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  • Thanksgiving 2015

    Posted on : 26th Nov 2015 07:26   Posted by : DeAnn
    Acorn Flan
    (Battle 21,80,279,536,757)

    Acorn Gumball

    Acorn Pearl
    (Battle 76)

    Acorn Squash
    (Battle 350,392,479,504,512)

    Autumn Bouquet
    (Battle 79,187,239,378,442,546,654)

    Autumn Kujo Plushie

    Autumn Leaf Blade
    (Battle 175,389,418,498,604,628,689)

    Baked Sweet Potato
    (Battle 27,37,48,315,507,562,631,682)

    Cooked Gurple
    (Battle 577)

    Creamy Acorn Soup
    (Battle 49,339,614,642,719)

    Distraught Turkey Plushie
    (Battle 619)

    Fallen Leaves Stamp
    (Battle 354)

    Flint Corn
    (Battle 162,220,564,680)

    Fresh Cranberries
    (Battle 15,67,290,338,359,509,595,647,756)

    Fried Corn
    (Battle 158,246,328,407,530)

    Fried Corn Stamp
    (Battle 73,191,494)

    Giving Thanks
    (Battle 716)

    Glowing Acorn Egg
    (Battle 601)

    Gurple Songs
    (Battle 118,295,360,486,708)

    Gurple Stamp
    (Battle 100,353,372,445,545)

    Jumbo Turkey Leg
    (Battle 53,352,471,523,715)

    (Battle 167,383,411,510,575,743)

    (Battle 234)

    Orange Leaf Candy
    (Battle 126,203,703,769)

    Orange Maple Leaf Candy
    (Battle 288,550,587,592,610,645)

    Orange Maple Leaf Plushie
    (Battle 29,464)

    Red Leaf Candy
    (Battle 129)

    Red Maple Leaf Candy
    (Battle 34,128,183,347,403)

    Red Maple Leaf Plushie
    (Battle 68,83,435,480,672,744)

    Turkey Trot Pop
    (Battle 135,488,660,705)

    Turkey Troubles
    (Battle 653)

    Yellow Leaf Candy
    (Battle 28,96,133,281,349,363,517,548)

    Yellow Maple Leaf Candy
    (Battle 10,440)

    Yellow Maple Leaf Plushie
    (Battle 616)

    How exciting! You just experienced 'Autumn Trees'
    You can now use this background at your Experiences
    (Battle 53)
    [b]Congratulations! You found the 'Too Ugly to Eat' Hidden Avatar (Battle 234)

    Maraween 2018

    Posted on : 12th Oct 2018 15:14   Posted by : DeAnn
    **Congratulations! You were in the top 500 highest Pumpkin Hunt winners. You have been given a Possessed Ian Trading Card.

    Beelzebub (Ends Oct. 31st)

    [6]Red Spider on a String *
    [3]Beelzebub Novel
    [3]Hellhound Trading Card *
    [2]Saturday the 13th
    [2]13 Masks
    [X]Beelzebub Pearl


    Character Trick or Treat (Ends Nov. 15th)

    [23]Bat Guitar
    [X]Cat Stockings
    [8]Eclipse Necklace *
    [6]Floaty Tank Top *
    [3]Halloween Corset *
    [X]Hip Wings
    [15]Jack O Lantern Pearl *
    [38]Lace Gloves *
    [5]Magical Girl Staff *
    [4]Magical Swirl *
    [3]Medium Bangs Wig *
    [4]Moonlight Blouse *
    [31]Spooky Cupcake *
    [22]Vampire Fasoro Plushie *
    [4]Witch Sleeves *


    Elger's Trick or Treat (Ends Nov. 13th)

