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  • Halloween Events Item Checklis...     ~17 Oct 2017
  • Birthday Event Checklist <3     ~13 Aug 2017
  • Pet Name Meanings/Backgrounds ...     ~30 Mar 2017

  • Halloween Events Item Checklist :)

    Posted on : 17th Oct 2017 12:44   Posted by : Charizardian
    Beezelbub sent items so far

    [X]Severed Horn

    Halloween Alien

    []Armour Top
    []Cowboy Hat
    []Ghost Pencil
    []Peacock Feathers
    []Plastic Glowing Spider Ring
    []Red Riding Hood
    []Trooper Mask

    Halloween Snowman

    []Crooked Staff
    [X]Devil Suit
    [X]Gourmet Zombie Meal
    []Gun Holster
    []Halloween Azul Plushie
    [X]Halloween Jacket
    [X]Harvest Scythe
    [X]Nightmare Glow
    [X]Nightmare Top
    [X]Pile of Leaves
    [X]Plastic Yellow Spider Ring
    []Skull Wreath
    [X]Spooky Doughnut
    [X]Spooky Shirt
    [X]Vampire Pencil

    Pumpkin Hunt 2017

    [X]2017 Pumpkin
    [X]Beige Pumpkin
    [X]Big Ears Pumpkin
    [X]Big Mouth Pumpkin
    [X]Big Teeth Pumpkin
    [X]Cursed Pumpkin
    [XFire Pumpkin
    [X]Lightning Pumpkin
    [X]Lilac Pumpkin
    [X]Magenta Pumpkin
    [X]Midnight Pumpkin
    [X]Moonlight Pumpkin
    [X]Mummy Pumpkin
    [X]Nimbus Pumpkin
    [X]Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    [X]Police Officer Belt
    [X]Police Officer Hat
    []Police Officer Pants
    []Police Officer Shirt
    []Possessed Phonograph
    [X]Pumpkin Bath Bomb
    [X]Pumpkin Doughnut
    [X]Pumpkin Pencil
    [X]Pumpkin Shirt
    [X]Pumpkin Skirt
    [X]Scarecrow Stamp
    [X]Snaggletooth Pumpkin
    [X]Sparkle Pumpkin
    [X]Spider Pumpkin
    [X]Starry Eyed Pumpkin
    [X]Trick or Treat Pail
    [X]Water Pumpkin
    [X]Winter Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Of Gold

    [X]Candycorn Pencil
    [X]Devil Wing Hair Clips
    [X]Halloween Pucu Plushie
    [X]Plastic Spider Ring
    [X]Skeleton Wing Gloves
    [X]Skull Candle

    Trick Or Treating

    []Black Trim School Blazer
    [X]Halloween Leido Plushie
    [X]Haunted House
    [X]Haunted Tree
    [X]Little Ghost Story
    [X]Plain Pitiful Pigtails Wig
    [X]Plastic Blue Spider Ring
    [X]Skull Violin
    [X]Spider Hat
    [X]Spider Web Doughnut
    [X]White Trim School Blazer
    [X]Witch Pencil
    [X]Wolf Hood

    Birthday Event Checklist <3

    Posted on : 13th Aug 2017 07:26   Posted by : Charizardian
    *Bag Items*

    [X] 13 Birthday Cake
    [X] 13 Year Old Cake
    [X] 13th Birthday Candles
    [X] 13th Birthday Party Popper
    [X] 13th Birthday Pearl
    [X] 13th Birthday Stamp
    [] Baby Photo Book
    [] Birthday Balloons
    [X] Blue 13th Birthday Balloon
    [X] Blue Cake Pop
    [X] Blue Fidget Spinner
    [X] Blueberry 13th Birthday Popsicle
    [X] Chocolate 13th Birthday Popsicle
    [] Fake Party Costume
    [X] Green Cake Pop
    [X] Green Fidget Spinner
    [X] Ice Cream Cake
    [X] Jason
    [X] Kazoo
    [X] Large Hoodie
    [X] Party Addow Plushie
    [X] Party Basil Plushie
    [X] Party Daisy Plushie
    [X] Party Speiro Plushie
    [X] Party Vixen Plushie
    [X] Party Xoi Plushie
    [X] Party Zoink Plushie
    [X] Pink 13th Birthday Balloon
    [X] Pink Cake Pop
    [X] Purple Cake Pop
    [X] RSVP Card
    [X] Red Fidget Spinner
    [] Soft Scarf
    [X] Strawberry 13th Birthday Popsicle
    [X] Vanilla 13th Birthday Popsicle
    [X] White Fidget Spinner
    [X] Yellow 13th Birthday Balloon
    [X] Yellow Fidget Spinner

    *Pinata Items*

    [X] Pinata Costume
    [X] 13 Years Stamp
    [x] 13th Birthday Cookie
    [] Alpargatas
    [X] Anime Bolimo Balloon
    [X] Birthday Bike
    [X] Birthday Bow
    [X] Birthday Pony
    [X] Birthday Presents
    [X] Blue Foil Balloon
    [X] Blue Party Lei
    [X] Cake Slice Plushie
    [X] Chocolate Donut Milk
    [X] Cutout Leggings
    [X] Green Foil Balloon
    [X] Green Party Lei
    [X] Jersey Shirt
    [X] Marapets Cap
    [X] Oversized Jean Jacket
    [X] Party Clown Plushie
    [X] Party Cumulus Summoning Stone
    [X] Party Pizza
    [X] Party Puffnut Summoning Stone
    [X] Pink Foil Balloon
    [X] Pink Party Lei
    [X] Rainbow 13th Birthday Lollipop
    [X] Red Party Lei
    [X] Surgical Mask
    [X] Teen Party Hits
    [X] Tie Dye Tank Top
    [X] Vanilla Donut Milk
    [X] Yellow Party Lei

    Pet Name Meanings/Backgrounds <3

    Posted on : 30th Mar 2017 13:32   Posted by : Charizardian

    Named after my Steam handle and created from my love for Charizard! Want to change him so that he will be in a fire costume to match Charizard\'s type.

    (Charizard is the best pokemon, don\'t lie to yourself)


    Sent to me by the lovely Khandi! A dream pet of mine and I am in love with him!


    Named after Ekhi, Basque Goddess of the Sun. I wanted a light/sun goddess name to match the light fairy costume.


    Named after the word Floral in Italian and chose the floral costume to match. Decided to use this name because I am half Italian and haven\'t been able to speak the language since I was 5 and only know simple words and phrases. So has meaning behind having names in this language.

    (Due to some things like being born in Scotland, other half of family being out of my life)


    Adopted from another player on mara, Reminds me of the word Kawaii. I had to put a Doll costume on him because it was kawaii.


    Named after another online handle, used this name since I was 13! I originally used this name because I had a dream to open a clothing shop with that name when I was older. It reminds me of the word love and this is why Loviny has a love costume on.


    Named after the word Millions in Italian! Same reason behind the name as Floreale.


    Named after my love for pastels! I like to dress in a Pastel Goth style when I feel confident and like myself but doesn\'t happen a lot. This is why PastelQueen is in a pastel costume and represents myself.


    Named after the Wolf-Rayet star, I chose this because it matches the Starry costume and my love of space!


    Adopted from another player on mara! Shrinki\'s name reminds me of a witch doctor or quite tribal, so I\'m hoping to replace her costume for a halloween costume.


    Named after my partner, the name is a mix of his online handle and my nickname for him! Trying to get him into a headless costume because my partner likes that costume.


    Named after violating the law, Trying to get him into the prison costume!


    Named after the work variety in Italian, Varieta will change a lot in the costume and species department due to the fact she will be used for transformations.

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