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  • Safari Event 2018 - Camp Pamba - Camp Jani

    Posted on : 24th Jun 2018 07:19   Posted by : mythenmetz

    Our new summer event started midnight June 1st. All players are automatically invited to join a Safari Camp. Park Rangers have put you into either Camp Pamba or Camp Jani and will start giving you challenges to complete right away. There are over 30 different types of challenges you could be asked to complete - including quests, missions, restocking and battling! You will earn a point for your team after you complete each challenge and you may also win an MP or item prize. All prizes retire at the end of the event.

    There are 30 different scout badges for you to collect - one for each day in June. Complete 20 or more challenges each day and you will receive the badge. Earn all 30 badges for a Gold Trophy on your profile, 20 for silver and 10 for bronze. The more badges you earn, the more prizes that will unlock for you to win. This means that a small amount of the item prizes can only be won from players who earn 20 or more badges!

    At the end of the event, the winning team will receive extra bonus prizes - so keep earning points for your team! There will also be prizes for the top 100 players who earn the most points and the Park Rangers will also randomly give Account Upgrade Credits to 10 random team players who receive a badge each day. [b]
    I'm in Camp Jani

    Scouts Winner
    Congratulations! You completed your Safari Badge yesterday and the Camp Leader has chosen you to win an extra special prize. You have won £1 Account Upgrade Credit!!!
    3rd Jul 2018 00:00
    Belt Pack rarity 14 [x]
    Binocular rarity 14 [x]
    Blue Gummy Grub rarity 10 [x]
    Cheetah Jacket rarity 14 [x]
    Green Gummy Grub rarity 10 [x]
    Happilo rarity 16 [x]
    Jessup Blanket rarity 12 [x]
    Jessup Doll rarity 16 [x]
    Jessup Hand Puppet rarity 10 [x]
    Jessup Sugar Cookie rarity 12 [x]
    Lafter rarity 19 [x]
    Man Bun Wig rarity 19 [x]
    Mara Crackers rarity 14 [x]
    Meat Lover Stamp rarity 19 []
    Phanty Hand Puppet rarity 10 [x]
    Phanty Sugar Cookie rarity 10 [x]
    Plastic Tree rarity 12 [x]
    Poera Hand Puppet rarity 10 [x]
    Poera Scarf rarity 12 [x]
    Poera Sugar Cookie rarity 10 [x]
    Purple Gummy Grub rarity 10 [x]
    Red Gummy Grub rarity 10 [x]
    Ripped Jessup Plushie rarity 10 [x]
    Ripped Sybri Plushie rarity 10 [x]
    Rising Sun rarity 16 [x]
    Safari Badge rarity 10 [x]
    Safari Boy Doll rarity 19 [x]
    Safari Camp Jessup Plushie rarity 19 []
    Safari Camp Poera Plushie rarity 19 [x]
    Safari Camp Sybri Plushie rarity 14 []
    Safari Camp Tantua Plushie rarity 16 [x]
    Safari Compass rarity 10 [x]
    Safari Girl Doll rarity 19 [x]
    Safari Glowing Egg rarity 19 [x]
    Safari Pearl rarity 16 [x]
    Safari Postcard rarity 12 [x]
    Safari Skirt rarity 14 [x]
    Safari Smoothie rarity 14 [x]
    Safari Tantua Book rarity 16 [x]
    Safari Tantua Glowing Egg rarity 16 [x]
    Safari Vest rarity 14 [x]
    Savannah Tales rarity 14 [x]
    Savannah rarity 19 []
    Snake Print Gloves rarity 19 [x]
    Steak rarity 14 [x]
    Steak Cupcake rarity 14 [x]
    Steak Plushie rarity 12
    Sunset Sonnets rarity 14 [x]
    Sybri Blanket rarity 12 [x]
    Sybri Book rarity 14 [x]
    Sybri Hand Puppet rarity 10 [x]
    Sybri Sugar Cookie rarity 12 [x]
    Tantua Burger rarity 14 [x]
    Tantua Doll rarity 19 [x]
    Tantua Hand Puppet rarity 10 [x]
    Tantua Pancake rarity 12 [x]
    Tantua Sugar Cookie rarity 10 [x]
    Wild Contact Lenses rarity 16 [x]

