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Happy Birthday Mara







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  • EDITORIAL: Is there any chance that the attic ...

    Posted on : 11th Mar 2017 04:17   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Is there any chance that the attic giftbox feature will be implemented into other places?

    I have coded it now that the Aquarium, Hump Racing, Eleka Prison and Knutt House quests will now check your attic if you do not have the item in your Inventory. This is of course only for those with the Attic Giftbox.
    14 Feb 15:02

    my consideration to:

    in principle a good idea.
    Unfortunately, I find the implementation not so good:

    Quest ticked - item from attic taken, quest complete.

    What, if I this quest, although I have the item, don\'t want to do because it is too expensive?. - or it\'s a rare item?

    I don\'t have a chance to say NO.

    per example:
    Kamilah traveller quests

    I\'m waiting here! You\'ve only got 18 minutes left

    Kidlet Poop Mia
    Check Price Check Price

    Where are these items located?
    Inventory Attic

    Kidlet Poop
    [Rarity 2] [0 Wanted Ads] [0 Auctions]
    Sewage Prize
    Buy for 7,699MP from Shop Search

    [Rarity 19] [0 wanted ads] [0 auctions]
    Wardrobe fairy Prize
    Buy for 13,996MP from shop search

    complete quest

    Now Aquarium, Hump Racing, Eleka Prison and Knutt House takes directly from the attic without giving me opportunity, to decide I want it does not continue.

    here lacked the display whether it exists in the attic.


    a proposal:

    Maybe would be a simple ad like at the shops:
    under buy for...
    "take it from your attic"

    in the line: [rarity] [0 wanted ads]... as the last insert

    New Capsule Machine items i still need:

    Posted on : 17th Jan 2017 02:47   Posted by : mythenmetz
    This are the item i still need:

    got All... thank you

    New Capsule Machine items 19th of dec. 2016 LIST:

    The Capsule Machine has been refilled with new seasonal items for Elfember. All previous items added at Halloween have now been retired. Remember that the Advent Calendar rewards all players with ??1 Account Upgrades Credit on Christmas Day, December 25th.

    Bag of Chocolate Coins
    rarity 23

    Candy Candle
    rarity 23

    rarity 27

    Chocolate Dreidel
    rarity 23

    Christmas Magazine
    rarity 27

    rarity 23

    Game Brick
    rarity 27

    Handmade Reindeer Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Chibs Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Eyru Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Fasoro Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Kaala Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Nino Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Quell Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Renat Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Ushunda Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Viotto Plushie
    rarity 23

    Handmade Seasonal Willa Plushie
    rarity 23

    Ice Cream Snowman
    rarity 23

    Iced Candycane Cookie
    rarity 23

    Iced Christmas Tree Cookie
    rarity 23

    rarity 27

    Snow Boy Stamp
    rarity 27

    Snow Girl Stamp
    rarity 27

    stocking stamp
    rarity 27

    Wreath Cookie
    rarity 23

    Christmas 2016

    Posted on : 3rd Dec 2016 02:29   Posted by : mythenmetz

    Got all items for my pets and some more for the gallery

    Elf Sugar Cookie

    Secret Santa Prize 2016
    Oddly Shaped Present


    Black Eye Pearl
    Bloody Manuscript
    Blue Eye Pearl
    Brown Eye Pearl
    Green Eye Pearl
    Krampling Plushie
    Krampus Blade
    Krampus Greeting Card
    Krampus Hot Cocoa
    Krampus Snowglobe
    Krampus Tales
    Krampus Teddy Bear
    Naughty Arinya Plushie
    Nice Arinya Plushie
    Poached Pear
    Red Eye Pearl
    Smashed Green Candycane
    Smashed Red Candycane
    The Night Before Krampus


    Chilled Blue Present
    Chilled Purple Present
    Chilled Rainbow Present
    Chilled Red Present
    Chilled Striped Present

    Blue Seasonal Present
    Dark Seasonal Present
    Green Seasonal Present
    Pink Seasonal Present
    White Seasonal Present

    Blue Peppermint Present
    Green Peppermint Present
    Purple Peppermint Present
    Red Peppermint Present
    Yellow Peppermint Present

    Tall Green Present
    Tall Red Present
    Tall Snowflake Present
    Tall Starry Present
    Tall Striped Present

    Christmas Present Prize 2016
    Ghostly Candle
    Gift Wrapped Wreath
    Giftbox Ornament
    Stitched Book
    Stocking Loot
    Winter Peaks Stamp
    Banana Crepe
    Candycane Sugar Cookies
    Chestnut Fudge
    Chocolate Ice Cream Crepe
    Frost Icy Mix
    Fruit Crepe
    Jolly Icy Mix
    Maple Syrup Snow Taffee
    Peanut Butter Crepe
    Strawberry Icy Mix
    Strawberry Jam Crepe
    Vanilla Ice Cream Crepe

