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  • Missing plates

    Posted on : 30th May 2018 22:18   Posted by : MelancholyHill

    ^Me on the left in my struggle to finish plates.

    You are missing 265 Plates

    Adorab Plate
    Black Anjet Plate
    Black Deino Plate
    Black Doyow Plate
    Black Fawlt Plate
    Black Filondor Plate
    Black Gobby Plate
    Black Hund Plate
    Black Jessido Plate
    Black Jessutt Plate
    Black Knuzul Plate
    Black Kuork Plate
    Black Kusil Plate
    Black Laiyee Plate
    Black Lidge Plate
    Black Lost Plate
    Black Lurve Plate
    Black Psyclone Plate
    Black Pythonix Plate
    Black Renuw Plate
    Black Sk8er Plate
    Black Superhero Plate
    Black Tail Plate
    Black Tweblud Plate
    Black Yeti Plate
    Black Zound Plate
    Blue Alen Plate
    Blue Bacon Plate
    Blue Batz Plate
    Blue Decapitate Plate
    Blue Deino Plate
    Blue Drab Plate
    Blue Elektro Plate
    Blue Erto Plate
    Blue Fandor Plate
    Blue Grouchy Plate
    Blue Jezebel Plate
    Blue Mailo Plate
    Blue Plug Plate
    Blue Plynx Plate
    Blue Rweek Plate
    Blue Scorpi Plate
    Blue Sk8er Plate
    Blue Stitch Plate
    Blue Tail Plate
    Blue Tearex Plate
    Blue Tinsel Plate
    Blue Twinkle Plate
    Blue Zound Plate
    Brown Azulor Plate
    Brown Reezul Plate
    Brown Zointy Plate
    Daylight Moneybag Plate
    Ghost Keech Plate
    Green Balloonimal Plate
    Green Blake Plate
    Green Bubbles Plate
    Green Chook Plate
    Green Dasher Plate
    Green Erto Plate
    Green Fluffy Plate
    Green Gingerbread Plate
    Green Googlag Plate
    Green Kidala Plate
    Green Kusil Plate
    Green Pinkal Plate
    Green Plug Plate
    Green Pongin Plate
    Green Reezul Plate
    Green Renuw Plate
    Green Rweek Plate
    Green Sabertooth Plate
    Green Scorpi Plate
    Green Seaso Plate
    Green Sprite Plate
    Green Superhero Plate
    Green Tweblud Plate
    Green Twinkle Plate
    Green Waka Plate
    Green Wassup Plate
    Grey Addafo Plate
    Grey Alen Plate
    Grey Azlian Plate
    Grey Azubi Plate
    Grey Boris Plate
    Grey Chevron Plate
    Grey Crabs Plate
    Grey Dracorex Plate
    Grey Fandor Plate
    Grey Grinido Plate
    Grey Grouchy Plate
    Grey Kuork Plate
    Grey Laiyee Plate
    Grey Lurve Plate
    Grey Maddox Plate
    Grey Pikey Plate
    Grey Plynx Plate
    Grey Pongin Plate
    Grey Pythonix Plate
    Grey Rweek Plate
    Grey Sewage Plate
    Grey Sk8er Plate
    Grey Stitch Plate
    Grey Superhero Plate
    Grey Twinkle Plate
    Grey Twins Plate
    Grey Yule Plate
    Laiyee Plate
    Lucent Plate
    Lurve Plate
    Mailo Plate
    Orange Alen Plate
    Orange Azubi Plate
    Orange Chameleon Plate
    Orange Chevron Plate
    Orange Chook Plate
    Orange Crabs Plate
    Orange Drab Plate
    Orange Erto Plate
    Orange Fasorul Plate
    Orange Grinido Plate
    Orange Grouchy Plate
    Orange Justala Plate
    Orange Leprechaun Plate
    Orange Lost Plate
    Orange Lurve Plate
    Orange Moneybag Plate
    Orange Mugen Plate
    Orange Prancer Plate
    Orange Reesoro Plate
    Orange Sk8er Plate
    Orange Stitch Plate
    Orange Superhero Plate
    Orange Tres Plate
    Orange Wassup Plate
    Orange Yeti Plate
    Orange Zound Plate
    Pink Anjet Plate
    Pink Balloonimal Plate
    Pink Crabs Plate
    Pink Dantiz Plate
    Pink Decapitate Plate
    Pink Drab Plate
    Pink Dracorex Plate
    Pink Erto Plate
    Pink Gobby Plate
    Pink Googlag Plate
    Pink Grouchy Plate
    Pink Kuork Plate
    Pink Laiyee Plate
    Pink Lurve Plate
    Pink Maddox Plate
    Pink Maeven Plate
    Pink Mailo Plate
    Pink Moneybag Plate
    Pink Pixel Plate
    Pink Pumkin Plate
    Pink Rweek Plate
    Pink Schmog Plate
    Pink Scorpi Plate
    Pink Superhero Plate
    Pink Tinsel Plate
    Pink Tweblud Plate
    Pink Yeti Plate
    Pink Yoop Plate
    Pink Yule Plate
    Purple Addafo Plate
    Purple Buckaroo Plate
    Purple Chevron Plate
    Purple Laiyee Plate
    Purple Moneybag Plate
    Purple Noosh Plate
    Purple Osabri Plate
    Purple Pixel Plate
    Purple Plynx Plate
    Purple Reezul Plate
    Purple Rweek Plate
    Purple Schmog Plate
    Purple Scorpi Plate
    Purple Sk8er Plate
    Purple Tearex Plate
    Purple Waka Plate
    Radioactive Twins Plate
    Rainbow Fluffy Plate
    Red Alen Plate
    Red Bolint Plate
    Red Chevron Plate
    Red Chibzul Plate
    Red Decapitate Plate
    Red Dracorex Plate
    Red Fasofin Plate
    Red Fasorul Plate
    Red Fluffy Plate
    Red Gobby Plate
    Red Googlag Plate
    Red Grouchy Plate
    Red Laiyee Plate
    Red Leprechaun Plate
    Red Lost Plate
    Red Osafup Plate
    Red Pat Plate
    Red Pixel Plate
    Red Plug Plate
    Red Plynx Plate
    Red Psyclone Plate
    Red Pumpkin Ed Plate
    Red Rweek Plate
    Red Schmog Plate
    Red Sk8er Plate
    Red Stego Plate
    Red Stitch Plate
    Red Ushundow Plate
    Red Wassup Plate
    Red Yakuth Plate
    Red Yeti Plate
    Red Yoop Plate
    Splatter Tearex Plate
    Sprite Plate
    White Buckaroo Plate
    White Chevron Plate
    White Decapitate Plate
    White Drab Plate
    White Justala Plate
    White Leidow Plate
    White Lost Plate
    White Murfow Plate
    White Pumkin Plate
    White Tearex Plate
    White Tweblud Plate
    White Waka Plate
    White Wassup Plate
    White Yeti Plate
    White Yoop Plate
    Winter Poco Plate
    Yellow Azow Plate
    Yellow Beach Plate
    Yellow Chevron Plate
    Yellow Diamond Plate
    Yellow Easter Plate
    Yellow Filondor Plate
    Yellow Gazillionaire Plate
    Yellow Grouchy Plate
    Yellow Jessido Plate
    Yellow Jezebel Plate
    Yellow Kuork Plate
    Yellow Leidow Plate
    Yellow Lurve Plate
    Yellow Maeven Plate
    Yellow Mugen Plate
    Yellow Pinkal Plate
    Yellow Plug Plate
    Yellow Plynx Plate
    Yellow Psyclone Plate
    Yellow Pumkin Plate
    Yellow Reezul Plate
    Yellow Rweek Plate
    Yellow Sewage Plate
    Yellow Stitch Plate
    Yellow Superhero Plate
    Yellow Tearex Plate
    Yellow Tres Plate
    Yellow Twins Plate
    Yellow Viondol Plate
    Yellow Zax Plate
    Yellow Zound Plate