    Photo's - missing june 20, 2018

    Posted on : 19th Jun 2018 22:58   Posted by : mythenmetz

    Ancient King Baspinar Photo
    Ancient Marada Photo
    Archeology Photo

    British Ercuw Photo
    British Ike Photo
    British Lorius Photo
    British Pucu Photo
    British Raulf Photo
    British Snookle Photo
    British Tasi Photo
    British Vlad Photo
    British Zoosh Photo

    Bunnysaurus Photo

    Calico Dakota Photo
    Calico Ercuw Photo
    Calico Eyru Photo
    Calico Nino Photo
    Calico Snookle Photo
    Calico Sybri Photo
    Calico Troit Photo

    Camouflage Basil Photo
    Camouflage Figaro Photo
    Camouflage Huthiq Photo
    Camouflage Ike Photo
    Camouflage Lati Photo
    Camouflage Mordo Photo
    Camouflage Oglue Photo
    Camouflage Rofling Photo
    Camouflage Rusty Photo
    Camouflage Yuni Photo

    Cheese Astro Photo
    Cheese Basil Photo
    Cheese Echlin Photo
    Cheese Eyru Photo
    Cheese Kidlet Photo
    Cheese Kujo Photo
    Cheese Nino Photo
    Cheese Pucu Photo
    Cheese Quell Photo
    Cheese Rofling Photo
    Cheese Rusty Photo
    Cheese Tasi Photo
    Cheese Troit Photo
    Cheese Vixen Photo
    Cheese Yakubi Photo

    Clumsy Photo

    Dalmatian Decadal Photo
    Dalmatian Ercuw Photo
    Dalmatian Kujo Photo

    Defective ... got them all

    Digital Azul Photo
    Digital Basil Photo
    Digital Decadal Photo
    Digital Ercuw Photo
    Digital Figaro Photo
    Digital Gobble Photo
    Digital Grint Photo
    Digital Ike Photo
    Digital Kidlet Photo
    Digital Renat Photo
    Digital Rofling Photo
    Digital Sindi Photo
    Digital Sybri Photo
    Digital Troit Photo
    Digital Ushunda Photo
    Digital Vixen Photo
    Digital Vlad Photo
    Digital Zoink Photo
    Digital Zoosh Photo

    Dopey Photo
    Drake Photo

    Eleka Castle Photo

    Favolos Photo

    Floral Eyru Photo
    Floral Figaro Photo
    Floral Huthiq Photo
    Floral Lati Photo
    Floral Oglue Photo
    Floral Quell Photo
    Floral Raulf Photo
    Floral Snookle Photo
    Floral Tasi Photo
    Floral Ushunda Photo
    Floral Vixen Photo
    Floral Vlad Photo
    Floral Yuni Photo

    Frosty Photo

    Galaxy Azul Photo
    Galaxy Crindol Photo
    Galaxy Doyle Photo
    Galaxy Eyru Photo
    Galaxy Figaro Photo
    Galaxy Gobble Photo
    Galaxy Grint Photo
    Galaxy Ike Photo
    Galaxy Jessup Photo
    Galaxy Justin Photo
    Galaxy Kronk Photo
    Galaxy Lati Photo
    Galaxy Limax Photo
    Galaxy Mordo Photo
    Galaxy Murfin Photo
    Galaxy Oglue Photo
    Galaxy Reese Photo
    Galaxy Rusty Photo
    Galaxy Sindi Photo
    Galaxy Tasi Photo
    Galaxy Yuni Photo
    Galaxy Zetlian Photo

