Your name is Evie Renelle. You are a doctor, and quite a good one at that.

You’re timid and soft-spoken, and have a have a habit of being cold to people you aren’t close to. Because of this, you have a hard time making friends. Your accomplishments are often overlooked, and others tend to walk over you.

Lily, a good friend of yours during medical school, used to always have your back. She’d never let others take advantage of you. However, she passed away unexpectedly last year.

A few days ago Geoffrey King, a good friend of yours, told you about some happenings in a small town known as Caelkirk. He seemed really excited, but you weren’t all too interested in what he was saying. Something about a meteor touching down?

He said he intended to visit the hamlet and wanted you to come along with him. You nearly declined… when you suddenly remembered something. Caelkirk was Lily’s hometown! You eagerly accept Geoffrey’s invitation. You weren’t quite sure what happened to Lily, and this was a good chance to finally pay your respects to your departed friend.

(written by Jamsterbuggy @ Discord)
Renelle the Bug Limax
2 years, 7 months & 1 day OldBorn 9th May 2017 20:25

4 Months 15 Days Old
2 Months 9 Days Old
6 Days Old
Big Stonk
1 Month 8 Days Old
Level 3 Doctor earning MP500MP a day

Ziranek Gun
Staff of the Obese Fairy

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