    Carol Singing 2016 Prize

    Apple Cider Caramels
    Bloody Yule Log
    Carol Sheet Music
    Christmas Drum
    Coal Dust Powder Candy
    Crackling Fire Sounds
    Cranberry Cocktail
    Dark Chocolate Coal
    Festive Bells
    Gingerbread Book
    Gingerbread Imposter
    Holiday Cards
    Holiday Horn
    Holy Harp
    Mini Cranberry Tarts
    Mistletoe Stamp
    Mulled Wine
    Neopolitan Snowman Ice Cream
    Nice List
    Sack of Coal
    Slices of Fruitcake
    Snow Guitar
    Festive Eggnog
    Festive Hot Chocolate
    Festive White Hot Chocolate


    Advent Tree Prize 2016

    Cargo Jacket
    Clam Shell Bandeau
    Giant Christmas Tree Plushie
    Glitter Clam Shell Bandeau
    Icicle Lollipop
    Matcha Ice Cream
    Metalic Clam Shell Bandeau
    Puffy Jacket
    Snow Nino
    Snow Sindi
    Snow Vixen
    Snow Zola



    Advent Calendar 2016

    Posted on : 3rd Dec 2016 01:27   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Its December 1st and the Advent Calender has started. Visit the Biala Mountains every day during the month of December to receive two FREE items and MP. All prizes will retire.

    1st of dec. 2 Christmas Member Berries and 2,500MP

    2nd of dec. 2 Holiday Lati Plushie and 1,000MP

    3rd of dec. 2 Caribow and 5,000MP

    4th of dec. 2 Seasonal Rubber Shark and 1MP

    5th of dec. 2 Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark and 500MP

    6th of dec. 2 Holiday Bow Stamp and 4,000MP

    7th of dec. 2 Tub of Matcha Ice Cream and 350MP

    8th of dec. 2 Caribow Plushie and 3,000MP

    9th of dec. 2 Angelic Voices and 1,250MP

    10th of dec. 2 Milk Chocolate Peppermint Bark and 750MP

    11th of dec. 2 Holly Axe and 50MP

    12th of dec. 2 Candy Cane Umbrella and 400MP

    13th of dec. 2 Christmas Stocking Stamp and 7,500MP

    14th of dec. 2 Peppermint Cheesecake and 1,750MP

    15th of dec. 2 White Chocolate Peppermint Bark and 900MP

    16th of dec. 2 Empty Stocking and 1MP

    17th of dec. 2 Snow Rusty and 200MP

    18th of dec. 2 Matcha Ice Cream Sandwich and 800MP

    19th of dec. 2 Gingerbread Outhouse and 1MP

    20th of dec. 2 Milk and Cookies and 600MP

    21st of dec. 2 Snow Ike and 350MP

    22nd of dec. 2 Seasonal Gumball Machine Snowglobe and 1,500MP

    23rd of dec. 2 Christmas 2016 Dinner and 9,000MP

    24th of dec. 2 Christmas Chicken Bucket and 10,000MP

    25th of dec. 2 Shine Bright Stamp and £1 Account Upgrade Credit

    26th of dec. 2 Frosted Snowman Cookie and 800MP

    27th of dec. 2 101 Uses for Candycane and 2,000MP

    28th of dec. 2 Handmade Ms Claus Plushie and 1,000MP

    29th of dec. 2 Handmade Gingerbread Christmas Tree and 400MP

    30th of dec. 2 Handmade Santa Claus Plushie and 3,000MP

    31st of dec. 2 Festive Sucker


    H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G ! 2016 - items

    Posted on : 23rd Nov 2016 10:07   Posted by : mythenmetz
    It\'s almost Thanksgiving in the United States and we would like to wish all of our players celebrating a very happy Thanksgiving. Everyone at Marapets is thankful for each and every one of you!

    There is a shortage of Gobbles in Marada. With Talon frightened that he will be cooked instead, he has hired a replacement Burple until December 15th. Burple is Gurple\'s even uglier cousin. Burple is an original Gobble, too ugly and unpalatable to be eaten. Are you brave enough to fight him in the Battle Arena? Visit the Talon Quest page and start a quest. You then battle and win against Burple and go back to the quest page to complete it. He will reward you with MP or these new Thanksgiving Prizes that
    will retire after December 15th.

    Blue Stuffed Gobble Plushie rarity 12
    Boiled Gobble Egg rarity 25
    Crafly rarity 25
    Eyru Cap rarity 25
    Gobble Giblets rarity 12
    Gobble Hand Drawn Photo rarity 12
    Gobble Pot Pie rarity 12
    Gobble Up Stamp rarity 25
    Green Stuffed Gobble Plushie rarity 12
    Holy Corn rarity 12
    Leaf Dress rarity 25
    Lucky Gobble Foot rarity 12
    Pilgram Boy Plushie rarity 25
    Red Stuffed Gobble Plushie rarity 12
    Run Gobble Run rarity 25
    Slice of Caramel Pumpkin Pie rarity 12
    Slice of Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Pie rarity 12
    Slice of Pumkpin Cheesecake rarity 12
    Sycamore rarity 25
    Turkey Pop Up Book rarity 25
    Vegan Tofu Thanksgiving Meal rarity 25
    Wishbone Bow rarity 12
    Yellow Stuffed Gobble Plushie rarity 12

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