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  • Undying Festival 2016 & Other Events

    Posted on : 4th Oct 2016 20:00   Posted by : DeAnn
    [X]Autumn Glowing Egg
    [X]Daisy Glowing Egg
    [X]Daisy Pinecone Craft
    [X]Daisy Potato
    [X]Daisy Scarecrow
    [2]Golden Apple Cider
    [X]Halloween Daisy Burger
    [X]Haunted Daisy Plushie
    [X]Haunted Spirit Charm
    [X]Mango Gelato
    [X]Pistachio Gelato
    [X]Silky Cobweb Songs
    [X]Split Vera Wig
    [X]Stracciatella Gelato
    [X]Strawberry Gelato
    [X]Tiramisu Gelato
    [X]Undead Bones
    [X]Undying Festival 2016 Stamp
    [X]Undying Pancakes
    [X]Vera Wig

    Halloween Alien
    [X]Alien Glowing Egg
    [X]Baby Bat Hair Extensions
    [X]Bone Scythe
    [X]Brain Desk Lamp
    [X]Crossed Hair Clip
    [X]Old Spider Cream Puff

    Elger's Trick or Treat
    []Blood Moon Stamp
    [X]Blood Witch Ice Cream
    [X]Bloody Finger Hot Dog
    [X]Cobweb Cotton Candy
    [X]Elger Broom
    [X]Elger Kitty
    []Elger Kitty Hat
    []Elger Kitty Tail
    [X]Marshmallow Ghosts
    []Spirit Board
    []Spooky Skeleton Songs
    []Vomit Witch Ice Cream
    []Witch Doll

    Pumpkin of Gold
    [X]Bad Trick or Treat Loot
    [X]Eyeball Balloon
    [X]Eye Bandage
    [X]Giant Gummy Rat
    [X]Possessed Doll
    [X]Unholy Tie

    Beelzebub Items
    [X]Beelzebub Candycorn
    []Beelzebub Glowing Egg
    [X]Beelzebub Summoning Tome
    []Beelzebub Trident
    []Cerberus Plushie

    Pumpkin Hunt
    [X]2016 Pumpkin
    [X]Black Pumpkin
    []Blueberry Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Blue Pumpkin
    []Boo Pumpkin
    []Brain Witch Ice Cream
    []Caramel Apple Custard
    []Cherry Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Classic Pumpkin
    [X]Colon Overscore Parenthesis Pumpkin
    []Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    [X]Eyru Pumpkin
    [X]Fancy Pumpkin Cupcake
    []Flat Pumpkin
    []Green Pumpkin
    []Grey Pumpkin
    []Halloween Parfait
    []Halloween Striped Tie
    []Handmade Chocolate Pumpkin
    []Haunted Contact Lenses
    [X]Heart Pumpkin
    [X]Judgemental Pumpkin
    []LOL Pumpkin
    []Limax Pumpkin
    []Lime Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Marshmallow Pumpkins
    []Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    [X]Mint Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    []Not Impressed Pumpkin
    []Orange Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    []Orange Pumpkin
    []Phantom Fasoro
    []Phantom Quell
    []Pretty Pumpkin
    []Puffy Pumpkin Bread
    []Pumpkin Headphones
    []Pumpkin Hot Chocolate
    x]Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Pumpkin Loaf
    []Pumpkin Notebook
    []Pumpkin Pie Book
    []Pumpkin Spice Custard
    []Purple Pumpkin
    []Red Pumpkin
    []Scarecrow Plushie
    []Short Cape
    []Short Vampire Cape
    []Small Face Pumpkin
    []Spider Dress
    []Spider Skirt
    []Spider Web Pumpkin Soup
    []Sweet Potato Cinnamon Custard
    []Teal Pumpkin
    []Traumatised Pumpkin
    []White Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    []White Pumpkin
    []Yakubi Pumpkin
    []Yellow Pumpkin


    Halloween 2015 Items from other Events

    Posted on : 22nd Oct 2015 12:37   Posted by : DeAnn
    [X]Beelzebub Figuarine
    [X]Beelzebub Pennant
    [3]Beelzebub Tail
    [X]Bloody Potato Chips
    [2]Butcher Knife
    [2]Retro Beelzebub Plushie

