Hey there! Im Kayla
Birthday: June 8th 1995
Joined Mara: April 14th 2007

I'm Kay, 24 years of age. I use multiple devices to log on, including computers at work.

Need help mail me:P
  1. Randle's Missing Books
    16th Nov 2019 21:14
    21 days, 12 hours and 2 minutes ago
  2. New Profile Goals
    16th Nov 2019 20:07
    21 days, 13 hours and 8 minutes ago
  3. Kay:// All My Dream Pets
    10th Aug 2019 08:35
    3 months, 29 days and 1 hour ago
  4. R.I.P Sadie Bug
    27th Apr 2013 17:28
    6 years, 7 months & 11 days ago
  5. MrPeaboddis
    25th Jun 2010 11:17
    9 years, 5 months & 13 days ago
Randle's Missing Books
21 days, 12 hours and 2 minutes ago
16th Nov 2019 21:14

10 Years Book
101 Battle Techniques
Baking Gingerbread Book
Bandana Book
Bankruptcy Book
Being Elger
Biala Book
Biography of Elger
Biography of Fugunzel
Biography of Plushie Fairy
Biography of Smuggler
Biography of Sultan
Book of Easter Eggs
Book of Eggcelent Puns
Book of Enpiah Eyes
retires 22 Dec 00:00
Book of Explosions
Book of Fire
Book of Hieroglyphs
Book of Holiday Poems
Book of Mushrooms
Book of Plushies
Book of Rollercoaster Rides
Book of Ruins
Book of Secrets
Book of Storms
Book of Villains
Book of Wings
Candy Guide Book
Chatspeak Guide
Christmas Carol Book
Christmas Lights Book
Chronicles of the Light
Colour by Numbers
Death Spell Book
Digital Spell Book
Discovery of Enpiah
Earth Book
Easter Book
Encyclopedia A
Encyclopedia Z
Enpiah Book
Error Book
Eye of Horus Book
Festive Candles Book
Forever Christmas Book
Frankenstein Book
Fried Eggs Book
Full Moon Chronicles
Ghost Pop Up Book
Gift Wrapped Book
Golem Summoning Tablet
Gonk on the Ranch Book
Greedy Fairy Book
Harpy Book
History Book
How to be Lazy
How to Fish
Jewelled Book
Law Basics for Airheads
Marapets Guide Book
Memory Book
Moon Book
Moustache Book
Musical Fairy Book
On Fire Book
One Thousand and Two Nights
Plate Collection Guide
Polar Book
Popstar Scrapbook
Power Hitting Book
Puchalla Village Book
Queen Eleka Book
Queen Eleka Rule Book
Rainbow Fairy Book
Rainbow Popup Book
Raising A Quell Book
Red Carpet Book
Roman Numerals Book
Royal Book
Runes Book
Sagittarius Book
Sewer Swimming Book
Sewers Book
Shipping for Airheads
Simerian History Vol 04
Simerian History Vol 06
Skater Book
Skull Compendium
Smuggler Journal
Snowman Hats Book
Space Fairy Book
Spy Guide Book
Spying for Airheads
Starter School Series
Stock Market Crash Book
Sultan Tax Guide
Summer Vacation Book
Surviving 9 Years Book
Sushi 101 Book
The Frost Princess
Turkey Troubles
Undying Book
Valentine Book
Vortex Warning Book
Wilderness Book
Witch Cook Book

