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Extra Fizzy The second oldest member OrangeSoda was adopted in October 2017, they are the second to come into the family and are older than CareBarry and younger than Viskor. Their heart makes up for the trouble life seems to trow their way.
OrangeSoda the Orange Feliz
2 years, 4 months & 17 days OldBorn 23rd Jul 2017 21:30

6 Months 27 Days Old
9 Months 11 Days Old
Green Doomed
9 Months 11 Days Old
Orange Doomed
9 Months 11 Days Old
Purple Doomed
9 Months 11 Days Old
Level 2 Actress earning MP200MP a day

Job Promotion earning MP250MP a day
Health 6  Charisma 15  Language 7  Music 6  DVDs 10  Books 3  Instruments 15 

Gigantic Fairy Mallet
Kirin Blade
Reese Dagger
Reese Shield
Reese Helmet

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