Started playing September 19th 2018 10:27pm
July 8th is my birthday!

I auto-price and set trades at or below lowest available. I love to trade for things I need! Cant afford it - MM/MT to discuss a deal!!


Hi, Im SpoiledPepsi the one and only, and welcome to my profile page! I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to make this look pretty and awesome but I’m sure there’s a Marasite out there with the information on how-to :p

A little about me -
I collect frogs irl and have well over 400 various frog things (used to be over 1000] in my collection and have even kept live frogs a time or 2, so needless to say but I will anyway... Renat is my favorite species here on Marapets.
Scarlet_Rainydesert is my first pet and will never be for sale or trade. She is my collector, scholar, musician, chef, “renaissance” frog. She might not be a Renat when you look at her though because she is also a portal jockey.

Im a domestic engineer and avid gamer. I’ve been playing video games for over 20 years on many different platforms. I play marapets from my pc as well as tablet and phone but mostly tablet as of late. I use safari and puffin (for flash) when on my tablet to play Marapets. Yes, I really DO play this much. It’s a gift and a curse. If Im not on Marapets Im most likely on my PS4 and have over 300 games in my collection.

Severe insomniac so who knows if I’m awake or not.

My memory isn’t so good - apologies in advance.

Note to staff:
Joruski is my husband
MissMaru is my mom

I’m sorry. I can be hard to handle. Bipolar Manic Depression, Chronic Insomnia, and Addictive Personality are just some of the fun features of my day to day life. I can be scary when I’m manic but I promise I don’t bite just bark :p and once you get to know me you’ll see I’m actually super fun to be around. Crazy and all :D
  1. 🗺Map Pieces🗺
    1st Dec 2019 13:21
    7 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes ago
  2. Advent Calendar 2019
    1st Dec 2019 09:27
    7 days, 7 hours and 27 minutes ago
  3. 📫Missing Stamps📫
    27th Nov 2019 15:12
    11 days, 1 hour and 42 minutes ago
  4. ⚔️Missing Trading Cards⚔️
    27th Nov 2019 14:58
    11 days, 1 hour and 56 minutes ago
  5. 📜Missing Spells📜
    27th Nov 2019 14:47
    11 days, 2 hours and 7 minutes ago
  6. 🎷Missing Instruments🎷
    27th Nov 2019 14:37
    11 days, 2 hours and 17 minutes ago
  7. 🍬Missing Glowing Eggs🍬
    27th Nov 2019 14:25
    11 days, 2 hours and 29 minutes ago
  8. 📼Missing DVDs📼
    27th Nov 2019 13:29
    11 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes ago
  9. 💿Missing CDs💿
    27th Nov 2019 12:55
    11 days, 3 hours and 59 minutes ago
  10. 📚Missing Books📚
    27th Nov 2019 12:41
    11 days, 4 hours and 12 minutes ago
🗺Map Pieces🗺
7 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes ago
1st Dec 2019 13:21

Happy to swap for pieces I need. All extra map and instruction pieces are in my trades. Your piece must be of equal or greater value then my piece.

Pieces I need


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Extras I have

Enchanted Plushie Instructions

Vending Machine Instructions
2, 14

Unnecessary Perfection Instructions
6, 11, 11, 13

Bootleg Pyramid Treasure Map
7, 14, 15

Premium Hair Treasure Map
2, 10, 12

Puny Pyramid Treasure Map

Simerian Explorer Treasure Map
1, 8

Vortex Park Treasure Map
9, 14

Wonky Pyramid Treasure Map
2, 8, 13

📫Missing Stamps📫
11 days, 1 hour and 42 minutes ago
27th Nov 2019 15:12

Stamps still needed to lick...