    *Pumpkin of Gold*
    [2]Bloodmoon Lolly
    [4]Bloodmoon Mysteries
    [3]Flashy Vest
    [2]Garter Beltt
    [3]Goblet of Pumpkin Juice
    [3]Halloween Tunic
    [2]Pickled Poera Eyes
    [X]Pickled Renat Foot
    [3]Pickled Rusty Tongue
    [2]Pumpkin Of Gold Plushie
    [3]Pumpkin Of Gold Stamp
    [X]Pumpkin of Gold Wand

    *Halloween Event #2 (Auctions)*
    [X]Alien Potato Chips
    [X]Boney Tail
    [X]Chibs Tail
    [2]Decadal Tail
    [X]Funsize Black Candies
    [X]Funsize Blue Candies
    [3]Funsize Orange Candies
    [2]Funsize Pink Candies
    [X]Funsize Red Candies
    [X]Funsize White Candies
    [2]Knutt Tail
    [2]Leon Tail
    [X]Mizu Tail
    [2]Snookle Tail
    [X]Vlad Tail
    [2]Zola Tail

    [2]Bat Potato Chips
    [2]Black Cat Gumball
    [2]Black Cat Hot Chocolate
    [3]Black Cat Pearl
    [X]Black Cat Stamp
    [X]Cursed Blue Glowing Egg
    [2]Cursed Green Glowing Egg
    [X]Cursed Marapets Glowing Egg
    [X]Cursed Pink Glowing Egg
    [X]Cursed Purple Glowing Egg
    [X]Cursed Red Glowing Egg
    [X]Cursed White Glowing Egg
    [X]Cursed Yellow Glowing Egg
    [2]Elger Cookbook
    [3]Haunted Elger Plushie
    [X]Juju Plushie
    [X]Welders Mask
    [X]Witch Hat
    [X]Witch Plushie

    *Halloween Snowman*
    [X]Black Spookfruit Plushie
    [3]Black Spookfruit Sundae
    [4]Bloody Face Tattoo
    [2]Blue Spookfruit Plushie
    [4]Blue Spookfruit Sundae
    [3]Green Spookfruit Plushie
    [9]Green Spookfruit Sundae
    [X]Maeven Summoning Stone
    []Mummy Plushie
    [2]Orange Spookfruit Plushie
    [X]Orange Spookfruit Sundae
    [X]Purple Spookfruit Plushie
    [3]Purple Spookfruit Sundae
    [3]Red Spookfruit Plushie
    [X]Red Spookfruit Sundae
    [X]Snowman Potato Chips
    [2]Spooks Summoning Stone
    [X]Stitched Stomach Tattoo
    [3]Vampire Bite
    [2]Werewolf Scratch Tattoo
    [2]Wooden Vampire Stake
    [X]Zombie Kidlet Stamp

    Dear DeAnn The Snowman of Biala selected you to be given...

    *Azul Pumpkin from...
    freakytrekker behappy

    *Basil Pumpkin from...

    *Bat Cake from...
    Somebody bebbs sunstar2345 Lexi

    *Bat Candy from...
    GRAT2112 Jenna_Bella Beans

    *Bat Cookies from...
    Huskie Ephemeral maramara780
    captnzelda MamaYong QueenYamia

    *Black Cat Ice Pop from...
    shinytotodile SkeerdyKitty Nicky

    *Black Eye Cookie from...
    Hibi Mccandles imwright33

    *Blood Soup from...
    Karammii adairrules1

    *Blue Bat Cookie from...

    *Blue Eye Appetiser from...
    Kacey RainbowTiara HorusIsis

    *Blue Eye Cookie from...

    *Blueberry Gummy Worm from...

    *Bone Hotdog from...

    *Bottled Blood from...
    Gallifrey Purkinje

    *Brain Cake from...

    *Brain Cookies from...
    Myrna123 Sweetdemonicangel

    *Brown Bat Cookie from...

    *Candy Corn Ice Pop from...

    *Cherry Candy Blood from...

    *Chocolate Ghost Ice Cream Lolly from...

    *Confused Pumpkin Lolly from...

    *Decadal Pumpkin from...

    *Equilor Pumpkin from...

    *Ercuw Pumpkin from...
    annabelle377 Fox

    *Eye Pie from...
    AustinAfterDark Elise Bek

    *Eyeball Lolly from...

    *Eyeballs with Jam from...
    Kacey MelStarr

    *Eyelive Appetiser from...

    *Fang Marshmallows from...
    p0wer4pets EmoErika diamondmedle StarryAnn

    *Fasoro Pumpkin from...