    [6]Autumn Shawl *
    [2]Bat Glowing Egg
    [11]Blue Spider on a String *
    [10]Cinnamon Latte *
    [8]Green Spider on a String *
    [5]Halloween Elger Figurine *
    [9]Halloween Renat Plushie *
    [3]Mini Candycorn Witch Hat *
    [2]Mini Hat *
    [5]Pumpkin Candle *
    [4]Pumpkin Hair Clip *
    [3]Ring of Fire *
    [2]Rose Eye Patch *
    [2]Side Bangs Wig
    [8]Skull Hair Clip Extensions *
    [26]Skull Harp

    Congratulations! You found the 'Ring of Fire' Hidden Avatar

    Congratulations! You found the 'It's Playtime' Hidden Avatar


    Halloween Alien (Ends Nov. 15th)

    [X]Halloween Alien Figurine
    [2]Lilac Spider on a String
    [X]Nightmare Ike Plushie


    Halloween Snowman (Ends Nov. 7th)

    [3]Bat Book
    [2]Cracked Skin *
    [X]Gravestone Plushie
    [2]Halloween Snowman Figurine *
    []Harpy Legs
    [2]Neck Bow *
    [3]Pharaoh Staff *
    [4]Pumpkin Pot *
    [3]Ruff *
    [X]See Through Skirt
    [X]Skull Skirt
    [2]Spider on a String
    [X]Stitches Stamp
    []Straight Bangs Hair Extension
    [X]Yuni Head Horn


    Pumpkin Hunt (Ends Nov. 21st)

    [10]2018 Pumpkin *
    [7]Angel Pumpkin *
    [8]Autumn Pumpkin *
    [8]Baby Pumpkin *
    [5]Candle Pumpkin *
    [3]Cheese Pumpkin *
    [9]Daylight Pumpkin *
    [9]Desert Pumpkin *
    [9]Devil Pumpkin *
    [8]Dragon Pumpkin *
    [7]Fancy Pumpkin *
    [5]Ice Cream Pumpkin *
    [6]Moonlight Pumpkin *
    [6]Nightmare Pumpkin *
    [2]Party Pumpkin *
    [11]Prison Pumpkin *
    [10]Seasonal Pumpkin *
    [13]Sketch Pumpkin *
    [8]Splatter Pumpkin *
    [9]Spring Pumpkin *
    [8]Summer Pumpkin *
    [6]Valentine Pumpkin *

    [9]Autumn Trees *
    [13]Candy Bucket *
    [16]Falling Candy *
    [6]Falling Pumpkins Stamp *
    [3]Ghost Hoodie *
    [8]Green Candy Bucket *
    [9]Halloween Candy Bag *
    [4]Halloween Pants *
    [7]Halloween Skirt *
    [10]Halloween Tank Top *
    [5]Long Skeleton Gloves *
    [4]Pumpkin Book
    [11]Pumpkin Pearl *
    [25]Pumpkin Violin
    [6]Purple Candy Bucket *
    [13]Red Candy Bucket *
    [4]Yellow Candy Bucket *

    Congratulations! You found the 'Maraween 2018' Hidden Avatar

    Congratulations! You found the 'Falling Pumpkins' Hidden Avatar


    Pumpkin of Gold (Ends Nov. 12th)

    [49]Halloween Grint Plushie *
    [44]Haunted Cupcake *
    [60]Orange Spider on a String *
    [20]Rose Tie *

    Maraween 2017

    Posted on : 13th Oct 2017 15:40   Posted by : DeAnn
    Congratulations! You were in the top 500 highest Pumpkin Hunt winners. You have been given a Carvey Trading Card.

    [2]Flaming Shoes
    [2]Beelzebub Stamp
    [3]Severed Horn

    [X]Beelzebub Glowing Egg
    [X]Beelzebub Trident (Thanks so much SANrioluver)
    [X]Cerberus Plushie

    Dear DeAnn You have been sent a Hellhound from Beelzebub! 28th Oct 2017 07:05

    Pumpkin of Gold
    Ends 11/12

    [17]Candycorn Pencil
    [15]Devil Wing Hair Clips
    [12]Halloween Pucu Plushie
    [21]Plastic Spider Ring
    [19]Skeleton Wing Gloves
    [14]Skull Candle