10 Years Stamp
10th Birthday Stamp
12th Birthday Stamp
13th Birthday Stamp
14th Birthday Stamp
8th Birthday Stamp
Account Upgrades Stamp
Acorn Stamp
Advent Tree Stamp
American Flag Stamp
Angel Fasoro Stamp
Angel Wings Stamp
Anime Stamp
Artist Stamp
Astro Stamp
Banana Peel Stamp
Basil Stamp
Bat Wing Stamp
Battle of Baspinar Stamp
Bee Stamp
Beetle Stamp
Birthday Ice Cream Stamp
Birthday Present Stamp
Black Cat Stamp
Blizzard Stamp
Blood Stamp
Blue Justin Stamp
Bone Stamp
Bow Stamp
Breeze Stamp
Bug Stamp
Burning Christmas Tree Stamp
Camouflage Stamp
Candle Stamp
Candy Corn Stamp
Capsule Machine Stamp
Cartoon Strip Stamp
Castle Tower Stamp
Castle Wall Stamp
Chameleon Stamp
Checkered Oglue Stamp
Chewed Up Stamp
Chibi Stamp
Chick Stamp
Chidder Stamp
Chocolate Bunny Stamp
Christmas 2008 Stamp
Christmas Biala Stamp
Christmas Dinner Stamp
Christmas Gift Stamp
Christmas Stamp
Christmas Tree Stamp
Christmas Trees Stamp
Circus Stamp
City Recession Stamp
Cloud Nine Stamp
Cloud Stamp
Coal Stamp
Cobweb Stamp
Coffee Stamp
Cool Beans Stamp
Cowboy Potato Stamp
Crikey Stamp
Cursed Stamp
Daylight Stamp
Decadal Stamp
Desert Fairy Stamp
Digital Stamp
Doll Stamp
Double Peck Stamp
Doughnut Stamp
Drake Stamp
Duckling Stamp
Dukka Caves Stamp
Earth Fairy Stamp
Earth Stamp
Easter Bunny Stamp
Easter Egg Collectors Stamp
Easter Egg Hunt 2016 Stamp
Easter Egg Hunt Stamp
Easter Egg Stamp
Echlin Stamp
Egg Painting Stamp
Elger Hat Stamp
Elger Stamp
Enpiah Daisy Stamp
Enpiah Stars Stamp
Explorer Stamp
Eyru Stamp
Fading Stamp
Fairy Stamp
Fallen Leaves Stamp
Fancy Stamp
Female Shoe Shop Stamp
Festive Bell Stamp
Fild Stamp
Fire Fairy Stamp
Fire Stamp
Firework Stamp
Flail Stamp
Flamed Stamp
Fluffy Stamp
Football Stamp
Fossil Stamp
Friday 13th Stamp
Fried Corn Stamp
Fried Egg Stamp
Frostfire Stamp
Full Moon Stamp
Game Controller Stamp
Gamma Stamp
Geek Stamp
Ghost Gonk Stamp
Ghost Stamp
Gingerbread People Stamp
Gingerbread Stamp
Glass Willa Stamp
Glow Stick Stamp
Gnome Stamp
Gobble Chef Stamp
Gobble Music Lover Stamp
Gobble Stamp
Goblin Huthiq Stamp
Golden Block Stamp
Goth Phase Stamp
Gothic Lantern Stamp
Graveyard Gates Stamp
Greedy Fairy Stamp
Griffin Stamp
Gumball Machine Stamp
Gurple Stamp
Hair Dye Shop Stamp
Halloween Chibs Stamp
Halloween Snowman Stamp
Halloween Stamp
Halloween Treats Stamp
Happy Easter Stamp
Historian Stamp
Hobo Stamp
Homeless Fairy Stamp
Howling Stamp
Hump Stamp
Ice Cream Cone Stamp
Igloo Stamp
Ike Stamp
Jester Stamp
Junk Food Stamp
Kamilah Desert Stamp
Kamilah Goals Stamp
Kamilah Sphinx Stamp
Killer Stamp
Klondike Solitaire Stamp
Krampus Stamp
Kronk Stamp
Kujo Stamp
Leopard Stamp
Leprechaun Stamp
Light Fairy Wings Stamp
Light Fairy Yuni Stamp
Light Side Stamp
Lightning Gobble Stamp
Lightning Stamp
