Please do not ask if any of my pets are for trade. The answer is no, no matter the offer

I am very fond of their names and colors







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  • Happy Birthday to me!     2nd Oct 2019 15:31
  • Congratulations! You found the...     2nd Oct 2019 09:33
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  • Lost someone very dear to me today

    Posted on : 5th Oct 2019 20:39   Posted by : Amethystium
    I am in mourning. I lost my brother this morning(October 5, 2019). He lost his battle with Cancer. I miss him so much. I cannot seem to stop crying.. I cannot imagine a life without him

    Two years ago we found out he had Stage 4 Colon Cancer. He moved in with me and my folks. We were his support. It was one of the reasons I was not online much or talkative.

    He fought hard like a warrior.

    He served in the Army. He was a police officer after that. He came home to take care of my folks. Though in return we took care of him

    Little things remind me of Him than the tears flow again.

    I am taking it day by day now

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Posted on : 2nd Oct 2019 15:31   Posted by : Amethystium
    Congratulations! You were rewarded a Snow Costume with this ticket!

    That's a nice present to get on my birthday

    Just wanted to share

    Congratulations! You found the 'Winter' Hidden Ava

    Posted on : 2nd Oct 2019 09:33   Posted by : Amethystium
    Congratulations! You found the 'Winter' Hidden Avatar

    MrsWinterbourne is now wearing Winter Costume

    Created her after the Movie Mrs Winterbourne with Rikki Lake and Brandon Fraser and Shirley MacLaine


    Reasonable Dreampet Goals

    Posted on : 21st Sep 2019 17:54   Posted by : Amethystium
    Hopefully be able to obtain them in the next year or so by creation

    for SacredLilyRain

    for Unico

    for Wheretheheartis

    for Fossils


    Congratulations! You found the 'Moonlight' Hidden

    Posted on : 21st Sep 2019 17:41   Posted by : Amethystium
    Congratulations! You found the 'Moonlight' Hidden Avatar

    Amethystium is now wearing Moonlight Costume

    Thank you kind trader for answering my wanted ad for a moonlight costume. I really appreciate it

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