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Marapets is mobile friendly
Adult player from Australia!

Staff: I only log on from my phone (PixiVibe) and from my personal computer. My partner has a profile (Sinistral) that he made at this IP, but does not currently use it.
I have a friend (and neighbour) that has started to play, his name is ravenharts and I will occasionally send him cheap clothing and small gifts to help him along a little and keep him encouraged to play the game. :) Please let me know if I ever break any rules and I will ensure it does not happen again. THANK YOU, you guys really are the best! <3 :)

Click HERE for more info about me!
*I do not usually log off, so my online status may be deceiving. So..
*If you do message me, please allow me a few minutes to finish what I'm doing and write a reply to you. If I'm not responding to your MT or MM, there's a good chance I'm offline/AFK. Also...
*I prefer MT over MM, but if YOU really prefer MM I'll be happy to make an exception! :) And by the way...
*If It's been ages (days) and I have not replied to your message, please don't be afraid to send me another one, it's rare that I miss notifications, but it has happened before.

*Yes, a lot (but not all) of my Gallery items are for sale, for the right price.
*My shop is autopriced regularly, and if you see something expensive and you don't quite have enough for it, please MT me and I should be able to help you with a discount! (ESPECIALLY IF IT'S FOR A MISSION!)
*I don't trade pets, as I'm very attached to the ones I have. Although I am happy to lend them, as long as they're not in a Temple or something of the like.
*My main pet is V1ol3t and has the most of every collection, and my Battle Pet is _Magnum_ .
*Friend requests are ok! :)

*Sometimes I go through periods of being a bit anti-social, I'll never be mean or anything, I'll just be less talkative and keep to myself a little more. Please don't take this personally.


Treat others as you'd like to be's not hard.
_Magnum_ the Black Rusty
3 years, 6 months & 11 days OldBorn 20th Apr 2017 06:46

11 Months 20 Days Old
10 Months 19 Days Old
4 Months 19 Days Old
8 Months 25 Days Old
4 Months 23 Days Old
4 Months 27 Days Old
Plant Legendary
7 Months 0 Days Old
11 Months 16 Days Old
4 Months 23 Days Old
7 Months 15 Days Old
11 Months 20 Days Old
Summer Sue
11 Months 14 Days Old
Underwater Hulau
2 Months 7 Days Old
1 Month 0 Days Old
1 Month 1 Day Old
Level 4 Scientist earning MP450MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP500MP a day
Speed 20  Charisma 5  Language 25  Maths 5  Science 50  Books 25 

Light Fairy Magic Staff
Staff of the Rainbow Fairy
Heart Magic Staff
Sultan Scimitar
Enpiah Shield
Staff of the Fire Fairy
Rune Amulet