Hello! You can call me Chroma, Bonkers, Taylor, whatever really.

Most of my gallery is for sale, but if I say it isn't, it isn't.

Eensie, Beansie, Reverdie, Chews, & Onox are NOT for trade.

Even if my other pets aren't in trades, something may be negotiated.

NTS: I use multiple devices to log in. Sometimes I'll log into my phone very soon after logging in on the computer. I recently moved and will have varying IP addresses until I’ve found a new apartment.
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  • Pet Goals     18th Feb 2019 19:04
  • Zemish & the Transubstanti...     3rd May 2019 13:10
  • ♥ Personal Art ♥     14th May 2019 02:44
  • ~*Bonkers*~ Avvies & Butto...     10th May 2019 16:02
  • 2019 Events!     16th Mar 2019 23:48
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  • Lost Sock Awareness Day 2019     9th May 2019 01:13

  • Pet Goals

    Posted on : 18th Feb 2019 19:04   Posted by : Bonkers

    Currently working on: Zemish -> Cursed Costume

    Zemish & the Transubstantiation Temple

    Posted on : 3rd May 2019 13:10   Posted by : Bonkers
    The Journey of Zemish and her travels through the Transubstantiation Temple :^)

    Level 1: Rune P - SS 285,843MP
    Mummy Bread

    Level 2: Rune A - Trades 750,000MP

    Level 3: Rune AE - SS 346,428MP
    Simerian Necklace

    Level 4: Rune G - SS 325,373MP

    Level 5: Rune R - SS 149,786MP
    Wooden Temple

    Level 6: Rune E - SS 348,957MP

    Level 7: Rune J - SS 277,720MP
    Zemish has gained a level stat!XD

    Level 8: Rune T - SS 219,260MP
    Simerian Pot

    Level 9: Rune B - SS 229,251MP

    Level 10: Rune U - SS 249,372MP
    Zemish gained 2 Coordination Stats

    Level 11: Rune I - SS 258,526MP
    Zemish gained 2 Strength Stats

    Level 12: Rune F - SS 129,969MP & Rune M - SS 119,430MP

    Level 13: Rune Z - SS 199,998MP & Rune T - SS 219,291MP
    Mummy Book

    Level 14: Rune C - SS 474,971MP & Rune L - SS 200,881MP
    1 AU

    Level 15: Rune O - SS 448,996MP & Rune B - SS 229,213MP

    Level 16: Rune F - SS 119,881MP & Rune B - SS 262,270MP
    Zemish gained 3 speed stats

    Level 17: Rune I - SS 258,202MP & Rune R - SS 149,646MP
    Mummy Dance

    Level 18: Rune N - SS 149,581MP & Rune U - SS 211,728MP

    Level 19: Rune N - SS 149,431MP & Rune K - SS 379,966MP
    Horus & avvie

    Level 20: Rune H - SS 499,679MP & Rune D - SS 499,662MP
    Zemish gained 10 magic stats

    Level 21: Rune C - SS 439,991MP & Rune F - SS 118,997MP & Rune H - SS 499,699MP
    The Mummy

    Level 22: Rune A - SS 500,000MP & Rune A - ISP 750,000MP & Rune P - SS 285,384MP
    Zemish gained 5 Health Stats

    Level 23: Rune Q - ISP 1.1mil & Rune C - SS 438,954MP & Rune I - SS 257,554MP
    Zemish gained 10 sport stats

    Level 24: Rune F - SS 118,853MP & Rune O - SS 448,458MP & Rune W - SS 468,765MP
    Poseidon Trading Card

    Level 25: Rune Q - ISP 1.1m & Rune L - 480,206MP & Rune G - 489,885MP
    Transubstantiation Stamp

    Current Estimated Total: 6.2 mil MP
    Current Cursed Costume Cost: 30 mil MP


    ♥ Personal Art ♥

    Posted on : 14th May 2019 02:44   Posted by : Bonkers

    A collection of my dolls & art that I've made for them.
    This blog is inspired by @mosspaws ' Doll Themes blog!
    If you've stumbled across this, you should check hers out!
    This is more so a place to keep collections of art that I've made in case I want to revert back to those dolls.


    ~*Bonkers*~ Avvies & Buttons

    Posted on : 10th May 2019 16:02   Posted by : Bonkers
    Commissions: open!!

    *I am fairly new to creating these, and there currently are some variations between each piece I create. I am trying to create a more solid, and cohesive set to show off. I appreciate every and anyone who helps me to get better at this!*


    A. Hand-drawn & animated images

    Hand drawn images, frame by frame, with or without text!
    These take a lot of time & use a lot of frames.


    a. Hand drawn & animated, with animated text: 700k MP
    b. Hand drawn & animated: 600k MP
    c. Hand drawn & animated SET discount: 3 for 1.6mil MP

    *Prices are open to change, depending on the difficulty of the animation. These are just base prices, they can be lower or higher!*

    B. Hand-drawn static images with animated text

    Hand drawn images.
    Variations of text animation can include: blinking, letter by letter lighting up, or a \"highlight\"(see infested example below) I am open to trying other variations, just give me an example!