    *Garlic Soup from...
    DarkIcey emilyis16 mrsrena

    *Ghost Lolly from...

    *Grass Jelly Beans from...

    *Grave Shaped Cake from...
    Octopus Denali

    *Green Eye Appetiser from...

    *Halloween Candy Apple from...

    *Hand Cake from...
    inicolovepet demonfan4life DarkPhoenix99

    *Hump Pumpkin from...

    *Lime Candy Blood from...

    *Mini Pumpkin Pies from...
    sophiethestar Sinte

    *Mummy Ice Pop from...

    *Murfin Pumpkin from...

    *Neapolitan Ghost Ice Cream Lolly from...

    *Paffuto Pumpkin from...

    *Pink Eye Appetiser from...

    *Pink Eye Cookie from...

    *Pumpkin Apple from...

    *Pumpkin Bread from...
    Hunnie Lindsey

    *Pumpkin Lolly from...

    *Purple Eye Appetiser from...

    *Rat on a Stick with Mould from...
    hellimhot oXfaithXo

    *Raulf Pumpkin from...

    *Sad Pumpkin Lolly from...

    *Severed Foot from...

    *Snot Pie from...

    *Spider Biscuits from...

    *Spider Lolly from...

    *Spider Muffins from...

    *Spider Salad from...

    *Sugar Free Eyeball Lolly from...

    *Sugar Free Mini Pumpkins Lolly from...

    *Toffee Apple from...
    JgBcGirl Reverie fasterfantastic Pretty

    *Vampire Ice Pop from...

    *Vanilla Ghost Ice Cream Lolly from...
    KentuckyStar jadeanna95 mrsrena

    *Watermelon Gummy Worm from...

    *Witch Lolly from...

    *Yellow Eye Cookie from...
    sunidelite boblaylon

    Trick or Treat 2015

    Posted on : 20th Oct 2015 19:07   Posted by : DeAnn
    [3]Blue Candy Glowing Egg
    [24]Chocolate Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
    [2]Green Candy Glowing Egg
    [X]Marapets Candy Glowing Egg
    [32]Neapolitan Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
    [3]Pink Candy Glowing Egg
    [2]Purple Candy Glowing Egg
    [X]Red Candy Glowing Egg
    [13]Strawberry Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
    [30]Vanilla Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
    [X]Yellow Candy Glowing Egg

    [10]Bloody Head Tattoo
    [11]Bloody Neck Tattoo
    [7]Bruised Neck Tattoo
    [6]Bruised Wrists
    [11]Cut Arms Tattoo
    [8]Cut Legs Tattoo
    [8]Shot Heart Tattoo
    [14]Zig Zag Scar Tattoo

    [12]Bat Crop Top
    [4]Cobweb Crop Top
    [] Coffin
    [X]Face Glitter
    [] Goop Summoning Stone
    [34]Half and Half Stockings
    [35]Half and Half Tights
    [2]Helloth Summoning Stone
    [37]Sheer Left Stocking
    [32]Sheer Right Stocking
    [40]Sheer Stockings
    [26]Sheer Vertical Striped Stockings
    [X]Stitched Skin
    [28]Ziggy Bolt Face Paint

    [30]Silver Bat Dagger

    Pumpkin Hunt 2015

    Posted on : 20th Oct 2015 06:32   Posted by : DeAnn
    **Congratulations! You were in the top 500 highest Pumpkin Hunt winners. You have been given a Witch Doctor Trading Card.

    **Congratulations! You won Blue Candy Glowing Egg bonus prize from the 2015 Pumpkin Hunt.

    Glowing Eggs:
    [4]Orange Candy Glowing Egg
    [8]Cursed Pumpkin Glowing Egg

    [5]2015 Pumpkin
    [5]Addow Pumpkin
    [4]Astro Pumpkin
    [2]Azul Pumpkin
    [7]Basil Pumpkin
    [5]Crindol Pumpkin
    [10]Decadal Pumpkin
    [3]Equilor Pumpkin
    [7]Ercuw Pumpkin
    [3]Fasoro Pumpkin
    [5]Flab Pumpkin
    [2]Gobble Pumpkin
    [3]Hump Pumpkin
    [5]Huthiq Pumpkin
    [4]Kaala Pumpkin
    [3]Knutt Pumpkin
    [4]Kujo Pumpkin
    [5]Murfin Pumpkin
    [5]Oglue Pumpkin
    [5]Paffuto Pumpkin
    [5]Raulf Pumpkin
    [5]Renat Pumpkin
    [4]Troit Pumpkin
    [4]Vlad Pumpkin
    [5]Willa Pumpkin

