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  • valentines 2019     ~18 Feb 2019
  • 5 days of elfmass- fleeeeek     ~02 Dec 2018
  • Fleek thanksgiving wishlist     ~16 Nov 2018
  • mae fashion show/ fleek pagean...     ~13 Jul 2018

  • valentines 2019

    Posted on : 18th Feb 2019 07:28   Posted by : meodlly
    Candy Tree



    Heart Violin
    Heart Drum
    Heartfelt Glowing Egg


    5 days of elfmass- fleeeeek

    Posted on : 2nd Dec 2018 08:42   Posted by : meodlly
    5 basic info facts: (nickname, favorite color(s), favorite pet/marapet, favorite TV shows, movies, etc.)
    2. What do you collect in Marapets?
    3. What are some of your goals in Marapets?
    4. Name a few of your favorite/ideal items in Marapets?
    5. Anything else you want to add in to help your Secret Santa choose a better gift for you?

    1) I go by Anna Pleased favorite colour is pink but I love anything pastel. Fave mara pet is a Rusty followed by a Lati, fave tv shows... The Next Step, Backstage, Dance Moms, Hetty Feather, Dance Academy and MasterChef Australia/USA. movies... anything Disney, I'm a huge Disney nerd, also love the cringe romance and teen films, me before you is my fave non Disney... yeahh.

    2) I genuinely collect for all collections on mara, wardrobe being my top collection. Tara_ is my everything but transformations collection pet!

    3) To get my collections built up, build a rusty army, get a Lati and idkk after that.

    4) Oooo I honestly have no idea, depends on the dolls I have in mind. More accessories that aren't just 'seasonal' would be really nice.

    5) All my wardrobe wish items are on my wishlist Wink but id be grateful for anything and thought you put in. Oh and I love all my fellow Fleek members.

    Fleek thanksgiving wishlist

    Posted on : 16th Nov 2018 19:30   Posted by : meodlly
    Anime contact lenses
    Ball joint skin
    Cargo Jacket
    Doll eye mascara
    Flower skirt
    Gathered skirt
    Good witch skirt
    Iridescent contact lenses
    Lucky rainbow
    Missing wardrobe giftbox
    Puffy jacket
    Ruffle top
    Seashell necklace
    Sheet of ice
    Slouched sweater
    Stary contact lenses
    Stary staff
    Sweet hair buns
    V neck romper
    Virgo tail
    Wardrobe selfie giftbox
    Windswept wig
    Winter Sprite
    Mermaid costume

    mae fashion show/ fleek pageant/ dolls

    Posted on : 13th Jul 2018 13:30   Posted by : meodlly
    Saving my dolls because I dont have a gb

    Fleeeeeek Last Chance

    Royal doll


    Country Doll (uk)
    Foundling inspired/hetty feather

    Mae's Fashion Show

    Dynamic Duo Doll

    Abi's doll

    Avatar (Feeling Sweet)

    Hawt 03

    Birthday Bash

    Colour Confused (no colour change)

    Paint splater

    Summer doll

    School doll based on my own school uniform

    Valentine costume based

    Ice cream inspired (cool britania)

    Undead swimwear

    Twisted nursery rhyme, three blind mice

    Tim Burton inspired fashion, (Alice in wonderland/Emma)

    Elf on holiday

    Winter formal

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