    Base Price: 500k MP

    *Prices are open to change, depending on the difficulty of the animation. These are just base prices, they can be lower or higher!*

    C. Images from Mara with animation

    Images of pets, items, or minipets! These can add personality to your pets with animation, or just some basic animated text!


    a. Single animated image & text: 300k MP
    b. Single static image with animated text: 150k MP
    c. Pet avatar SET discount: for 3 pets 700k MP - for more pets, a larger discount can be discussed!

    *Prices are open to change, depending on the difficulty of the animation. These are just base prices, they can be lower or higher!*

    Sizing & Font
    The examples above are 80x80 and 90x90. The examples under C are 50x50. You can request a specific size, though I\'m wanting to stick to 50x50 by default.
    The fonts I currently am offering are these (if you would like a specific font that is not listed here, feel free to suggest that!Wink :

    *Pricing is not affected by these options*

    Avvie Commission Form:

    *Seeing as pricing is set as a \"base\" price, feel free to set a price you think fits your request! You are free to request a lower price, though prices are not guaranteed! I will let you know if there needs to be further negotiation! - prices will be set and agreed upon before starting the design!*
    Style: EX. A.a. for a hand drawn & animated, with animated text
    Image: For hand drawn, give a description, for images from mara include the link or exact name of the pet/item
    Animation: What you\'d like to be animated and in what way!
    Text & Font:
    Colors: If you\'d like very specific colours, note it here, otherwise colours will be pulled from the image/it\'ll be my choice!

    Basically, just describe what you\'re looking for!


    I\'m also making buttons!!

    These are basic, I can make them hand drawn (all of my examples are) or I can take images from the site!
    Animated text and/or images.

    The sizes vary below, though I\'m going to create any future buttons at the size of 90 x 32

    There isn\'t really a form for this, just tell me what you\'re looking for! Link any images you\'d like either referenced or use, note what font you\'d like used. For the avatar buttons, link what doll you\'d like me to reference, and note what element you\'d like added! (ex. for mine, I used a bat)


    This is a little more loose than the avatars, and depends completely on what you'd like hand drawn or what you'd like taken from the site! It also depends on the level of animation!
    I'm just going to put an estimate of 150k MP for a completely static image using mara elements up to 700k MP for an animated image with hand drawn graphics!

    *Prices are open to change, depending on the difficulty of the animation. These are just base prices, they can be lower or higher!*


    2019 Events!

    Posted on : 16th Mar 2019 23:48   Posted by : Bonkers

    Book of Sheet Music []
    Marching Band Brochure []
    Sheet Music []

    Brass Marching Band Playlist []
    Clarinet Marching Band Playlist []
    Drum Marching Band Playlist []
    Flute Marching Band Playlist []
    Marching Band Playlist []
    Recorder Marching Band Playlist []
    Saxophone Marching Band Playlist []
    Tambourine Marching Band Playlist []

    Stadium Solo []

    Glowing Eggs:
    Marching Band Glowing Egg []
    Music Note Glowing Egg []

    Blue Gummy Music Note [x2]
    Giant Blue Gummy Music Note []
    Giant Green Gummy Music Note []
    Giant Purple Gummy Music Note []
    Giant Red Gummy Music Note []
    Giant Yellow Gummy Music Note []
    Green Gummy Music Note [x4]
    Marching Band Pearl []
    Music Note Cupcake []
    Musical Cookie []
    Musical Cupcake []
    Purple Gummy Music Note [x5]
    Red Gummy Music Note [x]
    Yellow Gummy Music Note [x2]

    Band Camp Clarinet 1/10
    Band Camp Cymbals 2/10
    Band Camp Drum 0/10
    Band Camp Electric Guitar 3/10
    Band Camp Flute 1/10
    Band Camp Guitar 2/10
    Band Camp Keyboard 2/10
    Band Camp Lute 1/10
    Band Camp Maracas 1/10
    Band Camp Recorder 3/10
    Band Camp Saxophone 1/10
    Band Camp Triangle 2/10
    Band Camp Trumpet 1/10
    Band Camp Tuba 1/10
    Band Camp Violin 4/10
    Bronze Band Camp Guitar 0/10
    Elegant Band Camp Cymbals 0/10
    Elegant Band Camp Tambourine 0/10
    Gold Band Camp Guitar 0/10
    Silver Band Camp Guitar 0/10

    Marching Band Stamp []

    Marching Band Boy Doll []
    Marching Band Girl Doll []
    Marching Band Poster []
    Music Note Pillow []
    Music Note Balloon [x3]

    Casual Scarf []
    Coattail []
    Drum Set Necklace []
    Gradient Scarf []
    Left Glove []
    Lush Wig []
    Marching Band Corset Skirt []
    Marching Band Cuffs []
    Marching Band Jacket []
    Marching Band Shorts []
    Marching Band Top []
    Musical Belt []
    Right Glove []
    Shoulder Sash []
    Simple Comb Over Wig []
    Swoop Bangs Hair Extension []

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