There are 16 different pieces of every treasure map or set of instructions. Other than the Sumo Sally Pass, you will need to collect all 16 different pieces to complete a map. Once completed, it will be added to your Treasure Map Collection and will unlock a feature on the site. You can purchase these from either the Treasure Map Shop or from the Account Upgrades Shop. The Native Fairy rewards you for this collection. You can read more at this Treasure Map Guide.

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You have collected 0 of 23 Treasure Maps
Only 1 Ma for

Treasure Map Balloon
Marapoints 10,000MP

2 Maps

Tropical Popsicle
Marapoints 20,000MP

3 Maps

Native Fairy Pearl
Marapoints 30,000MP

4 Maps

Hunting Spear
Marapoints 40,000MP

5 Maps

Native Fairy Booster
Marapoints 50,000MP

6 Maps

Beach Bop
Marapoints 75,000MP

7 Maps

Hibiscus Plushie
Marapoints 100,000MP

8 Maps

Mega Paffuto
Marapoints 125,000MP

9 Maps

Fruit Skewers
Marapoints 150,000MP

10 Maps

Treasure Book
Marapoints 175,000MP

11 Maps

Native Fairy Trading Card
Marapoints 200,000MP

12 Maps

Native Fairy Doll
Marapoints 250,000MP

13 Maps

Native Fairy Gumball
Marapoints 300,000MP

14 Maps

Tropical Stamp
Marapoints 350,000MP

15 Maps

Island Wig
Marapoints 400,000MP

16 Maps

Native Fairy Glowing Egg
Marapoints 450,000MP

17 Maps

Marapoints 500,000MP

18 Maps

Native Fairy Photo
Marapoints 550,000MP

19 Maps

Native Fairy Video Game
Marapoints 600,000MP

20 Maps

Fake Native Costume
Marapoints 650,000MP

21 Maps

5 Strength, Defence & Speed Stats for all pets
Marapoints 700,000MP

22 Maps

7 Coordination, Stamina & Balance Stats for all pets
Marapoints 750,000MP

23 Maps

10 Health Stats for all pets
Marapoints 800,000MP

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