
✧i have 11 tattoos and growing
✧idk what to put here
✧my bed is my favorite place
✧i have dysthymia depression
✧my fave shows on netflix/hulu: the path, shut eye, modern family, narcos (both seasons), this is us, shameless
✧i love to buy makeup, pop figures, and books
✧road trips are fun
✧the beach is my favorite nature spot
✧i am super impatient
✧ice cream is my treat of choice
✧idk what else to put
i'll probably add more random stuff here later

✧staff: i rarely log off & occasionally log on from my iphone
Player for 4 years, 3 months & 19 daysJoined 21st Mar 2016 21:33
STAFF: Please see Info tab.
Player for 4 years, 3 months & 19 days Joined 21st Mar 2016 21:33

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