Limax Stamp
Lorius Stamp
Lovestruck Stamp
Lucky Horseshoe Stamp
Lush Lake Stamp
Mad Scientist Stamp
Maeven Stamp
Mafia Boss Stamp
Male Shoe Shop Stamp
Mara Stamp
MaraJournals Stamp
Marapet Keeper Stamp
Marasites Stamp
Masterpiece Stamp
Meat Lover Stamp
Mermaid Tail Stamp
Midnight Stamp
Mini Fairy Flower Stamp
Mini Stamp
Missing Tooth Stamp
Moon Stamp
Moonlight Stamp
Moonlight Vixen Stamp
Mountain of Biala Stamp
Musical Instruments Stamp
Mutant Gobble Stamp
Mysterious Sun Stamp
Naga Stamp
Native Stamp
Nefarious Stamp
New Year Stamp
New Years Stamp
Night And Day Quell Stamp
Nightmare Stamp
Nino Stamp
No Newths Stamp
North Pole Stamp
Nyuchan Stamp
Olympics Stamp
Palace Stamp
Paparazzi Stamp
Party Hat Stamp
Patchwork Stamp
Pawprint Stamp
Phantom Grin Stamp
Phantom Stamp
Pirate Ship Stamp
Pirates Booty Stamp
Pixie Stamp
Plushie Fairy Stamp
Poison Mushroom Stamp
Polar Stamp
Poop Stamp
Princess Rapunzel Stamp
Puchalla Meals Stamp
Pucu Stamp
Pumpkin Stamp
Punk Kaala Stamp
Puny Pyramid Stamp
Queen Eleka Stamp
Rainbow Stamp
Raulf Stamp
Red Addow Stamp
Referral System Stamp
Robot Stamp
Romantic Stamp
Royal Wedding Stamp
Rusty Twins Stamp
Sad Pool Party Stamp
Santa Sleigh Stamp
Santa Visits Stamp
Scarf Stamp
School Mordo Stamp
School Stamp
Scout Stamp
Scratchcards Stamp
Scrooge Stamp
Sea Star Stamp
Seasonal Stamp
Shell Stamp
Shop Search Stamp
Silkie Stamp
Simeria Goals Stamp
Simerian Sea Stamp
Simerian Stamp
Skateboard Stamp
Skater Stamp
Skull Stamp
Slater Park Stamp
Sleepy Stamp
Sleigh Stamp
Smartphone Stamp
Snow Boy Stamp
Snow Girl Stamp
Snow Madam Stamp
Snowfall Stamp
Snowflake Stamp
Snowman Stamp
Soda Stamp
Space Fairy Stamp
Sparkle Knutt Stamp
Sparkle Stamp
Speedy Newth Stamp
Spider Web Stamp
Spring Bouquet Stamp
Spy Stamp
Squink Stamp
Staff of the Fire Fairy Stamp
Stalker Fantasy Stamp
Starry Stamp
Steampunk Stamp
Stocking Stamp
Straya Stamp
Sultan Stamp
Sundae Stamp
Sunlight Stamp
Sunset Skyline Stamp
Super Hero Stamp
Swamp Stamp
Sybri Stamp
Tasi Stamp
The Fates Stamp
Theatre Stamp
Thunder Stamp
Tiny Stamp
Tis the Season Stamp
Transumption Stamp
Transuranic Stamp
Transvaluation Stamp
Trotters Stamp
Tundra Stamp
Twree Stamp
UFO Stamp
Underwater Stamp
Undying Fairy Stamp
Undying Festival 2010 Stamp
Undying Festival Stamp
Unlucky Stamp
Uploads Stamp
Ushunda Invaders Stamp
Valentine Potato Stamp
Valentine Stamp
Valentines Stamp
Vampire Stamp
Villain Mask Stamp
Villain Stamp
Vixen Stamp
Voodoo Doll Stamp
Voodoo Gobble Stamp
Vortex Park Goals Stamp
Vortex Stamp
Water Fairy Stamp
Wave Stamp
Weather Stamp
Werewolf Stamp
Whirlpool Stamp
Wings Stamp
Witch Stamp
Wizard Stamp
Wonky Pyramid Stamp
Zetzilla Eye Stamp
Zetzilla Stamp
Zola Juice Stamp
Zombie Hand Stamp
Zombie Kidlet Stamp
Zoosh Stamp
Zorg Stamp

