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Wow Hi humans owo! My name is Pawou, that's the Japanese name for the Pokemon Seel! Mommy wanted another Pokemon named pet, but since all our English names were pretty much used up, she went Japanese! (which if you ask me is WAY cooler!) Anyway mommy got me from a lucky AU purchase, and has loved me since, Most of my brothers and sisters (all like what, 5 of them?) have been fully created from the ground up by Ren! That means she named us, potioned us (or like with me I played with this strange sparkly plushie) and then costumed us too! but since she worked so hard to make me, I'm Never up for trade. Sorry! <3
Pawou the Monster Decadal
5 years, 10 months & 6 days OldBorn 31st Jul 2014 00:25

4 Years 4 Months Old
4 Years 4 Months Old
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Level 1 Journalist earning MP200MP a day

Staff of the Light Fairy
Staff of the Light Fairy
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Peppermint Magic Staff