    Genie Photo

    Glass Lati Photo
    Glass Pucu Photo
    Glass Rusty Photo
    Glass Vixen Photo
    Glass Yuni Photo

    Hasty Photo

    Ian Photo

    Ice Caves Photo

    Ice Murfin Photo
    Ice Sindi Photo
    Ice Ushunda Photo

    Insideout Chibs Photo
    Insideout Echlin Photo
    Insideout Eyru Photo
    Insideout Fasoro Photo
    Insideout Gizmo Photo
    Insideout Ike Photo
    Insideout Jessup Photo
    Insideout Kronk Photo
    Insideout Kujo Photo
    Insideout Lati Photo
    Insideout Lorius Photo
    Insideout Nino Photo
    Insideout Oglue Photo
    Insideout Paffuto Photo
    Insideout Phanty Photo
    Insideout Pucu Photo
    Insideout Quell Photo
    Insideout Rofling Photo
    Insideout Rusty Photo
    Insideout Snookle Photo
    Insideout Sybri Photo
    Insideout Troit Photo
    Insideout Ushunda Photo
    Insideout Zola Photo

    Invisible Dakota Photo
    Invisible Eyru Photo
    Invisible Figaro Photo
    Invisible Gizmo Photo
    Invisible Ike Photo
    Invisible Kujo Photo
    Invisible Pucu Photo
    Invisible Yuni Photo
    Invisible Zola Photo

    Job Centre Photo

    Kirin Photo

    Leopard Azul Photo
    Leopard Basil Photo
    Leopard Chibs Photo
    Leopard Crindol Photo
    Leopard Echlin Photo
    Leopard Figaro Photo
    Leopard Gonk Photo
    Leopard Lati Photo
    Leopard Sindi Photo

    Lightning Arinya Photo
    Lightning Chibs Photo
    Lightning Hump Photo
    Lightning Lati Photo
    Lightning Nino Photo
    Lightning Raulf Photo
    Lightning Renat Photo
    Lightning Rusty Photo
    Lightning Sybri Photo
    Lightning Walee Photo

    Lilac Astro Photo
    Lilac Basil Photo
    Lilac Chibs Photo
    Lilac Dakota Photo
    Lilac Echlin Photo
    Lilac Ercuw Photo
    Lilac Gobble Photo
    Lilac Lati Photo
    Lilac Lorius Photo
    Lilac Mordo Photo
    Lilac Newth Photo
    Lilac Nino Photo
    Lilac Oglue Photo
    Lilac Quell Photo
    Lilac Raulf Photo
    Lilac Rusty Photo
    Lilac Sindi Photo
    Lilac Sybri Photo
    Lilac Troit Photo
    Lilac Vixen Photo
    Lilac Zoink Photo
    Lilac Zola Photo
    Lilac Zoosh Photo

    Love Ercuw Photo
    Love Ike Photo
    Love Kujo Photo
    Love Nino Photo
    Love Oglue Photo
    Love Rusty Photo
    Love Vlad Photo
    Love Zoosh Photo

    Magenta Justin Photo

    Mermaid Chibs Photo
    Mermaid Crindol Photo
    Mermaid Ike Photo
    Mermaid Sindi Photo

    Minipet Equilor Photo
    Minipet Eyru Photo
    Minipet Justin Photo
    Minipet Nino Photo
    Minipet Phanty Photo
    Minipet Pucu Photo
    Minipet Rusty Photo
    Minipet Speiro Photo
    Minipet Troit Photo
    Minipet Walee Photo
    Minipet Zola Photo

    Mutant Astro Photo
    Mutant Raulf Photo

    Negative Raulf Photo
    Negative Ushunda Photo

    Pastel Arinya Photo
    Pastel Ercuw Photo
    Pastel Huthiq Photo
    Pastel Ike Photo
    Pastel Lati Photo
    Pastel Nino Photo
    Pastel Quell Photo
    Pastel Raulf Photo
    Pastel Sybri Photo
    Pastel Troit Photo
    Pastel Vixen Photo

