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  • Trick or Treat     29th Oct 2019 04:46
  • Halloween     24th Oct 2019 16:06
  • Missing Wardrobe     27th Sep 2019 03:58
  • Missing Trading Cards     27th Jul 2019 19:40
  • Missing Stamps     6th Jul 2019 18:47
  • Missing Glowing Eggs     10th Mar 2019 19:12

  • Trick or Treat

    Posted on : 29th Oct 2019 04:46   Posted by : Keto_59



    Posted on : 24th Oct 2019 16:06   Posted by : Keto_59

    Elger's Trick or Treat 2019

    Royal Ruff


    Missing Wardrobe

    Posted on : 27th Sep 2019 03:58   Posted by : Keto_59
    Anime Bolimo Balloon
    Anime Chibs Balloon
    Contact Lenses
    Back Bow
    Ball Dress Costume
    Beach Sandals
    Beelzebub Costume
    Birthday Balloons
    Birthday Cake Dress
    Black Skeleton Costume
    Candycane Costume
    Candycane Suit
    Carnival Suit
    Checkered Dress
    Cheerful Purse
    Chibs Onesie
    Christmas Cake Costume
    Christmas Day Costume
    Christmas Night Costume
    Christmas Onesie
    Christmas Pudding Costume
    Criminal Costume
    Cupcake Costume
    Decadal Doll
    Devil Suit
    Dracula Costume
    Dreamland Bunny
    Evil Ghost Costume
    Fasoro Doll
    Fifi Basket
    Funky Dress
    Galactic Suit
    Genie Girl Costume
    Gentle Snow Contact Lenses
    Ghost Contact Lenses
    Gift Wrapped Costume
    Glam Contact Lenses
    Goddess Dress
    Gothic Eyeliner
    Graveyard Keeper Costume
    Grim Reaper Costume
    Half Armour
    Handheld Bass Guitar
    Handheld Cupcake
    Handheld Guitar
    Head Sunglasses
    Holly Costume
    Jack Frost Costume
    Jessup Doll
    Kamilah Queen Costume
    Light Fairy Dress
    Lioness Dress
    Lycanthrope Costume
    Mad Scientist Suit
    Melting Ice Cream
    Mistletoe Costume
    Moonrise Contact Lenses
    Mutated Costume
    Neck Headphones
    Nefarious Cloak Costume
    Nino Doll
    Overall Dress
    Pharaoh Staff
    Piercing Gaze Contact Lenses
    Polar Bear Costume
    Present Costume
    Pucu Doll
    Pumpkin Costume
    Reindeer Antlers
    Reindeer Costume
    Royal Captain Costume
    Royal King Suit
    Royal Queen Costume
    Royal Sash
    Royal Wedding Costume
    Royal Wedding Suit
    Safari Goggles
    Sailor Dress
    Santa Claus Costume
    Scarecrow Contact Lenses
    Scrooge Costume
    Simerian God Costume
    Snookle Onesie
    Speechless Ghost Costume
    Starry Feliz Costume
    Starry Staff
    Superboy Costume
    Sweetheart Purse
    Sword of Tyranny
    Sybri Doll
    Tantua Doll
    Teenage Sorcerer Costume
    Tree Costume
    Tree Uniform Costume
    Turkey Onesie
    Tuxedo Costume
    Undead Contact Lenses
    Valentine Azul Ears
    Vintage Devil Costume
    Vintage Pumpkin Costume
    Vintage Werewolf Costume
    Viotto Doll
    Vixen Doll
    Vlad Doll
    Vortex Park Feminine Costume
    Vortex Park Masculine Costume
    Wild Contact Lenses
    Winter Gaze Contact Lenses
    Wizard Robe
    Wizard Staff
    Woodland Contact Lenses
    Yuni Costume
    Yuni Doll
    Zola Doll
    Zombie Fairy Costume

    Missing Trading Cards

    Posted on : 27th Jul 2019 19:40   Posted by : Keto_59
    I am willing to trade for same or close to same price cards that are in trades for one below

    Bailiff Trading Card
    Bankrupt Trading Card
    Cadet Trading Card
    Cake Trading Card
    Can Trading Card
    Carvey Trading Card
    City Banker Trading Card
    Daemon Trading Card
    Devil Trading Card
    Drake Trading Card
    Eleka Minions Trading Card
    Flamed Trading Card
    Gargoyle Trading Card
    Golem Trading Card
    Griffin Trading Card
    Hospice Trading Card
    Hot Dog Trading Card
    Ice Fairy Trading Card
    Inflate Trading Card
    Jet Trading Card
    Kirin Trading Card
    Lightning Trading Card
    Merman Trading Card
    Mini Fairy Trading Card
    Moonlight Fairy Trading Card
    Naga Trading Card
    Nightmare Trading Card
    Oke Trading Card
    Olympian Trading Card
    Operative Trading Card
    Partysaurus Trading Card
    Pembe Trading Card
    Phospho Trading Card
    Possessed Ian Trading Card
    RIP Trading Card
    Raa Trading Card
    Reisand Trading Card
    Rusty Trading Card
    Sandman Trading Card
    Sewer Fairy Trading Card
    Shelley Trading Card
    Slater Stalker Trading Card
    Sniffer Trading Card
    Spam Fairy Trading Card
    Sultan Trading Card
    Twree Trading Card
    Unholy Lati Trading Card
    Vibue Trading Card
    Zard Trading Card

    Missing Stamps

    Posted on : 6th Jul 2019 18:47   Posted by : Keto_59
    14th Birthday Stamp
    Account Upgrades Stamp
    American Flag Stamp
    Angel Fasoro Stamp
    Angel Wings Stamp
    Banana Peel Stamp
    Beach Stamp
    Birthday Ice Cream Stamp
    Blue Justin Stamp
    Bobber Stamp
    Camouflage Stamp
    Castle Tower Stamp
    Chick Stamp
    Chidder Stamp
    Christmas Dinner Stamp
    Christmas Trees Stamp
    City Recession Stamp
    Cloud Nine Stamp
    Coffee Stamp
    Decadal Stamp
    Drake Stamp
    Dukka Fairy Stamp
    Easter Egg Stamp
    Fairy Stamp
    Fancy Stamp
    Fishbowl Stamp
    Fried Egg Stamp
    Gingerbread People Stamp
    Glow Stick Stamp
    Gnome Stamp
    Gobble Stamp
    Goth Phase Stamp
    Greedy Fairy Stamp
    Griffin Stamp
    Gumball Machine Stamp
    Happy Easter Stamp
    Hobo Stamp
    Jelly Stamp
    Light Fairy Stamp
    Mara Stamp
    MaraJournals Stamp
    Marasites Stamp
    Meat Lover Stamp
    Mountain of Biala Stamp
    Mushroom Patch Stamp
    Palace Stamp
    Patchwork Stamp
    Peace Stamp
    Pirates Booty Stamp
    Plushie Fairy Stamp
    Poop Stamp
    Popstar Stamp
    Puchalla Meals Stamp
    Referral System Stamp
    Robot Stamp
    Royal Wedding Stamp
    Simerian Sea Stamp
    Smartphone Stamp
    Space Fairy Stamp
    Speedy Newth Stamp
    Spy Stamp
    Twree Stamp
    Unlucky Stamp
    Uploads Stamp
    Valentines Stamp
    Vlad Stamp
    Vortex Park Goals Stamp
    Winter Evening Stamp
    Wizard Stamp

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