9th Birthday Songs
Ambient Fly Buzzing
Art Studio Playlist
Azul Lavigne
Azul Lavigne Love Songs
BYonce Christmas Songs Vol 3
Baby Bird Songs
Balloon Beats
Basil Beats
Batty Tunes
Boot Camp Beats
Bootleg Ballads
Bootleg Death Rock
Bootleg Golden Oldies
Bootleg Lullabies
Bootleg Party Hits
Bruce Spinestein
Bubbly Pop
Bug Beats
Chameleon Chants
Champion Anthems
Charley Pride
Check Price
Chibby Checkered Greatest Hits
Chibby Checkered Live
Christmas Carols
Classic Jazz
Dancing Eggs
Dark Dance
Demi Plushato
Desert Melodies
Dinosaur Noises
Discontinued Music
Dukka Fairy Songs
Earth Fairy Sonnets
Easter Hunting Tunes
Easter Songs
Egg Beats
Eggbert Humperdink
Electro Music
Enpiah Playlist
Experimental Music
Exploring Music
Fairy Bop
Fire Fairy Songs
Firework Sounds
Flitterbug Hits
Frankenstein Fusion
Frilly Songs
Funeral Fables
Geek Remix
Gingerbread Songs
Gladys Sprite
Glitched Noises
Gnome Music
Gobble Love Songs
Gobbling Gobbles
Gobby Boldsboro
Goblin Tunes
Golden Desert Hits
Greatest Hits by Baby MaraDolls
Greatest Hits by Syn D
Greedy Fairy Music
Halloween Album 2009
Halloween Hits
Hammy Wynette
Harpy Hits
Hart Garfunkel
Hick Jagger
Ice Divas
Irish Music
Japanese Music
Jelly Tunes
Justin Beaver
Kate Bush
Killer Songs
King Baspinar Ballad
Lady in Red
Late Night Lullabies
Led Zetlian
Light Fairy Sonnets
Light Side Music
Loud and Terrible Music
Love Music
Lowlyhood Hits
Meltin John
Minipet Christmas Carols
Mistletoe Melodies
Music DNA
Musical Vortex
Native Music
Non Stop Carolling
Number Ones by Huffix
Oasis Album
Olde Western Hits
Olympic Anthems
Oogie Boogie
Opera Music
Patchwork Playlist
Peaceful Serenade
Piggy Azalea
Pixie Music
Polar Tunes
Popstar Playlist
Puchalla Hits
Punk Music
Queen Eleka Anthems
Raulf Mctail
Recycled CD
Relaxing Ocean Sounds
Rocket Sounds
Rofling Gold Soundtrack
Romantic Hits
Rotten CD
Royal March
Safari Hits by Mara
Sakura Sonnet
Scales of Music
School Bus Songs
Seasonal Classics
Selene Dion
Shaggy Sings the Blues
Shattered CD
Simerian Songs
Skater Music
Slater Park Hits
Snowman Dance
Snowman Sing Alongs
Snowman Songs
Soul Music
Sounds of Nature
Space Age Rock
Splatter Music
Spooky Tunes
Spring Sonnets
Spy Sounds
Starlight Songs
Stars Volume 01
Straya Songs
Strolling Bones
Sultan Swing
Summer Anthems
Summer Christmas Songs
Summer Hits 2010
Sunny and Cherg
Super Hero Anthems
Susan Doyle
The Best Christmas Carols
The Spinners
Thunder Noise
Tow Truck Tunes
Transumption Tunes
Transuranic Tunes
Transvaluation Tunes
Tunes Tunes
Turkey Trot Pop
Undead March
Undercover Hits
Undying Fairy Songs
Undying Tunes
Villain Music
Villain Soundtrack
War Music
We Are The Champions
Winning Playlist
Winter Exploring Tunes

13 Wishes
Alien Intruder
Alien Invasion
Bat Attack
Beach Party
Bed Time Monsters
Being Square
Between The Realms
Beware the Sewer Fairy
Bill Ike the Science Guy
Bit Brawl The Movie
Boot Camp
Candy Treats
Castle Defence
Chasing Rainbows
Cheddar Adventures
Chibs on 34th Street
Christmas Morning
Christmas Story
Dark Side of Enpiah
Dennis the Huthiq
Dumpster Diggers
Earth Fairy
Easter Bunny
Easter Egg Race
Easter Eggs
Easter in Candyland
Enpiah Secrets
Error 51
Everlasting Christmas Tree
Fairy in Space
Fancy Felines
Fighting Club
Fire Fairy
Firework Display
For Sale
Foxfire Forest
Free Cell
Gaming Hacks
Gingerbread Movie
Gingerbread Saga
Giving Thanks
Glitchzilla Attacks
Gobble Trouble
Goblin Rides
Gonk Racing
Gothic Nights
Great Depression
Greedy Fairy
Griffin Secrets
Grumpy Old Chibs
Guide to Marasites
Hollow Inside
Holographic Movie
Home School Musical
Honey I Shrunk the DVD
How to Catch Bugs
How to Rave
Hunting Season
Ice Fairy
Inside the Vortex
Jack O Lanterns
Journey to the North Pole
Kamilah Desert
King Baspinar Followers
Lady and the Doyle
Last Christmas Tree
Lazy Fairy
Learning Chess
Light Siders
Lonesome Gonk
Love Story
Mad Scientist
Make a Snowman
Marada at War
Maradan Murder Mystery
Midnight Howlers
Minipet Island War I
Mission Impossible
My Journal
Nightmare in Puchalla
Oasis Mornings
Oley Escape
Olympic History
Our 9th Birthday
Painting Eggs
Painting Rainbows
Plasma Wars
Polar Express
Popstar Life
Rays of Light
Red Nose Reindeer
Red Planet
Save A Gobble Eat A Troit
Second Place
Singing in the Rain
Skater Movie
Snookle Electric Storm
Space Fairy Live Boxset
Stamp Collecting
Stolen Christmas
Summer Love
Super Heroes Protect
The Egg
The Fall of the Simerian Empire
The Hunt for the Golden Carrot
The Lava Caves
The Legend of Rhonda
The Leprechaun
The Lonely Spider
The Mermaid Tale
The Pumpkin Patch
The Pyramid
The Sewer Queen
The Sly Spy
The Three Scavengers
The Twelve Days of Christmas
This is War
Transumption Reaction
Transuranic Curse
Transvaluation Tales
Trumpet Solo
Tune Tales
Under the Mistletoe
Undersea Workout Routines
Undying Fairy
Undying Minipets
Valentines Day
Villains Assemble
Villains Attack
Vortex Park
Walk of Fame
Wild Wild West
Xoi in Black
Yo Yo Yo
You Have Maramail

