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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Staff- I will be using marapets through my phone and laptop and tend to play on my phone whilst I am out and about

See info for little bit more about me

Pets- NFT unless I put them in trades
Gallery- Not for sale, but keep a look out on my forums might have some items in there for sale
Friends- Sure
Mara talk- Sure
Maramail- Sure but no spam/ asking for votes

RIP Poppy
11 months, 20 days & 12 hrs ago
30th Jan 2020 05:56


Tableaus temple avatar picks
1 year, 7 months & 10 days ago
11th Jun 2019 06:31

1- Advent avatar
2- Pixie avatar
3- #PoolParty
4- ???

Pet plans
1 year, 8 months & 17 days ago
4th May 2019 14:48

Vallov- Tasi / costume either strobe, splatter, anime or warewolf! Unsure yet

Icey- Rofling / turn tundra COMPLETE

Jox- Rusty / Turn Bee

Strawbun- Lati / turn baby COMPLETE

Purdy- chibs / turn tiger COMPLETE

Sealed - Figaro / turn Easter COMPLETE

Chillias - Troit / turn Halloween COMPLETE

Lending Minipets for avatars
1 year, 9 months & 14 days ago
7th Apr 2019 14:50

(Will be updated later with more added)
Club members get these free, you must have at least 50+ posts in club chat
If you end up losing the item you are in charge of replacing that item.

Day old Minipet avatars:
Lending my pet Braidey
287,760MP Fee in pet lending (no tip needed due to price of the pet)
You will receive the following avatars:

Click item in inventory for avatars:
Hot dawg- 35k

Instant avatars:
Agatha -25k
Avalon - 15k
Booty- 15k
Bouncer- 20k
Cackles- 15k
Camelot- 15k
Camofog- 20k
Candipeed- Free
Caribow- Free
Cerberus- 20k
Chawmp - 10k
Checkmate- 25k
Chidder- 20k
Chubular- 25k
Cirroc- Free
Clover: 25k
Coal- 15k
Corny- 15k
Cubby- 15k
Dandylion - Free
Devilray- Free
Dragoth - 15k
Dumdo: Free
Elf: 15k
Flitter - 10k
Flurso: 15k
Freedom- 20k
Fritzi- Free
Frosty- 25k
Future- free
Fwidman- 15k
Gazelle- 15k
Gladie: 30k
Gleam- 15k
Gobbled - 20k
Gruff- 30k
Happilo - 10k
Hearty- 20k
Hethe- 15k
Houo- 15k
Jason- 15k
Jinnie- 10k
Kaburi - Free
Krampling- Free
Kumbha - 30k
Lindsey- Free
Lolzbra- Free
Makara- 20k
Minibot- 15k
Misti- 20k
Moofle- 20k
Naga- Free
Nebbi- 15k
Neil- Free
Nyuchan- 15k
Parpy- 25k
Partridge - Free
Pellet- 20k
Plap- Free
Plugged- 20k
Puffnut- 20k
Pumpkin wiz - 20k
Quiln- Free
Rejected- 20k
Rupper- 15k
Ryan- Free
Safari- 15k
Salvus- Free
Sassy- Free
Scarfy- 20k
Scavange- Free
Shamrock- 25k
Shmancy- 20k
Shnuggle- free
Shyee- 15k
Slig- Free
Snowy- 5k
Spark- 20k
Spectra- 20k
Spootli- Free
Spurkle - 20k
Starcub- 25k
Stingler- 25k
Succubus- Free
Sue- free
Tee - 10k
Tefty- 10k
Terra- 10k
Toff- Free
Topplin - 20k
Tropeck- 25k
Turdle - 5k
USB- 15k
Weep- 10k
Wisp- 20k