    Rainbow Crikey Photo
    Rainbow Dakota Photo
    Rainbow Eyru Photo
    Rainbow Ike Photo
    Rainbow Nino Photo
    Rainbow Oglue Photo
    Rainbow Rofling Photo
    Rainbow Sybri Photo
    Rainbow Zola Photo

    Robot Kronk Photo

    Royal Fairy Photo

    Runny Photo

    Seasonal Eyru Photo
    Seasonal Gonk Photo
    Seasonal Limax Photo
    Seasonal Troit Photo
    Seasonal Zetlian Photo

    Sewer Fairy Photo

    Silver Nino Photo
    Silver Sindi Photo

    Sketch Decadal Photo
    Sketch Ike Photo
    Sketch Renat Photo
    Sketch Snookle Photo
    Sketch Vixen Photo

    Snazzy Photo

    Snow Astro Photo
    Snow Dakota Photo
    Snow Equilor Photo
    Snow Ercuw Photo
    Snow Eyru Photo
    Snow Gobble Photo
    Snow Ike Photo
    Snow Limax Photo
    Snow Sindi Photo
    Snow Snookle Photo
    Snow Sybri Photo
    Snow Zetlian Photo
    Snow Zola Photo

    SPAM Fairy Photo

    Sparkle Crikey Photo
    Sparkle Dakota Photo
    Sparkle Decadal Photo
    Sparkle Eyru Photo
    Sparkle Gizmo Photo
    Sparkle Gonk Photo
    Sparkle Hump Photo
    Sparkle Ike Photo
    Sparkle Justin Photo
    Sparkle Kidlet Photo
    Sparkle Kujo Photo
    Sparkle Limax Photo
    Sparkle Mordo Photo
    Sparkle Phanty Photo
    Sparkle Raulf Photo
    Sparkle Rusty Photo
    Sparkle Sindi Photo
    Sparkle Tantua Photo
    Sparkle Troit Photo
    Sparkle Ushunda Photo
    Sparkle Vixen Photo
    Sparkle Vlad Photo
    Sparkle Willa Photo
    Sparkle Yuni Photo
    Sparkle Zola Photo

    Speedy Photo

    Starry Arinya Photo
    Starry Crikey Photo
    Starry Decadal Photo
    Starry Echlin Photo
    Starry Huthiq Photo
    Starry Ike Photo
    Starry Kronk Photo
    Starry Kujo Photo
    Starry Raulf Photo

    Stone Crikey Photo
    Stone Decadal Photo
    Stone Echlin Photo
    Stone Eyru Photo
    Stone Figaro Photo
    Stone Huthiq Photo
    Stone Nino Photo
    Stone Raulf Photo
    Stone Rofling Photo
    Stone Snookle Photo
    Stone Sybri Photo
    Stone Tasi Photo
    Stone Vixen Photo
    Stone Zola Photo
    Stone Zoosh Photo

    Strobe Dakota Photo
    Strobe Gobble Photo
    Strobe Grint Photo
    Strobe Hump Photo
    Strobe Lati Photo
    Strobe Lorius Photo
    Strobe Mordo Photo
    Strobe Oglue Photo
    Strobe Pucu Photo
    Strobe Raulf Photo
    Strobe Vlad Photo
    Strobe Willa Photo

    Sultan Photo

    Tiger Arinya Photo
    Tiger Eyru Photo
    Tiger Justin Photo
    Tiger Lati Photo
    Tiger Nino Photo
    Tiger Quell Photo
    Tiger Rusty Photo
    Tiger Snookle Photo
    Tiger Vixen Photo
    Tiger Zoosh Photo

    Town Hall Photo

    Unlucky Photo

    Vintage Marada Photo

    Shusan - Lost Sock Awareness Day 09.05.2018

    Posted on : 9th May 2018 12:37   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Today is May 9th, which everybody knows is National Lost Sock Awareness Day. This is Shusan\'s Day where the whole world joins her in celebrating having matching pairs of socks! Today is the day to say good bye to all of the single socks. Now is the time to let go and move on. Clean out all of your left behind socks! Or you can complete her quests between now and May 20th and she will give a random player online a brand new matching pair of socks! There are 30 new socks to be won from this event that will all retire. She may even give you a matching pair too!