    Elger's Trick or Treat
    Ends 11/13

    [2]Black Trim School Blazer
    [18]Halloween Leido Plushie
    [6]Haunted House
    [X]Haunted Tree
    [18]Little Ghost Story
    [4]Plain Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    [16]Plastic Blue Spider Ring
    [18]Skull Violin 10/10 8/10
    [16]Spider Web Doughnut
    [3]White Trim School Blazer
    [16]Witch Pencil
    [3]Wolf Hood

    Pumpkin Hunt Items
    Ends 11/21

    [12]Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    [4]Police Officer Belt
    [16]Police Officer Hat
    [4]Police Officer Pants
    [3]Police Officer Shirt
    [7]Possessed Phonograph
    [19]Pumpkin Bath Bomb
    [16]Pumpkin Doughnut
    [28]Pumpkin Pencil
    [17]Pumpkin Shirt
    [29]Pumpkin Skirt
    [10]Scarecrow Stamp
    [28]Trick or Treat Pail


    [13]2017 Pumpkin
    [15]Beige Pumpkin
    [8]Big Ears Pumpkin
    [7]Big Mouth Pumpkin
    [15]Big Teeth Pumpkin
    [14]Cursed Pumpkin
    [8]Fire Pumpkin
    [14]Lightning Pumpkin
    [11]Lilac Pumpkin
    [7]Magenta Pumpkin
    [9]Midnight Pumpkin
    [14]Moonlight Pumpkin
    [12]Mummy Pumpkin
    [11]Nimbus Pumpkin
    [6]Snaggletooth Pumpkin
    [6]Sparkle Pumpkin
    [11]Spider Pumpkin
    [9]Starry Eyed Pumpkin
    [9]Water Pumpkin
    [12]Winter Pumpkin

    Alien Auctions
    Ends 11/15

    [3]Armour Top
    [4]Cowboy Hat
    [X]Ghost Pencil
    [5]Peacock Feathers
    [X]Plastic Glowing Spider Ring
    [2]Red Riding Hood
    [X]Trooper Mask

    Ends 11/7

    [3]Crooked Staff
    [X]Devil Suit
    [2]Gourmet Zombie Meal
    [X]Gun Holster
    [2]Halloween Azul Plushie
    [4]Halloween Jacket
    [3]Harvest Scythe
    [2]Nightmare Glow
    [3]Nightmare Top
    [8]Plastic Yellow Spider Ring
    [10]Pile of Leaves
    [3]Skull Wreath
    [3]Spooky Doughnut
    [13]Spooky Shirt
    [7]Vampire Pencil

    Character TOT
    Ends 11/15

    [169]Bat Bat
    [14]Broken Arm Cast
    [8]Candycorn Doughnut
    [17]Collared Dress
    [155]Frankenstein Pencil
    [12]Gothic Harness
    [153]Knight Helmet
    [165]Plastic Red Spider Ring
    [9]Scary Eyes Stamp
    [18]Spiced Pumpkin Drink
    [10]Spooky Drumset 10/10
    [4]Toddler Overalls
    [16]Toddler Sweater
    [X]Zombie Hand Stamp
    [4]Zombie Jerky
    [4]Zombie Plushie


    Treat or Treat 2016

    Posted on : 25th Oct 2016 12:14   Posted by : DeAnn
    [X]Bat Purse
    []Bikini Top
    [X]Black Twozzlers
    [X]Buttertoe Snax
    [X]Candycorn Custard
    [X]Dark Chocolate Kitty Head
    [X]Devil Sword
    []Flaming Phoenix
    [X]Frankenstein Plushie
    [X]Grim Reaper Hanging Decoration
    []Haunted Book
    []Molasses Custard
    [X]Old Werewolf Dentures
    [X]Scale Shorts
    [X]Slig Plushie
    [X]Spooky Kitty Bread
    []Tombstone Stamp
    [X]White Chocolate Kitty Head
    [X]Wiggly Ghost Inflatable