    [13]Confused Pumpkin Lolly
    [3]Evil Pumpkin Lolly
    [14]Sad Pumpkin Lolly
    [14]Worried Pumpkin Lolly

    [6]Haunting Melodies
    [4]Pumpkin Harvest
    [5]101 Pumpkin Facts

    [15]Golden Bat Dagger
    [X]Pastel Costume (5th Pumpkin Clicked)
    [8]Pumpkin Carving Knife

    [4]Coffin Purse
    [13]Dunce Hat
    [5]Halloween Chickle Summoning Stone
    [2]Halloween Ian Summoning Stone
    [4]Head Shot
    [5]Vertical Striped Stockings

    94 100 63 74 118 110 53 54 118 1200
    63 93 118 93 78 53 74 108 52 100
    65 52 74 73 92 69 56 98 100 62
    54 67 53 93 94 100 52 65 63 88
    98 62 52 111 70 121 51 126 57 75
    75 100 116 78 58 110 65 52 108 112
    96 113 110 94 115 95 98 64 98 93
    88 51 53 69 96 113 87 115 59 109
    53 75 113 76 73 114 63 78 105 115
    96 119 117 71 114 81 101 125 74 63
    51 121 85 56 51 120 93 74 81 65
    53 122 111 61 102 55 125 101 31 125
    56 101 121 53 76 94 62 91 73 53
    85 73 106 94 78 56 62 53 65 51
    53 112 70 78 81 122 104 81 52 115
    78 94 55 58 121 77 85 107 54 75
    60 53 82 87 64 62 92 116 72 72

    *Happy Maraween! You won 1,200MP (Nice)

    NO PRIZE:140

    Random Find:
    Congratulations!! You just found a Pumpkin Cake!!!
    Congratulations!! You just found a Love Pot!!!

    Undying Festival 2015

    Posted on : 29th Sep 2015 06:34   Posted by : DeAnn
    [X]Autumn Potato Chips
    [X]Black Spookfruit
    [2]Bleeding Heart Poison
    [X]Blue Spookfruit
    [X]Bone Biscuits
    [X]Candy Coffins
    [X]Candycorn Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    []Chibi Daisy Plushie
    [2]Chibs Omurice
    [2]Daisy Cheese
    [X]Daisy Musk
    [X]Daisy Pie
    []Devil Plushie
    [X]Frozen Rose Boomerang
    [X]Frozen Rose Sword
    [X]Ghost Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    [X]Ghost Plushie
    [4]Giant Blueberry Muffin
    [X]Giant Chocolate Chip Muffin
    [3]Giant Chocolate Muffin
    [3]Giant Mint Chocolate Chip Muffin
    [3]Giant Muffin
    [3]Giant White Chocolate Chip Muffin
    []Glowing Pale Bikini Egg
    [X]Glowing Summer Arinya Egg
    []Glowing Summer Decadal Egg
    []Glowing Summer Fasoro Egg
    []Glowing Summer Jessup Egg
    []Glowing Summer Nino Egg
    [X]Glowing Summer Sybri Egg
    []Glowing Summer Troit Egg
    []Glowing Summer Yuni Egg
    []Glowing Sunburnt Bikini Egg
    []Glowing Sunkissed Bikini Egg
    [X]Glowing Tanned Bikini Egg
    [2]Grass Blade
    [4]Grave Robbers Shovel
    [X]Green Spookfruit
    []Halloween Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    [X]Harvest Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    [X]Haunted Comics Issue I
    [X]Haunted Comics Issue II
    [X]Haunted Comics Issue III
    [X]Haunted Comics Issue IV
    [X]Haunted Comics Issue V
    [X]Lily Bell Staff
    [X]Orange Spookfruit
    [X]Pumpkin Patchwork Daisy Plushie
    [X]Pumpkin Spice Maple Donut
    [X]Purple Spookfruit
    [X]Red Spookfruit
    [X]Rose Bow
    [X]Sakura Scythe
    [X]Sakura Shuriken
    []Scary Daisy Stories
    [X]Silver Lotus Sword
    []Skull Pearl
    []Spooky Skeleton Boogie
    [X]Sunflower Shuriken
    []Werewolf Plushie


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    Big Money Bingo
    in 12 minutes
    2,735,928MP Prize

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