    Congratulations! You found the 'Lost Sock Awareness' Hidden Avatar

    All rarity 14

    Angry Socks

    Big Socks

    Black and Yellow Tennis Socks

    Blue and Brown Tennis Socks

    Bone Socks

    Clubs Socks

    Diamond Socks

    Fake Sandal Socks

    Female Socks

    Figaro Print Socks

    Fish Bone Socks

    Fluffy Socks

    Game Socks

    Grey and Green Tennis Socks

    Heart Socks

    Left Sock

    Male Socks

    Mara Socks

    Mismatched Socks

    Moustache Socks

    Pastel Rose Socks

    Pikaboo Socks

    Rainbow Socks

    Red and Yellow Tennis Socks

    Right Sock

    Rose Socks

    Skull Socks

    Spades Socks

    Thick Striped Socks

    Unicorn Socks


    New CAPSULE Machine ITEM's 9th April 2018

    Posted on : 9th Apr 2018 01:46   Posted by : mythenmetz
    The item with little stars i got already

    Bun Top Wig rarity 25
    Enchanted Minipet Zola Plushie rarity 39
    Enchanted Snow Zola Plushie rarity 37
    Grundge Sneakers rarity 25
    Grundge Sneakers rarity 25
    Waffleo raritat 31
    !!! gourmetfood + minipet


    ...........These i got so far....................
    *** Back Bow rarity 20
    *** Book of Flowers rarity 20
    *** Bunny Hops rarity 20
    *** Bunny Spring Toy rarity 20
    *** Butterflies rarity 20
    *** Butterfly Hair Bow rarity 20
    *** Butterfly Pearl rarity 20
    *** Casual Jacket rarity 20
    *** Chick Stamp rarity 25
    *** Crystal Necklace rarity 20
    *** Cute Bun Wig rarity 25
    *** Easter Tea Cup rarity 20
    *** Enchanted Minipet Azul Plushie
    *** Enchanted Minipet Bolimo Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Crindol Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Fasoro Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Gonk Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Ideus Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Newth Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Osafo Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Tantua Plushie rarity 25
    *** Enchanted Minipet Zetlian Plushie rarity 25
    *** Flower Shorts rarity 20
    *** Flower Skirt rarity 20
    *** Lace Cardigan rarity 20
    *** News Boy Cap rarity 20
    *** Parasol rarity 20
    *** Poofy Hair Wig rarity 25
    *** Rigatoni rarity 20
    !!! gourmetfood + minipet
    *** Spring Glowing Egg rarity 25
    *** Watering Can rarity 20


    !!! Old items: i still need !!!
    Enchanted Chibi Zola Plushie
    Enchanted Blue Zola Plushie
    Enchanted Green Zola Plushie
    Enchanted Red Zola Plushie
    Enchanted Yellow Zola Plushie
    *** Prize Costume
    Blue Zola Potion
    Green Zola Potion
    Red Zola Potion
    Yellow Zola Potion


    Easter Egg Hunt 2018 & Easterbunny's items

    Posted on : 28th Mar 2018 08:13   Posted by : mythenmetz
    Easterbunny items 2018

    Carrot Pearl rarity 17

    Chocolate Bunny Stamp rarity 17

    The 2018 Easter Egg Hunt in Candyland has just started. There are 40 new gourmet Easter Eggs hidden around the site and you have to follow the clues to find them. When you find an Easter Egg, it will be added to your Easter Basket in Candyland. Only when you find all 40 eggs can you collect them - you will receive two of each Easter Egg this year! Also, if you miss the clue, it will now be shown at your Easter Basket. Every level has a prize - you will win 2 item prizes, MP or Account Upgrade Credit with each clue!

