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Hi! My name is Taylor but you can call me anything really.
Eensie & Beansie are never for trade.

NTS: I use multiple devices to log in. Sometimes I'll log into my phone very soon after logging in on the computer. I've now moved into a semi-permanent living situation.


  1. Academy of Witchcraft & Wizardry
    2nd Jun 2020 23:29
    3 months, 27 days & 13 hrs ago
Academy of Witchcraft & Wizardry
3 months, 27 days & 13 hrs ago
2nd Jun 2020 23:29



Can't Spell IIII
Eleka Spell IIII
Forbidden Spell I
Magical Spell III
Negative Spell III
Poison Spell III
Dry Spell IIII
Hidden Spell II
Witch Spell II
Wizard Spell IIIII

Musical Instruments:

Magical Bell IIIII
Magical Cymbals III
Magical Drum IIII
Magical Triangle IIII
Magical Trumpet I
Magical Ocarina II


Magical Book
Magical Blue Book
Magical Green Book
Magical Purple Book
Magical Red Book
Magical Yellow Book
Magical Spell Book
Magical Blue Spell Book
Magical Green Spell Book
Magical Purple Spell Book
Magical Red Spell Book
Magical Yellow Spell Book
Magical Yellow Scroll
Magical Red Scroll
Magical Purple Scroll
Magical Green Scroll
Magical Blue Scroll
Magical Scroll
Wizard of Fl.oz
Book of Soy Saucery

Short Staffed (CD)
Propagandalf (DVD)
Harry Pawter (DVD)
Dark Magic Glowing Egg


Blue Toy Wand
Green Toy Wand
Red Toy Wand
Yellow Toy Wand
Toy Wand
Fake Magic Box
Elon Musk
Sinister Eye Charm
Quill and Ink
Harry Pottery

Gourmet Food:

Disgusted Cupcake
Disenchanted Cupcake
Disappointed Cupcake
Wand Jelly
Bag of Air
Bag of Fire
Bag of Leaves
Bag of Storms
Bag of Water


Late Toast
Enchanted Necklace
Half Moon Glasses
Oversized Witch Hat
Academy Uniform Scarf
Mage Veil
Summoned Magic
Wizard Beard
Mage Stockings
Mage Shoulder Guard
Book of Spells
Wizard Wig
Academy Uniform Badge
Academy Uniform Top
Academy Uniform Blouse
Academy Uniform Skirt
Academy Uniform Bag

Blue Concoction
Yellow Concoction
Red Concoction
Green Concoction
Purple Concoction

  1. Academy of Witchcraft & Wizardry
    2nd Jun 2020 23:29
    3 months, 27 days & 13 hrs ago