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Marapets is mobile friendly

Friendly Reminder:
My pets are never for trade, not unless I put it up on pet trades.
I am not selling my BP or RP at the moment.
I do accept random MT/MM and random friend requests.

Current Map Goal: Ice caves treasure map (14/16)
Current Giftbox Goal: Double Hieroglyphic Giftbox
Current Pet Goal: Turn Beseeched
into a Valentine Yuni

Turn Finished into a Zombie Walee

Current Avatar Goal: 25 to Life

But it refused to die

Current Pet Jobs Goal:
Pop Star (Lv 5)
Politician (Lv 5)
Astronaut (Lv 2)
Model (Lv 4)
Teacher (Lv 3)
Athlete (Lv 6)
Current Collection Goal: Avatars *** 481/1,985
Glowing Eggs *** 124/335
Maps *** 4/23
Photos *** 582/6,784
Plates *** 332/4,557
Plushies *** 460/3,349
Stamps *** 282/709

I swap photos and plates just MM/MT me.
I do lend minipet avatars and pet avatars, in exchange
of photos/plates. MM/MT me.

death684 the Starry Reese
12 years, 3 months & 19 days OldBorn 30th Sep 2007 16:57

Level 6 Pop Star earning MP700MP a day