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Marapets is mobile friendly
Marapets is mobile friendly
Just because it says online does not mean I am in front of the computer

Staff: I log in from different devices.
Check out my trades and shop. I always update the prices in my shop. Feel free to message me.
If you need any help, I've been playing for a while!

Quick Tab: None of my pets are for trade, I am in a club and I won't vote for you if you mail me. No Mara-talk, mail only!

Check info page for more info ^-^

You joined Marapets on April 17, 2010, 7:57 pm [/b] Friends: NO random friend requests. I only accept requests of those I have communicated with previously.
Talk/Mail: No mara-talk, but feel free to mail me if you need any help.
Club: No, but you can come join my club Royal Elysium! :D
Votes: No, don't annoy me.
Pets: None of them will ever be up for trade.
Plumzz the Splatter Fasoro
11 years, 1 month & 27 days OldBorn 20th Apr 2010 09:04

6 Years 11 Months Old
Staff of the Sea
Kamilah Scythe
Regal Shield
Dark Shield
Nefarious Shield
Devil Shield
Kamilah Scythe
Energy Sword
Fairy Bow
Enpiah Sword
Kidlet Quarter Health Tonic