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  • Pet Goals     ~24 Jul 2019
  • ~~Questing~~     ~21 Jul 2019
  • Upcycled Dolls     ~16 Jul 2019
  • 2019 Doll Challenge     ~01 Jan 2019
  • FLEEK: Dear Secret Santa...     ~08 Dec 2018
  • 2018 Doll Challenge     ~05 Jun 2018
  • 2017 Doll Challenge     ~06 Jan 2017
  • Username Change     ~19 Aug 2016
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  • Pet Goals

    Posted on : 24th Jul 2019 17:44   Posted by : larrytrash

    Turn BonBons into a Candy Zoink
    Collect ALL Gourmey Candy foods.


    Change Name into a Warrior/alien type of name
    because he is my Battle pet. (not posting name)
    Change into an Alien Zoink


    Posted on : 21st Jul 2019 15:57   Posted by : larrytrash
    Leprechaun Quest
    Start RP: 62
    End RP: 51,591
    Earned 51,529 RP

    Start Quest: 114
    End Quest: 146
    Quest Completed: 32

    MP lost: 175k


    Upcycled Dolls

    Posted on : 16th Jul 2019 14:19   Posted by : larrytrash

    This is a blog about the dolls I recreated that I never wore
    Feel free to check out the forum I made to give others inspiration to recreate their old dolls too!





    2019 Doll Challenge

    Posted on : 1st Jan 2019 15:15   Posted by : larrytrash
    Jan 1 - Doll inspired from an Historical Era of my choice (1800s male)

    Jan 1 - Search "Cake" and pick an item as inspiration
    My Item: Gothic Cupcake

    Jan 3 - One Color Everything (Blue)

    Jan 8 - Dress in your favorite color (Red)

    Jan 10 - Date Night

    Feb 1 - Gender Swap Disney Villain
    Cruella De Vil

    April 10 - Fairy

    FLEEK: Dear Secret Santa...

    Posted on : 8th Dec 2018 10:02   Posted by : larrytrash
    Hi, my name is Kassy and I am glad my name was drawn for you. I hope this list helps smooth out the ideas and gifts you are trying to find.

    My favorite colors are red and pink, and my favorite marapet is the updated Zoinks. I reall like to read and watch shows in my free time, the shows I like to rewatch include; Supernatural, Glee, and The Vampire diaries. I tend to watch movies a lot as well and the one I love the most is the Titanic. I love learning about the history behind the Titanic and what occurred in the sinking of the ship.

    I am sure everyone on Mara has at least one item they like to collect, and I have quite a few. I collect Zoink items (you can find what I have in my Gallery), gourmet food items (all food goes towards GarretL, my Fat Zoink), and wardrobe items. My biggest goal in marapets is to collect as many Zoinks as allowed on marapets. Also to reach the wardrobe count of 4,500

    My favorite items in marapets are in my wishlist. I am a Capricorn and I am wanting to somehow purchase all Capricorn treasure chest items and get the chest itself to get the avvie and extras that come with it.

    ~I wish you a very merry Christmas and have fun on Mara~

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    Full House
    in 6 minutes
    374,040MP Prize

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