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Happy Holidays! Season Greetings!

Collecting: Used Magazine, and Used Newpapers! am 35 years old Disabled Cat Mother. I love my kid very much. I love my pets on here as well.I am sweet hearted person. I love chatting with my friends. My kid is 13 years old in hooman. He has one sister. Even tho my friend request is open. I do NOT want random friend request.

Gifts First three in wish list. Those are the item i collect. Thank you!
[br]Goals: Yes, I lean any of my pets for goals. If it is Sebee. That is my everything Pet be warned.
Dressy the Grey Basil
2 years, 2 months & 3 days OldBorn 3rd Feb 2018 09:58

4 Months 2 Days Old