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Hi, I'm Neha.
You can message me on maratalk or add me on social media :)
Love making new internet friends.

Neha the Fat Jessup
1 month, 25 days & 2 hrs OldBorn 1st Dec 2019 02:54


Just came back from a decade-long hiatus,
so any kind of help would be deeply appreciated.

Seasonal Mia
1 Month 25 Days Old
Hours Old
Hours Old
Red Shea
6 Days Old
Hours Old
Red Witchlet
1 Month 2 Days Old
Plant Legendary
1 Month 3 Days Old
Orange Sheepbow
19 Days Old
Green Chubley
26 Days Old
Green Shnuggle
1 Month 26 Days Old
Level 5 Banker earning MP225MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP300MP a day
Defence 8  Charisma 7  Maths 10  CDs 6  DVDs 12  Books 15  Humanities 1  Computer Science 2  Law 1  Business Studies 2