She started as a Blue Osafo.

Since then it's been tough. She has been subjected to Strange and Illegal Operations. But now, She is going the straight, and narrow.

Balu (pronounced Bar-loo) is currently gaining up her stats and working for a promotion.
Hardworking, and loyal Balu loves Minipets, and all sorts of collectables. She is constantly collecting new things, whether it's DVD's, Books, Stamps you name it.
Balu1 the Baby Tantua
2 years, 1 month & 2 days OldBorn 3rd Nov 2017 21:09

Level 6 Veterinarian earning MP360MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP435MP a day
Strength 25  Defence 10  Speed 10  Charisma 10  Language 7  Geography 10  Maths 25  Science 40  Sports 6  Books 20  Balance 10  Stamina 10  Coordination 10  Environmental Studies 4  Molecular Science 4 

Ice Elixir
Staff of the Rainbow Fairy
Staff of the Rainbow Fairy
Bough Bow

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