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hello staff! <3 i log in to my phone sometimes! dont ban me pls (o´∀`o)







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  • HELL BLOG #3: IM STUPID NOW (as if i haven't been)

    Posted on : 20th Mar 2018 17:52   Posted by : Pandora_The_Dragon
    i swear. i've been getting dumber lately
    i can't even concentrate on stuff anymore... and i can never think of the right words for things? that's one of my biggest problems... i stumble over words like, all the time and it sux and idk why

    and i just. cant concentrate when im doing stuff. schoolwork? more like, do like 3 things and take forever to do them ngngnhhghghu

    i read online that these were symptoms of depression but. i already have gotdam depression and my weird rocks-for-brains feeling has only been here for like, a month

    this was on the RC but it was getting really long so i decided to make a blog post to expand on this stupid issue i have with my IDIOT BRAIN HEAD

    because. i _do_ have a dumb brain thing that generally makes it hard for me 2 Actually Do Things (blah blah blah executive dysfunction) but i swear it's been worse lately

    then again. i haven't been sleeping well at all (i slept 2 hours last night an the night before) and i guess i've been eating garbage too...

    i mean. hell, this might not even be a 'real' issue for me, maybe i just only recently noticed how dumb i am? haha

    You have disowned ItAintEasyBeingYeezy

    Posted on : 20th Mar 2018 17:40   Posted by : Pandora_The_Dragon
    goodbye my horrible goblin son

    happy valentines day im having a mental breakdown

    Posted on : 14th Feb 2018 23:14   Posted by : Pandora_The_Dragon
    ahhhhhhh im dyin!
    - 2days horrible emotions -
    have u ever felt like yr life was kind of more of a messed up dream
    like.. u kno those feelings you get in nightmares where its like "will it be like this forever?"
    but like.. in the waking world
    god earlier i forgot it was still today (well not rly... but in the same continuous time space) and i was like "OH GOD i forgot to turn in this paper i had to turn in!!" and i checked my backpack and i remembered . i just put it in my backpack
    and i just. kind of was like
    *tv static*

    AAAHHFHHFNG this WEEK and PAST WEEK and the ONE BEFORE IT have all been CONSISTENTLY TERRIBLE AND I HATE ALL OF THEM i've been feeling weird and upset and anxious i've got all this schoolwork to do and i don't have the time to do it!!! and all this.. paperwork... stuff.... that i also have 2 do which all has to do with stuff for next year... ahhh and i still havent taken any big cool tests yet bc idk how to sign up! damn im stuped

    valentines 2018

    Posted on : 12th Feb 2018 15:59   Posted by : Pandora_The_Dragon
    [★ means i had one but its been used]
    [★] Broken Heart Pearl
    [X] Broken Heart Skirt
    [] Charming Heart
    [] Chocolate Bouquet
    [] Dark Cupid Bow
    [★] Loser Tank Top
    [x] Love Trumpet
    [★] Loveless Corset
    [X] Meh Candy Heart
    [] Romantic Sunset
    [★] Songs of Love
    [] Sweet Hair Buns
    [] Valentine Azul Ears
    [★] Valentine Bouquet


    Chocolate Heart Sandwich[x]
    Cupid Heart[X]
    Frilly Top[x]
    Giant Bear[★]
    Healing Heart[★]
    Heart Cheesecake[X]
    Heart Sweater[★]
    Lace Veil[★]
    Love Harp [X]
    Love Stamp[★]
    Melting Heart Candle[x]
    Pride Shirt [★]
    Rose Crown []
    Rose in Mouth [X]
    Secret Crush Contact Lenses[★]
    Thank You Note[x]
    Timber Boots[]


    Posted on : 7th Dec 2017 20:04   Posted by : Pandora_The_Dragon
    note: only counting things i've actually gotten from these, not stuff i just bought off SS
    Broken Angel Wings ✓
    Broken Halo ✓
    Burnt Presents ✓
    Coffee Cup ✓
    Creepy Eyes Glowing Egg ✓
    Creepy Grin
    Dark Linzer Cookies ✓
    Giant Candycane ✓
    Hoofprint Book ✓
    Krampus Claw ✓
    Krampus Cupcake
    Krampus Ear
    Krampus Hoof ✓
    Krampus Horns ✓
    Krampus Pearl
    Krampus Potato
    Krampus Sack ✓
    Krampus Wig
    Tired Sweater ✓

    Secret Santa
    A Christmas Story ✓
    Christmas Macaroons ✓
    Driving Home for Christmas ✓
    Holly Pearl ✓
    Holly Stamp ✓
    Linzer Bars ✓
    Linzer Cookies ✓
    Minature Santa Hat ✓
    Penguin Plushie ✓
    Penguin Stamp ✓
    Penguin Summoning Stone ✓
    Santa Beard ✓
    Seasonal Short Dress ✓
    Sheer Santa Top ✓
    Sleigh ✓
    Snowy Trees ✓

    Carol Singing
    Baby Grand Piano ✓
    Candycane Ornament ✓
    Candycane Pearl ✓
    Candycane Yule Log ✓
    Caroling Angel✓
    Coal Drink
    Coal Stocking✓
    Cymbal Songs✓
    Festive Brownie✓
    Festive Cymbals✓
    Festive Tuba✓
    Festive Violin✓
    Festive Vixen Plushie✓
    Jingle Bell Rock
    Jingle Bells✓
    Jingle Bells Stamp
    Milk and Cookies Glowing Egg
    Nutcracker Action Figure✓
    Piano Hits ✓
    Piano Stamp ✓
    Rocking Reindeer ✓
    Sleigh Book ✓
    Stocking Costume ✓
    Stocking Guide
    Tuba Tunes ✓
    Violin Classics ✓

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