⚔️Missing Trading Cards⚔️
11 days, 1 hour and 56 minutes ago
27th Nov 2019 14:58

These cards are missing from my deck...

Acne Trading Card
Agent Trading Card
Apollo Trading Card
Arsnic Trading Card
Azul Swarm Trading Card
Bad Chocolate Trading Card
Bad Egg Trading Card
Bailiff Trading Card
Balloon Trading Card
Bankrupt Trading Card
Battle Fairy Trading Card
Bomb Trading Card
Boo Trading Card
Boogle Trading Card
Bumpkin Trading Card
Bunnysaurus Trading Card
Cadet Trading Card
Cake Trading Card
Can Trading Card
Candy Floss Trading Card
Carvey Trading Card
Caveman Trading Card
City Accountant Trading Card
City Banker Trading Card
City Hobo Trading Card
City Mayor Trading Card
City Realtor Trading Card
Commander Zerk Trading Card
Conker Trading Card
Cowboy Trading Card
Cracked Trading Card
Cremated Trading Card
Crinkal Trading Card
Cupty Trading Card
Daemon Trading Card
Dark Knight Trading Card
Daylight Fairy Trading Card
Desert Spy Trading Card
Devil Trading Card
Double Peck Trading Card
Drab Army Trading Card
Drake Trading Card
Easter Bunny Imposter Trading Card
Easter Bunny Trading Card
Ekard Trading Card
Elder Trading Card
Eleka Guard Trading Card
Eleka Minions Trading Card
Elger Trading Card
Elroy Trading Card
Error Troit Trading Card
Evil Bunny Trading Card
Evil Tree Trading Card
Explosive Trading Card
Felicia Trading Card
Flamed Trading Card
Flitter Trading Card
Frostbite Trading Card
Fugunzel Trading Card
Fungus Trading Card
Gargoyle Trading Card
Gavula Trading Card
Ginger Baddie Trading Card
Gluoc Trading Card
Gobble Voodoo Doll Trading Card
Gobbler Trading Card
Goblar Trading Card
Golem Trading Card
Griffin Trading Card
Grinch Trading Card
Gross Trading Card
Hades Trading Card
Halloween Elger Trading Card
Hasani Trading Card
Hero Trading Card
Homeless Fairy Trading Card
Hospice Trading Card
Hot Dog Trading Card
Ice Fairy Trading Card
Ice Gnome Trading Card
Inflate Trading Card
Insomniac Trading Card
Invader Trading Card
Iolan Trading Card
Jester Trading Card
Jet Trading Card
Jim Trading Card
Karate Trading Card
Kevadra Trading Card
Kirin Trading Card
Kleptome Trading Card
Krick Trading Card
Light Fairy Trading Card
Light Warrior Trading Card
Lightning Gobble Trading Card
Lightning Trading Card
Little Invader Trading Card
Lord Splishy Splashy Trading Card
Lotus Trading Card
Lxi Trading Card
Magic Trading Card
Meager Trading Card
Merman Trading Card
Mini Fairy Trading Card
Mini Gobble Herd Trading Card
Monsoon Trading Card
Moonlight Fairy Trading Card
Mrog Trading Card
Muguel Trading Card
Murderer Trading Card
Muscles Trading Card
Muskit Trading Card
Mutant Gobble Trading Card
Naga Trading Card
Naunet Trading Card
Newth Knight Trading Card
Newth Nurse Trading Card
Nightmare Trading Card
Nille Trading Card
Nocto Trading Card
Nutcracker Trading Card
Oke Trading Card
Old Wizard Troit Trading Card
Olympian Trading Card
Oogle Trading Card
Operative Trading Card
Party Animal Trading Card
Party Monster Trading Card
Party Pooper Trading Card
Party Popper Trading Card
Partysaurus Trading Card
Peasant Fairy Trading Card
Pembe Trading Card
Phoenix Trading Card
Phospho Trading Card
Pirate Mafia Trading Card
Plutonium Trading Card
Possessed Plushie Azul Trading Card
Pumpkin Ghost Trading Card
Punk Xoi Trading Card
Pyramid Trading Card
Queen Eleka Trading Card
RIP Trading Card
Raa Trading Card
Rabid Fasoro Trading Card
Rabid King Trading Card
Rainbow Fairy Trading Card
Rapunzel Trading Card
Reisand Trading Card
Royal Fairy Trading Card
Runty Trading Card
Rusila Trading Card
Rusty Trading Card
Rusty Twins Trading Card
Sandman Trading Card
Sassilla Trading Card
Scrooge Trading Card
Septic Trading Card
Sewer Fairy Trading Card
Shelley Trading Card
Skipper Trading Card
Slater Stalker Trading Card
Sleshalk Trading Card
Sniffer Trading Card
Snoogle Trading Card
Snot Newth Trading Card
Snow Fight Trading Card
Snowball Trading Card
Snowman Trading Card
Snowman Twin Trading Card
Sorcerer Trading Card
Space Fairy Trading Card
Spam Fairy Trading Card
Stellar Trading Card
Sultan Trading Card
Surge Trading Card
Sweet Tooth Trading Card
Swondor Trading Card
Team Maple Leaf Trading Card
Terrorantula Trading Card
Test Tube Trading Card
Thunder Trading Card
Tichu Trading Card
Tooth Fairy Trading Card
Trixter Trading Card
Trojan Trading Card
Troogle Trading Card
Twree Trading Card
Undying Trading Card
Unholy Lati Trading Card
Untamed Raulf Trading Card
Vampire Trading Card
Vibue Trading Card
Villain Trading Card
Waste Trading Card
Water Fairy Trading Card
Wee Trading Card
Winter Demon Trading Card
Witch Doctor Trading Card
Wizadrip Trading Card
Xor Trading Card
Zard Trading Card
Zetlian Guard Trading Card

