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Pet Trading: Not very likely. If I'm trading, they will be in my trades. Please do not inquire otherwise.
MaraTalk/MaraMail: Yes. Open to Everyone
Friend Requests: Yes. Go for it
Pet/Item Lending for Goals/Avatars: Absolutely yes. I'm always happy to help! It's free no tip necessary. Just pay trade fees. See blog for what avatars I'm lending.
Bp/Rp: No I do not sell my bp. Yes I'll sell my rp at a 1:7 ratio.
Please message before sending a CE.
Club Invites: Please don't send me any. I have a club.
Donations and Discounts: I am generous and I donate often when I am able. But self-entitlement will get you nowhere.







  • Note to Self     ~12 Sep 2017
  • Buying Plates @100k each, Swap...     ~08 Sep 2017

  • Note to Self

    Posted on : 12th Sep 2017 17:49   Posted by : DeciBell
    Apollo Avatar
    Beat Apollo 14 times in the one-player battle arena.

    Baspinar\'s Castle Avatar
    Complete level 32 of Baspinar\'s Castle Goals.

    Billy Avatar
    Attach a Billy to your pet for 190+ days then view the minipet.

    Bookworm Avatar
    View the Book list of a pet that has read 2500+ Books.

    Buckaroo Avatar
    Attach a Buckaroo to your pet for 190+ days then view the minipet.

    Butters Avatar
    Attach a Butters to your pet for 41+ days then view the minipet.

    Chatty Avatar
    Have a total of 250 MaraTalk posts and then visit the MaraTalk page.

    Dark Fairy Avatar
    Beat Dark Fairy 24 times in the one-player battle arena.

    Detective Avatar
    Complete level 24 of the Hector the Collector Missions.

    Diamond Avatar
    Attach a Diamond to your pet for 80+ days then view the minipet.

    Dino Avatar
    Complete level 27 of the Hector the Collector Missions.

    Dragula Avatar
    Complete level 22 of Baspinar\'s Castle Goals.

    Drowsy Avatar
    Attach a Drowsy to your pet for 176+ days then view the minipet.

    Ember Avatar
    Attach an Ember to your pet for 110+ days then view the minipet.

    ERMAHGERD Avatar
    Have a Gobble pet turn mutant at the DNA laboratory.

    Fireman Avatar
    Have a pet with Fireman job accept a promotion Level 8 or higher.

    Forums Avatar
    Have a total of 10,000+ Forum posts and go to Forums.

    Glitch Avatar
    Attach a Glitch to an Arcade Decadal pet then view the minipet.

    Griffin Avatar
    Have your pet at 900+ Coordination and view pet stats.

    Hick Avatar
    Complete level 27 of the Bumpkin Missions.

    Leprechaun Avatar
    Attach a Leprechaun to your pet for 230+ days then view the minipet.

    Leto Avatar
    Attach a Leto to your pet for 309+ days then view the minipet.

    Maddox Avatar
    Attach a Maddox to your pet for 85+ days then view the minipet.

    Maeven Avatar
    Attach Maeven to Midnight pet then view the minipet.

    Mailo Avatar
    Go to Minipet Colours, click on a minipet and refresh a lot.

    Mechanic Avatar
    Have a pet with Mechanic job accept a promotion Level 10 or higher.

    Model Avatar
    Have a pet with Model job accept a promotion Level 11 or higher.

    Mrog Avatar
    Beat Mrog 36 times in the one-player battle arena.

    Omen Avatar
    Attach an Omen to your pet for 25+ days then view the minipet.

    Pat Avatar
    Attach a Pat to a Leprechaun pet then view the minipet.

    Policeman Avatar
    Have a pet with Policeman job accept a promotion Level 12 or higher.

    Princess Avatar
    Attach a Princess to your pet for 240+ days then view the minipet.

    Programmer Avatar
    Have a pet with Programmer job accept a promotion Level 13 or higher.

    Puchalla Inn Avatar
    Complete 400 Puchalla Inn Quests.

    Quest Master Avatar
    Complete 100,000+ quests then view your Stats page of your Profile.

    Seasons Greetings Avatar
    Random when donating items from the Advent Calendar to the Pot of Gold.

    Snow Avatar
    Use a Snow Costume on one of your pets.

    Snoween Avatar
    Attach a Snoween to your pet for 300+ days then view the minipet.

