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Are you looking for work? The Job Centre is the place! We can help you find the right kind of job for each of your pets, full time or part time, temporary or permanent. Below are all of the jobs that your pet can apply for. Each job has its own qualifications needed, with additional qualifications also needed later for promotion, which in turn will pay a higher income. All wages are paid once a day per pet. Each pet will receive a Trophy for each career when they are promoted to level 15. You will also earn one of many Job Perks when a pet is promoted to level 20. Return to

City of Marada

Job Centre

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150MP per day

Job Perks at level 20
You will win Double Magazines at the Magazine Stand permanently when your pet is promoted to Level 20 Actress
Qualifications Needed

Health : 2
Charisma : 5
Language : 2
Music : 2
DVDs : 1
Books : 1
Instruments : 5

in 14 minutes
570,492MP Prize

Return to

City of Marada


Double Education

Freelance Agency

Ice Caves

Light Fairy


School Supplies

Transmogrification Temple


Weekly Job Contest

Wise Walee

Worm Digging

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