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Joined Dec. 4th, 2006

Active player, I am 23, live in the US, and am always looking to make new friends!
Momma to my angelbaby Caden 3-17-2015<3

Check out my shop!

Staff- I log in on 4 different devices depending on where im at and alternate frequently; tablet(not often), PC, chromebook and smart phone.

Player for 13 years, 9 months & 21 daysJoined 4th Dec 2006 09:56
Collecting: Pancakes, pies, crackers, eggs, and anything ST PATRICK'S DAY/IRISH related. MM me if you have any for sale or trade, thanks.

Maramail: always
Friend requests: always
Maratalk: always
Player for 13 years, 9 months & 21 days Joined 4th Dec 2006 09:56

poprox27 has 11 pets