    Snuggles Avatar
    Attach a Snuggles to a Polar Pet then view the minipet.

    Sports Avatar
    Buy a Sports Costume from the Olympics Redemption Shop.

    Spy Avatar
    Have a pet with Spy job accept a promotion Level 15 or higher.

    Sumo Sally Avatar
    Complete 2500 Sumo Sally Quests.

    Teacher Avatar
    Have a pet with Teacher job accept a promotion Level 16 or higher.

    Tepee Avatar
    Attach a Tepee to your pet for 176+ days then view the minipet.

    Teto Avatar
    Complete level 37 of Biala Goals.

    Tri Avatar
    Attach a Tri to your pet for 191+ days then view the minipet.

    Twittle Avatar
    Attach a Twittle to your pet for 350+ days then view the minipet.

    Vamps Avatar
    Attach a Vamps to your Vampire pet then view the minipet.

    Veterinarian Avatar
    Have a pet with Veterinarian job accept a promotion Level 17 or higher.

    Wallet Avatar
    Attach a Wallet to your pet for 196+ days then view the minipet.

    View the Battle page once you have won 50,000+ battles.

    Witchlet Avatar
    Attach a Witchlet to your pet for 180+ days then view the minipet.

    Zorg Avatar
    Attach a Zorg to your pet for 358+ days then view the minipet.


    Buying Plates @100k each, Swapping TC items Also!

    Posted on : 8th Sep 2017 10:32   Posted by : DeciBell
    I Will:
    - Buy them for 100k each
    - Buy 10 missing plates for 1 AU
    - Swap 2 boosters (From Merman/Griffen/ect) per each missing plate
    - Swap one Wonderland Treasure Chest, Spring Treasure Chest, or Capsule Machine Apparal item per 5 missing plates
    - Swap 6 random diamonds (unless specific ones are requested) per each missing plate
    - Swap any of my plates, photos, minipet poop, beans in trade per missing plate 1:1

    **If you\'re looking for any photos of my pets and I do not have any on hand, please allow some time to make them for you!**

    BIG NOTE: I am NOT looking for photos at this time. All of my offers above exist ONLY for the plates I\'m missing (listed below). Thank you!

    Yellow Cantoo, Blue Kimble, Red Kade, Yellow Floss

    Non-Colors: Kuork, Laiee, Lost, Maeven, Mailo, Naoen, Shyda, Tween

    Black: Alen, Anjet, Bolint, Centaur, Chevron, Drab, Efall, Filondor, Gazillionaire, Gingerbread, Gobby, Jessido, Knuzul, Lidge, Lost, Lurve, Lush, Pumpkin Ed, Punk, Reesoro, Smew, Tantow, Tinsel, Tres, Tweblud, Twinkle, Two Million, Valentine, Yoop, Zetoro

    Blue: Beach, Buckaroo, Chook, Dantiz, Decapitate, Drab, Efall, Ember, Fandor, Fang, Fasorul, Filondor, Floss, Gingerbread, Knoro, Lucifer, Mailo, Mugen, Napoleon, Nicky, Pixel, Punk, Quibs, Rat, Reesoro, Rweek, Snowman, Stitch, Tail, Vorto, Wassup,

    Brown: Addup, Centaur, Fasorul, Ikule, Kimble, Knuzul, Osabri, Paffint, Reezul, Roflow, Toadling, Yakuow, Yakuth

    Green: Chati, Chibzul, Chook, Dasher, Efall, Fawlt, Fild, Kidala, Kusil, Leon, Maeven, Naia, Napoleon, Nerd, Olvic, Schmog, Scorpi, Smew, Snowman, Sprite, Syotto, Tail, Tantow, Tres, Tweblud, Valentine, Viondol, Yakuow, Yakuth, Yoop

    Grey: Anjet, Azubi, Beach, Bingo, Buckaroo, Bugsy, Chati, Chevron, Chook, Clover, Decadonk, Erni, Fiffo, Filondor, Gordo, Jezebel, Kissy, Lela, Liing, Lurve, Misti, Moneybag, Murfow, Naoen, Noosh, Pinkal, Reezul, Roflow, Rweek, Sakko, Schmog, Snickle, Sobek, Spirit, Stitch, Tearex, Tinsel, Tres, Tweblud, Ush, Vorto, Yeti, Yoop, Zax, Zorg