    April Fools rarity 23 DVD Collection
    Bootleg Easter Bunny Plushie rarity 25 Plushie Collection
    Bootleg Easter Bunny Trading Card rarity 30 TC-Collection Deck
    Bootleg Sugar Cube rarity 12 Food
    Bunny Book rarity 23 Book Collection
    Bunny Dress rarity 15 Wardrobe
    Bunny Hair Clips rarity 19 Wardrobe
    Bunny Ice Cream rarity 15 Food Ice Cream
    Bunny Jack in the Box rarity 7 Toy
    Bunny Teacup rarity 6 Toy
    Chick Beanie rarity 21 Wardrobe
    Chick Magnet Shirt rarity 14 Wardrobe
    Chick Slippers rarity 22 Wardrobe
    Chocolate Bunny Summoning Stone rarity 8 Wardrobe
    Dark Chocolate Earless Bunny rarity 10 Chocolate Food
    Easter Egg Nest rarity 15 Toy
    Flower Basket rarity 21
    Giant Paintbrush rarity 21 Wardrobe
    Hidden Easter Eggs rarity 18 Wardrobe
    Hot Dog Costume rarity 29 Wardrobe
    Joke Glowing Egg rarity 27 Glowing Eggs Nest
    Joke Stamp rarity 26 Stamp Collection
    Milk Chocolate Earless Bunny rarity 11 Chocolate Food
    Ombre Pony Tail Hair Extension rarity 20 Wardrobe
    Only Yolking rarity 24 CD Collection
    Pony Tail Hair Extension rarity 19 Wardrobe
    Splatter Socks rarity 21 Wardrobe
    Spring Dress rarity 18 Wardrobe
    Springo rarity 24 Minipet
    Striped Scarf rarity 22 Wardrobe
    White Chocolate Earless Bunny rarity 11 Chocolate Food
    Yolk Sweater rarity 13 Wardrobe

    Eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt 2018:
    Avalon Easter Egg rarity 19

    Babylon Easter Egg rarity 19
    Banalphin Easter Egg rarity 19
    Belle Easter Egg rarity 19
    Bitty Easter Egg rarity 19
    Bop Easter Egg rarity 19
    Bouncer Easter Egg rarity 19
    Doon Easter Egg rarity 19
    Dapple Easter Egg rarity 19
    Drinas Easter Egg rarity 19
    Experiment 667 Easter Egg rarity 19
    Fwidman Easter Egg rarity 19
    Googlag Easter Egg rarity 19
    Hauntling Easter Egg rarity 19
    Helloth Easter Egg rarity 19
    Ingi Easter Egg rarity 19
    Juju Easter Egg rarity 19
    Kissy Easter Egg rarity 19
    Lishon Easter Egg rarity 19
    Lunash Easter Egg rarity 19
    Maft Easter Egg rarity 19
    Mia Easter Egg rarity 19
    Misti Easter Egg rarity 19
    Mizu Easter Egg rarity 19
    Nyuchan Easter Egg rarity 19
    Pinkal Easter Egg rarity 19
    Pixel Easter Egg rarity 19
    Pluff Easter Egg rarity 19
    Quiln Easter Egg rarity 19
    Schnoodle Easter Egg rarity 19
    Sniffles Easter Egg rarity 19
    Sprig Easter Egg rarity 19
    Squink Easter Egg rarity 19
    Starstruck Easter Egg rarity 19
    Tweblud Easter Egg rarity 19
    Twindly Easter Egg rarity 19
    Wax Easter Egg rarity 19
    Weep Easter Egg rarity 19
    Yeti Easter Egg rarity 19
    Zombear Easter Egg rarity 19


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