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My wife, Khrysi or FemaleCenobite and I are on the same computer. Please do not ban us. I may sign in from this computer or my phone.
She sends me things so I can have a good start.
Dr_Intellectual the Mad Scientist Kidlet
1 year, 4 months & 3 days OldBorn 11th Aug 2018 15:32

7 Months 14 Days Old
7 Months 22 Days Old
Autumn Hammy
9 Months 0 Days Old
Black Spooks
9 Months 23 Days Old
Level 6 Scientist earning MP575MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP650MP a day
Speed 30  Charisma 10  Language 35  Maths 15  Science 70  Books 45  Coordination 10  Environmental Studies 4  Computer Science 4  Molecular Science 4