    Undying Festival 2016 & Other Events

    Posted on : 4th Oct 2016 20:00   Posted by : DeAnn
    [X]Autumn Glowing Egg
    [X]Daisy Glowing Egg
    [X]Daisy Pinecone Craft
    [X]Daisy Potato
    [X]Daisy Scarecrow
    [2]Golden Apple Cider
    [X]Halloween Daisy Burger
    [X]Haunted Daisy Plushie
    [X]Haunted Spirit Charm
    [X]Mango Gelato
    [X]Pistachio Gelato
    [X]Silky Cobweb Songs
    [X]Split Vera Wig
    [X]Stracciatella Gelato
    [X]Strawberry Gelato
    [X]Tiramisu Gelato
    [X]Undead Bones
    [X]Undying Festival 2016 Stamp
    [X]Undying Pancakes
    [X]Vera Wig

    Halloween Alien
    [X]Alien Glowing Egg
    [X]Baby Bat Hair Extensions
    [X]Bone Scythe
    [X]Brain Desk Lamp
    [X]Crossed Hair Clip
    [X]Old Spider Cream Puff

    Elger's Trick or Treat
    []Blood Moon Stamp
    [X]Blood Witch Ice Cream
    [X]Bloody Finger Hot Dog
    [X]Cobweb Cotton Candy
    [X]Elger Broom
    [X]Elger Kitty
    []Elger Kitty Hat
    []Elger Kitty Tail
    [X]Marshmallow Ghosts
    []Spirit Board
    []Spooky Skeleton Songs
    []Vomit Witch Ice Cream
    []Witch Doll

    Pumpkin of Gold
    [X]Bad Trick or Treat Loot
    [X]Eyeball Balloon
    [X]Eye Bandage
    [X]Giant Gummy Rat
    [X]Possessed Doll
    [X]Unholy Tie

    Beelzebub Items
    [X]Beelzebub Candycorn
    []Beelzebub Glowing Egg
    [X]Beelzebub Summoning Tome
    []Beelzebub Trident
    []Cerberus Plushie

    Pumpkin Hunt
    [X]2016 Pumpkin
    [X]Black Pumpkin
    []Blueberry Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Blue Pumpkin
    []Boo Pumpkin
    []Brain Witch Ice Cream
    []Caramel Apple Custard
    []Cherry Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Classic Pumpkin
    [X]Colon Overscore Parenthesis Pumpkin
    []Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    [X]Eyru Pumpkin
    [X]Fancy Pumpkin Cupcake
    []Flat Pumpkin
    []Green Pumpkin
    []Grey Pumpkin
    []Halloween Parfait
    []Halloween Striped Tie
    []Handmade Chocolate Pumpkin
    []Haunted Contact Lenses
    [X]Heart Pumpkin
    [X]Judgemental Pumpkin
    []LOL Pumpkin
    []Limax Pumpkin
    []Lime Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Marshmallow Pumpkins
    []Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    [X]Mint Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    []Not Impressed Pumpkin
    []Orange Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    []Orange Pumpkin
    []Phantom Fasoro
    []Phantom Quell
    []Pretty Pumpkin
    []Puffy Pumpkin Bread
    []Pumpkin Headphones
    []Pumpkin Hot Chocolate
    x]Pumpkin Ice Pop
    []Pumpkin Loaf
    []Pumpkin Notebook
    []Pumpkin Pie Book
    []Pumpkin Spice Custard
    []Purple Pumpkin
    []Red Pumpkin
    []Scarecrow Plushie
    []Short Cape
    []Short Vampire Cape
    []Small Face Pumpkin
    []Spider Dress
    []Spider Skirt
    []Spider Web Pumpkin Soup
    []Sweet Potato Cinnamon Custard
    []Teal Pumpkin
    []Traumatised Pumpkin
    []White Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
    []White Pumpkin
    []Yakubi Pumpkin
    []Yellow Pumpkin


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