New Profile Goals
21 days, 13 hours and 8 minutes ago
16th Nov 2019 20:07

I am gonna work on getting these items for my profile within 1 month : )
Currently Working on:

Arsnic Trading Card:
5k/125k rp

Get to 1,250 Photos
Get to 1,250 Plates

2/5 Trading Cards

Allerjee Trading Card- completed on 11-18-2019 paid 5.75mil
Arsnic Trading Card- working on
Boogle Trading Card
Commander Zerk Trading Card-completed on 11-18-2019 paid 4mil
Error Troit Trading Card

1/6 Stamps
Acorn Stamp- completed on 11-21-2019 paid 3.5mil
Bee Stamp
Breeze Stamp
Bug Stamp
Candy Corn Stamp
Cartoon Strip Stamp

0/6 Glowing Eggs
Cursed Blue Glowing Egg
Cursed Green Glowing Egg
Cursed Marapets Glowing Egg
Cursed Purple Glowing Egg
Cursed White Glowing Egg
Cursed Yellow Glowing Egg

0/5 Plushies
Error Quell Plushie
Uploads Sindi Plushie
Journal Rofling Plushie
Maramail Knutt Plushie
Marasite Fasoro Plushie

Kay:// All My Dream Pets
3 months, 29 days and 1 hour ago
10th Aug 2019 08:35


9 years, 5 months & 13 days ago
25th Jun 2010 11:17

Ah MrP, The best Lady on Mara in my opinion. She is kind, generous and respectful. She is also Pea and Xoi crazy xD

Known her for a few years now and her heart of gold has never changed. She helped me with many of my goals in mara and we've had item wars alot lol

She is just as stubborn as me and I love that about this girl.
She's like a sister to me, and I will be here for her if she ever needs me.
If she ever has a goal she wants to complete, I'll stay on mara for 5 days [Thats as long as I can stay awake lol] straight and help her achieve that goal and wont stop til she does.

If she just needs to talk, I am here for her aswell.

If you ever run into this lady, show her respect as she deserves it for all the good she has done.

MrP- If you read this, I want to thank you in the highest manner possible for all the kind things that you have done for me and the other maradians.
If ever a truer player, it is you MrP. <3

Volleyball 90

Archery -9
Fencing -14
Golf -8
Hurdles 31
Judo 16
Karate 14
Rowing 15
Rugby 59
Sailing 16
Skateboarding 22
Surfing 8
Swimming 24
Taekwondo 12
Tennis 25
Triathlon 27
Volleyball 90
Weightlifting 28
Wrestling 30

  1. Randle's Missing Books
    16th Nov 2019 21:14
    21 days, 12 hours and 2 minutes ago
  2. New Profile Goals
    16th Nov 2019 20:07
    21 days, 13 hours and 8 minutes ago
  3. Kay:// All My Dream Pets
    10th Aug 2019 08:35
    3 months, 29 days and 1 hour ago
  4. R.I.P Sadie Bug
    27th Apr 2013 17:28
    6 years, 7 months & 11 days ago
  5. MrPeaboddis
    25th Jun 2010 11:17
    9 years, 5 months & 13 days ago

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