    Orange: Alen, Anjet, Anuriah, Azint, Azubi, Bunns, Centaur, Chevron, Dantiz, Devil, Diamond, Doyow, Doyzul, Dragula, Dusty, Efall, Erto, Fawlt, Flobberbat, Fazillionaire, Gingerbread, Grinow, Grouchy, Hauntling, Heart, Huthimo, Jessutt, Kimble, Leidunda, Lela, Lost, Lurve, Lush, Middy, Miort, Moneybag, Mugen, Murfow, Orville, Osafup, Pat, Pinkal, Plug, Plynx, Pongin, Pumpkin Ed, Quibs, Reezul, Rweek, Schmog, Scorpi, Scrooge, Shilpy, Sixth, Snickle, Snowman, Sobek, Spobble, Syotto, Tantibs, Tearex, Tinsel, Ush, Valentine, Vorto, Wassup, Yakuow,

    Pink: Anuriah, Balloonable, Cantoo, Cerberus, Chibi, Decapitate, Drab, Dragula, Efall, Fandor, Fawlt, Fild, Filondor, Flaydor, Float, Gingerbread, Gobby, Hick, Hippow, Jacko, Knuzul, Lela, Lost, Maeven, Naoen, Napoleon, Nerd, Nesasio, Orville, Pinkal, Pixel, Plug, Plynx, Pumpkin Ed, Quelow, Schmog, Scorpi, Scrooge, Serri, Sk8er, Snowman, Snuggles, Treat, Tri, Tweblud, Unlucky, Vamps, Yolk, Yoop

    Pirate: Flayee

    Purple: Alen, Anuriah, Arasi, Batz, Buckaroo, Chevron, Choi, Chutt, Decapitate, Devilray, Dino, Drowsy, Efall, Elektro, Ember, Erto, Fild, Filondor, Gazillionaire, Grouchy, Jessutt, Knuzul, Lidge, Lost, Moneybag, Naoen, Nerd, Olvic, Osabri, Pinkal, Pixel, Pumpkin Ed, Quibs, Quiln, Rat, Sewage, Snickle, Snoop Snowman, Sobek, Spirit, Spobble, Starbert, Stitch, Tantow, Tearex, Treat, Twindly, Twittle, Ush, Ushundow, Yule

    Red: Addese, Bonehead, Boris, Bubbles, Buns, Charley, Clover, Doyow, Drab, Efall, Eggy, Fawlt, Fidge, Fild, Fynx, Gazillionaire, Gingerbread, Hauntling, High, Hippow, Indy, Ingi, Ivor, Jessul, Jezebel, Knoro, Kronos, Lela, Lidge, Lost, Mailo, Middy, Misti, Moneybag, Mugen, Naia, Neesta, Pixel, Plug, Rweek, Schmog, Scrooge, Shamrock, Shilpy, Silser, Smew, Snickle, Sprite, Starbert, Tail, Tantibs, Tearex, Tinsel, Tweblud, Ush, Vamps, Waka, Willafo, Wookle, Yakuow, Yakuth, Yoop, Yule

    Seasonal: Drab, Gazillionaire

    Silver: Kade

    White: Addimo, Alen, Bonehead, Chuckles, Devil, Diamond, Dino, Drab, Dragula, Efall, Elektro, Erto, Filondor, Gazilionaire, Gruffle, Jacko, Jessido, Kaaleus, Kidala, Leto, Limited, Lost, Lurve, Nerd, Pat, Pumpkin Ed, Rweek, Scorpi, Sixth, Snoop, Tearex, Tinsel, Toodles, Tweblud, Valentine, Wassup, Willafo, Yeti, Yoop, Yule

    Yellow: Azow, Batty, Bolint, Bonehead, Bubbles, Chameleon, Charley, Chevron, Chuckles, Decadonk, Delayed, Doyzul, Drab, Drenched, Efall, Erni, Fawlt, Fild, Filondor, Gingerbread, Grouchy, Hick, Hippow, Jessul, Jessutt, Kidala, Kimble, Leidow, Lela, Leto, Liing, Lucifer, Maeven, Mailo, Mugen, Murfow, Naia, Napoleon, Nesasio, Olvic, Pixel, Plug, Quibs, Reezul, Roflow, Rweek, Schmog, Sixth, Skullington, Snickle, Snowman, Sobek, Stitch, Tail, Tearex, Tinsel, Tres, Valentine, Vamps, Waka, Zax

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