📜Missing Spells📜
11 days, 2 hours and 7 minutes ago
27th Nov 2019 14:47

Scarlet needs to learn these spells...

Air Spell x10
Death Spell x10
Digital Spell x10
Earth Spell x9
Energy Spell x10
Fire Spell x10
Glitched Spell x10
Ice Spell x10
Lightning Spell x10
Love Spell x10
Shadow Spell x9
Steam Spell x8
Water Spell x10

  1. 🗺Map Pieces🗺
    1st Dec 2019 13:21
    7 days, 3 hours and 33 minutes ago
  2. Advent Calendar 2019
    1st Dec 2019 09:27
    7 days, 7 hours and 27 minutes ago
  3. 📫Missing Stamps📫
    27th Nov 2019 15:12
    11 days, 1 hour and 42 minutes ago
  4. ⚔️Missing Trading Cards⚔️
    27th Nov 2019 14:58
    11 days, 1 hour and 56 minutes ago
  5. 📜Missing Spells📜
    27th Nov 2019 14:47
    11 days, 2 hours and 7 minutes ago
  6. 🎷Missing Instruments🎷
    27th Nov 2019 14:37
    11 days, 2 hours and 17 minutes ago
  7. 🍬Missing Glowing Eggs🍬
    27th Nov 2019 14:25
    11 days, 2 hours and 29 minutes ago
  8. 📼Missing DVDs📼
    27th Nov 2019 13:29
    11 days, 3 hours and 25 minutes ago
  9. 💿Missing CDs💿
    27th Nov 2019 12:55
    11 days, 3 hours and 59 minutes ago
  10. 📚Missing Books📚
    27th Nov 2019 12:41
    11 days, 4 hours and 12 minutes ago

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