    Posted on : 28th Mar 2018 10:14   Posted by : MelancholyHill
    Free plates, on me. So no need to give me anything Cool Let me know what day you want! Wide Grin

    SUNDAY :
    MONDAY : *Nick* :3
    THURSDAY : Faith
    FRIDAY : Kim
    SATURDAY : Kay

    Novocaine is now Level 20 Journalist

    Posted on : 22nd Dec 2017 23:00   Posted by : MelancholyHill
    Novocaine is now Level 20 Journalist with daily income of 12,500MP
    You will now win Double Newspapers at the News Stand permanently

    Yay. Smile

    Calcy IV

    I OWE

    Posted on : 2nd Dec 2017 13:22   Posted by : MelancholyHill
    Paid back in full.

    Barrel, Shirt, Bear, Doll, Toy, Figure, Box, Spring, Bag, Shells, Ball, Skateboard, Arrows, Duck, Bracelet, Horse, Boomerang, Temple, Kite, Blocks

    1. Dukkas 7. Goals 9. Worms 10. Profile 12. Forums 14. Bank 15. Devil 16. Lipstick

    2. Angel 3. Plushie 4. Photo 5. Poisons 6. Mission 8. Sword 11. Gumball 12. Fish 13. Clam 15. Dark

    Hicka Sigs

    Posted on : 27th Nov 2017 13:59   Posted by : MelancholyHill
    A collection of sigs made for me by Hicka! Wide Grin


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