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Nickelback was recostumed to Angel on December 5, 2018

An early Christmas present to me, from me, and my credit card company lol. It's odd, looking to my profile and seeing both an Angel and Devil Echlin... The good and the bad, of hedgehogs ;) Or whatever they're meant to be =P It's the kind of Christmas present however, that I can fully get behind lol. Yay for pixel obsession.
Nickelback the Wizard Addow
3 years, 10 months & 10 days OldBorn 17th Dec 2017 09:41

Level 8 Police Officer earning MP650MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP725MP a day
Level 20  Strength 25  Defence 60  Speed 45  Health 45  Charisma 13  Language 5  History 10  Sports 20  Books 30  Stamina 20  Sociology 8  Law 8