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Tummy has a chubby belly that simply begs for a good tickle. It jiggles when he giggles and it wobbles when he walks. It might as well have a giant bullseye painted right on it!

Needless to say Tummy's tubby tummy is treated to tons of tittery titilations on a daily basis. Navel likes to pin Tummy down and watch his face contort with laughter as he wiggles a playful finger into his bellybutton. Chuckler loves to use the dreaded 'claw' on Tummy's belly and relish in the delightful cackles his captive makes. Laughs can often be found giving Tummy a pink belly by slurping and blowing raspberries all over his tummy and drinking in Tummy's delicious belly laughter.

Each night, Tummy giggles himself to sleep as the tingly feelings from all that tummy tickling finally subside.

Tummy the Nimbus Limax
12 years, 6 months & 29 days OldBorn 27th Mar 2008 18:49

1 Year 4 Months Old