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  • My pixel art     3rd Jul 2019 06:02
  • Future pet goals     29th Oct 2018 12:57
  • Pokemon - Trainer Ferne     25th Jul 2016 05:58
  • It's my birthday!     6th Jan 2016 07:36
  • ??? Graphic examples ???     8th Sep 2015 04:18

  • My pixel art

    Posted on : 3rd Jul 2019 06:02   Posted by : Lustrous


    Future pet goals

    Posted on : 29th Oct 2018 12:57   Posted by : Lustrous

    Pokemon - Trainer Ferne

    Posted on : 25th Jul 2016 05:58   Posted by : Lustrous
    Trainer Ferne


    It's my birthday!

    Posted on : 6th Jan 2016 07:36   Posted by : Lustrous

    Yesssss i'm 22 today. I still feel like a child inside though!
    Mother nature decided to give me a swift punch in the uterus though which is just my luck haha

    I got the biggest lush gift box ever and everything inside is pink! It's so cute! c: Definitely needed it to help calm the cramps, plus now i smell fantastic! I also decided to order myself dominos for lunch because i need it for reasons

    Have a nice day everyone!

    ??? Graphic examples ???

    Posted on : 8th Sep 2015 04:18   Posted by : Lustrous
    Hello yes i draw things

    Fully shaded anthro/human: 5M+
    (These are expensive because they take a lot of time and effort)

    Fully shaded animal: 3M+

    Mini/Chibi: 1.5M


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