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Law | 18 | Philippines
Dear Staff, I frequently switch with my phone and laptop when playing. Sometimes I can log in different IP address.







  • St. Patrick' s Day 2019     ~17 Mar 2019
  • Rodrigo uses the Hieroglyphics...     ~11 Mar 2019
  • Simerian Explorer Run     ~22 Feb 2019
  • The Fates: Enchanted Dalmatian...     ~02 May 2018
  • My Simerian Explorer Journey S...     ~13 Nov 2017
  • Day 7: Simerian Explorer Run     ~12 Nov 2017
  • Day 6: Simerian Explorer Run     ~11 Nov 2017
  • Day 5: Simerian Explorer Run     ~10 Nov 2017
  • Day 4: Simerian Explorer Run     ~09 Nov 2017
  • Day 3: Simerian Explorer Run     ~08 Nov 2017
  • Day 2: Simerian Explorer Run     ~07 Nov 2017
  • Day 1:Simerian Explorer Run     ~06 Nov 2017
  • Defeated The Evil Deer     ~23 Jan 2016

  • St. Patrick' s Day 2019

    Posted on : 17th Mar 2019 02:43   Posted by : Handsome
    Bow Boots [x]
    Bow Shawl []
    Casual Sleeve Top []
    Clover Balloon []
    Clover Glowing Egg []
    Clover Stamp [x]
    Clover Stockings [x]
    Clover Sweater []
    Clover Tales [x]
    Golden Horseshoe []
    Irish Curls Wig [x]
    Leprechaun Pants [x]
    Luck of the Irish [x]
    Lucky Cookie []
    Lucky Gold Clover []
    Mushroom Garden Pearl []
    Mushroom Patch []
    Pot of Gold Secrets []
    Rainbow Gloves []
    Rainbow Skirt [x]
    Rainbow Sloped Sweater []
    Sloped Sweater [x]
    St Patrick Skirt [x]
    Straight Bob Cut Wig []

    Rodrigo uses the Hieroglyphics and....

    Posted on : 11th Mar 2019 16:14   Posted by : Handsome
    Congratulations!! You have made your way through the Temple of Transmogrification!!!
    You can now change your pet to a species of your choice next time you visit this Temple.
    Rodrigo can now be changed to a pet species of your choice!

    Congratulations! You found the 'Transmogrification' Hidden Avatar

    Rodrigo changed to a blue Rofling!

    Rodrigo is now wearing Baby Costume

    Finally got my first RoflingPleased

    Simerian Explorer Run

    Posted on : 22nd Feb 2019 02:35   Posted by : Handsome
    This will serve as a guide as I quest.

    Started on quest: 8,400
    Goal: 400 quests
    Amount on hand: 14,314,034 MP
    Number of Runes get: 27 runes
    Average rune get: 1 rune for every 15 quests

    8,401 Rune F
    8,407 Rune AE
    8,410 Rune E
    8,423 Rune M
    8,427 Rune E
    8,438 Rune S
    8,442 Rune O
    8,449 Rune I
    8,504 Rune J
    8,520 Rune E
    8,524 Rune J
    8,528 Rune L
    8,561 Rune Q
    8,573 Rune H
    8,578 Rune T
    8,605 Rune R
    8,634 Rune N
    8,643 Rune O
    8,647 Rune O
    8,709 Rune I
    8,711 Rune AE
    8,728 Rune J
    8,769 Rune N
    8,780 Rune J
    8,792 Rune O
    8,795 Rune T
    8,797 Rune T

    Ended on quest: 8,800
    Amount on hand after questing: 11,749,391
    Total Amount Spent:2,564,643 MP
    Total Value of Runes get: 9,494,849 MP
    Potentil Profit: 6,930,206 MP

    ~After 6 month hiatus, finally able to start questing again.
    ~Check my other runs for statistics.

    The Fates: Enchanted Dalmatian Yuni Plushie

    Posted on : 2nd May 2018 19:50   Posted by : Handsome
    Congratulations! You found the 'Fates' Hidden Avatar

    Thank you for finishing my Mission on time. Here is your reward..

    Enchanted Dalmatian Yuni Plushie 1,125,000MP

    Congratulations! You have been awarded a Gold The Fates Trophy for your profile

    My Simerian Explorer Journey Statistics

    Posted on : 13th Nov 2017 06:42   Posted by : Handsome
    Started on quest 1,300 and ended on 6,500.
    A Total of 5,200 quests
    Total No. of Runes got: 364 Runes
    Total Value of Runes: 114,194,882MP
    Total Amount Spent: 18,279,257MP
    Hypothetical Profit: 95,916,625MP
    The average rune get: 1 rune for every 14.3 quests.

    ~The total value of runes is only a rough amount cause the value of runes constantly fluctuate depending on the demand. I only added all of my statistics to get this numbers. The prices of runes are priced during what day I got them and what are they going for in SS and in trades. Like Runes K, W, D, S, Q, and H. Most of them are not in SS before so I enlisted them what is lowest in trades, and a few days later they are now in SS. I didn't bother changing them back cause it will only mess up my stats.
    ~The 20 runes I got first, I really don't know their prices and the amount I spent on them cause I forgot to record them so it may be even higher than what is seen from the numbers above.
    ~I started this journey because I wanted to see what is the potential of Simerian Explorer if he is worth investing or not but seeing the statistics, sure he is.
    ~Also I wanted to store many runes as possible because I have an expensive pet goals, as most of their costumes are at least 20mil+
    ~Thanks to Seiko for giving me some advice.

    ~If you have any questions about SE, don't be afraid to MM/MT me.Wide Grin

    Tongue Out

    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

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